Underground Doctor Chapter 15: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 8 part 1

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 I have a lot of time waiting until the results of the drug trial are completed.


 So I leisurely gathered information and help in Alicia’s rehabilitation. I also spent time training Lyrica in order to increase her magical power.


 I thought it would be better if she could wield more magical power.


 I also gave a brief lecture so as not to involve any of the passers-by.


 I also made time to visit Reese, but she was still frustrated that there was not a single patient.


 I didn’t know what would happen if I pointed it out, so I left that topic alone.





 Then, the drug I made with Yurina was used on several willing participants, and three days later the results of the drug were finally compiled.



“Kaoru-sama, the results came out.” (Cain)



 Cain-san sent a report to me while I was relaxing in the dining room.


 Cain looked like he’s flying.



“Finally, we can move to the next step.”


“That’s right. So will the plan start tomorrow?” (Cain)


“That’s right. Let’s get rumors going for the time being.”


“Yes, but how do we do it? If we do it poorly, it will fail.” (Cain)


“It’s okay because I ask the right person for this job.”


“Then, I’ll leave that to Kaoru-sama.” (Cain)


“Oh, what happens to the mass production of medicines?”


“There’s been only a small number of supplies yesterday, but a certain number of supplies has been sold to the company.” (Cain)


“That aunty sure does move quick.”


“Did Kaoru-sama arrange for that too?” (Cain)


“Well, how is the drug trial?”



 I was quite impressed with the information network of that stall aunty I began to laugh.


 I think that the information was disseminated without disturbing the market and without sounding suspicious.



“Then, from tomorrow, Cain-san will have to arrange Reese’s surveillance and escort.”


“understood” (Cain)


“I’m going to listen and send out rumors, so maybe I’ll be busy with Reese. Please help her for a bit.”


“Will Kaoru-sama come out to the spotlight?” (Cain)


“You don’t think Argus will come to you personally, do you? I want to make sure everything’s okay, but there’s one more thing that’s bothering me. “


“Of course, let’s do our best from tomorrow.” (Cain)





 After the reports, the two left the dining room and went to our own rooms.


 So I prepared for tomorrow and went to sleep.





 I opened my eyes to a cold early morning, so I quickly changed from my nightwear to easy to move in clothes for another round of jogging that I included in my daily routine.


 After changing my clothes, I went down the corridor.


 There are still no signs of people moving about.


 Nobody seems to be awake yet.


 I quietly closed the door so as not to make a loud noise. Then, I left from the front door.


 When I got outside, the clean air strokes my skin.


 Even though it was July, it was a bit chilly in the early morning.


 So I was comfortably able to jog for 10km.


 When I came back from jogging, Karin was smiling and waiting for me while holding a towel in front of the Orvis House.



“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing, you’ve been getting up early lately and going out for a run.” (Karin)


“Well, I wonder if I’ll be able to continue it as a daily routine. I can’t do anything as a doctor If I don’t have reliable physical strength.”


“Are you now? I don’t know, but you don’t have that much physical strength! Kaoru-sama, I thought you were physically weak.” (Karin)


“Like what I told you before. I was just not in perfect condition.”


“Why did you hit me?” (Karin)


“Hmm? No, you’ve been making fun of me for the past few days.”


“But I’m using this opportunity in learning more about you. But if I receive head chops many times, my height will decrease!” (Karin)


“I think it would be interesting if you are shorter than Alicia.”


“Oh, that does not sound funny. Rather it sounds scary… Kaoru-sama, your eyes are serious!” (Karin)




“Recently Kaoru-sama is becoming quite scary because the aura that you create is a little different!” (Karin)


“Oh, I’m also practicing physical enhancement using magical power by using it a lot.”


(…) (Karin)


“Are you okay? It’s unusual for you to be silent.”


“For the past few days, I’ve been getting a chilling feeling from Kaoru-sama …” (Karin)


“It’s okay, I’m kind to girls.”


“How can someone feel kindness with that head chop!” (Karin)


“Maybe you should think and stop acting like a perverted old man. Why are you shaking your head so hard, your cheeks are practically flapping?”


“If you hit me again my neck will get squished or my head might fly-off.” (Karin)


“What should I do? Do you want to try it?”



 I asked while showing a wide toothy grin, Karin refused with all her might, shaking her head. The desperate action made me laugh loudly.


 However, it is quite dangerous to receive an attack that is strengthened by magical power especially from a fraction of my magic. Since my amount of magical power is quite high, it is almost equal to or more than Lyrica using her best enhancement. I wear it thinly on my body for training and improving m control, and I continue to do it from time to time. It’s a trick that ordinary wizards and healers can’t imitate.


 This technique can only be done because I have a huge amount of magical power.


 Whether or not I knew such a thing, in the last few days, I began to grasp the adjustment of the amount of magical power and control the strength of intimidation. I’ve used it most of the time, but Lyrica told me that it’s still rough.


 According to Lyrica, it is a cheat that a mage or a healer can use a physical attack with high firepower momentarily. But victory or defeat is decided depending on when it hits. In interpersonal relations, it seems that if it is avoided, it will be over. Lyrica said that it’s fun to give it to someone who looks weak and has a lot of room to spare. Her expression a bit stony because she’s telling me something serious.


 I also tried receiving several shots from Lyrica’s strengthened attacks, and it felt like it wasn’t the power that should be coming from such a small body.



“Kaoru-sama? What did you do?” (Karin)



 Because I was thinking deeply, I apparently stopped responding.


 Karin seemed a little bit worried.



“Hmm? Oh, it’s okay. From now on, I’m sweating a bit, so it would be nice if you could also pour me some tea.”


“Yes, it’s easy.” (Karin)



 After giving a positive reply while smiling, Karin quickly finished cleaning the area around the entrance and headed inside the mansion.


 I then quickly returned to my room, used the shower to wash off the sweat, and then head to the dining room.


 When I came to sit.


 Warm lux tea was served, with rusk-like bread next to it.


 Looking at it, the faces of two small animal-like people emerged.


 Maybe Karin noticed my expression, made thumbs-up, and whispered, “Let’s be healed this morning.” Karin’s actions made me feel like I am some sort of pervert.


 Still, I was healed by the appearance of Sarah-san and Alicia eating for the past few mornings, it was amazing.


 I can see that Alicia is trying to not act like this but her actions are contradicting her intentions.


 After I woke up I finished the meal, he desperately makes an excuse, saying, “It’s not always like that! It’s true.” But there is no persuasive power at all.


 He laughed at Alicia and it is calming him down.


 And even today, as in the usual event, the two of them ate while rowing a boat. The two are watching over the figure with a smile.


 I prepared on going out of the mansion a little earlier.


 I asked the stall’s aunty to disseminate some rumors and manipulate the information so that Argus can hear it. I tried it a few days ago, I can say that there has been no problem because I have achieved better results than what I expected.


 Walking leisurely while strengthening my magical power.



“Then, let’s get started.”



 With that in mind, I went to the commercial area.


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