Underground Doctor Chapter 15: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 8 part 2

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 Is the time around 8 o’clock?

 There wasn’t much of a crowd in the commercial area.

 I leaned against an empty wall and watched the scene.

 If anything, I felt that more people were carrying the items purchased at the store.

 Many of them were a bit poorly dressed. I thought maybe they were some kind of slave.

 The thin young men carried large wooden boxes to the shops and stalls. There seemed to be a bit more demi-humans among them. Some had dog ears and horns, and some had purple skin. I looked at those people with a depreciating laugh. While she was looking at them, a woman at a stall called out to me from the side, “Is it your first time seeing a slave.”

“Hmm? Oh, auntie. Well, that’s right.”

“It’s rare. Most of the time, I buy some slaves to help with work.” (Aunty)

“That’s usual? I didn’t know.”

 She was surprised by my words her eyes were wide open.

“I don’t know what kind of person you are, but aren’t you a bit too naive?” (Aunty)

“I’ve been told since I came to this city.”

 I told her with a bitter smile.

 I wasn’t sure how people became slaves in the first place. Basically, I wondered if it was usual to become one if you were caught doing something bad.

 Auntie, who had seen Kaoru’s expression, gave me a quick run-down.

 Those who fall into slavery are generally those who have been caught participating in criminal acts or sold themselves to pay off debts. Those who kill civilians and other people are not eligible. This includes minor offenses such as stealing. To pay off a debt, a person can be sold to pay off a family’s debt. Peddlers whose parents have been killed by monsters or bandits and are unable to survive on their own. Also, there are times when bandits work behind the scenes and sell kidnapped people. This is roughly what the situation is, aunty told me.

” I see. But the ones who steal, for example, can’t they cheat their masters and do bad things again”

” It’s okay, They’ll make a pact. Otherwise, they won’t get sold.” (Aunty)


“Yes. If you buy someone from the slave merchants, you have to make a pact and put restrictions on the slave. Having a slave steal your money, it’s the last thing you’d want. It’s also part of the pact not to harm your master.” (Aunty)

“I see. What if they break it? Are they going to die, by any chance?”

” That’s part of it, but basically, they’ve got a lot of restrictions, and with their price at stake, they’re in big trouble. It’s nearly impossible to free yourself once you’ve become one, so you’re screwed for life.” (Aunty)

“I don’t think there are any kind of pacts. It’s quite scary.”

” It’s terrible when someone pays only to be killed. That’s what they’re trying to avoid.” (Aunty)

” I was wondering…… can you be bound by a pact and get that pact revoked?”

“Hmm. Are you talking about a deadline? There are no deadlines, so it’s permanent unless the owner who bought them cancels it.” (Aunty)

“Hmmm. I feel sorry for them.”

“Oh no. It’s not pitiful to be bought as a slave.” (Aunty)

“What do you mean?”

” When a slave is bought, his master has to properly manage his needs. They are required to provide food, clothing, and shelter. If you mistreat them, your master will be punished for it.” (Aunty)

 Aunty sighs with her arms folded. Her expression made me think that it was really difficult to manage slaves.

“Aunty buys slaves, right?”

“Yes, they are like a son. Especially if they are young and hard-working.” (Aunty)

 Aunty looked kind as she put her hand on her cheek and said it quietly. However, a faint sadness could also be seen in the corner of her expression. I didn’t pry further and cut to the topic about labyrinth fever.

“There are rumors that I want aunty to spread a bit.”

“Hmm? Is it some interesting rumor?” (Aunty)

“I think it’s a pretty interesting rumor.”

 My words made her gaze sharp.

 So, I also shifted to work mode. Our expressions at the very least could be called evil.

“There is a healer who has found a silver bullet for labyrinth fever. It can be cured by taking it three times in the morning, day, and night for three days. Yes, is there any information?”

“Ho-ho, that’s a fun rumor again, but is there any truth?” (Aunty)

“You’re right. Well, just keep this in mind. I’ve heard a rumor that the Orvis Trading Company is behind it. It’s just a matter of time before they start mass production of that special medicine.”

“Huh!!? That company is it. That’s a good one. So where is the clinic?” (Aunty)

“Did you hear about Reese Clinic?”

” That girl! No, it’s not without ……, right? So they’re going to back that clinic and make that store more lively? Now, that place has caught Count Argus’ eye…” (Aunty)

 Having said that, aunty stopped speaking as if she had noticed something. Putting her hand on her chin, they began to ponder. Her thoughts probably cohered as she thought about my words well. And one answer seems to have come out.

“You are … thinking of something scary. Are you going to fight with Count Argus?” (Aunty)

“What are you talking about? It’s just a rumor.”

“You are trying to do something crazy, aren’t you?” (Aunty)

 She gave me a slightly troubled look.

 Seeing this, I jokingly apologized and said, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care. It looks like it’s more fun than anything else. If that rumor is not true, Count Argus will be stuck in a jam, right?” (Aunty)

” I wonder what’s going to happen now?”

 Aunty made a small smile at those words.

” Well, it’s just a rumor, you know. If you light the fuse, the rest will spread on its own.” (Aunty)

“I think it’s too early to say that.”

” It’s just good gossip anyway. A lot of people don’t like the Count, so I think it will spread quickly.” (Aunty)

“Then, see you again aunty.”

“Ufufu, but I wonder if you should have told me something like this.” (Aunty)

“Hmm? Oh, that’s okay.”

(???) (Aunty)

” I guess it was a hunch. That’s what I thought when I first met and talked to you. That’s the kind of instinct I have, and it’s surprisingly accurate, so I treasure it.”

“Hunches, huh. …… So I’ll have to make sure I don’t disappoint.” (Aunty)

 With that said, aunty goes back to her stall.

 As she was leaving, she said, “Don’t do anything reckless,” and started to prepare the stall.

 I scratched my head bashfully and felt a little happy.

 It felt fresh to have someone worry about you, especially those who weren’t really involved.

 After rearranging my emotions, I went straight to Reese’s Clinic.

 I don’t know how many people will come once the rumors spread.

 Perhaps it will be difficult for Reese alone to storm this event.

 I went to Reese Clinic as a helper for that.



 When I arrived at Reese’s Clinic, I opened the door and looked around the deserted clinic.

 No patients have come to the clinic, but it’s a neatly organized and clean space without a trace of dust.

 In the back, I hear the sound of someone moving. And a strange smell wafted in front of the clinic. I have a bad feeling about this, quietly I went to the back of the room and peered in.

 There was the devastation that was far beyond what I had expected.

 A chemical-like aroma wafting from the pot, irritating my nose, and making my head hurt.

 That’s what Reese, like a witch, stewing in a gloomy mood.

 This is not entirely food.

 It’s just that she looks like she’s making a weird potion of sorts.

 I held my head between my hands at such a scene.

 Reese, it’s bad enough that she doesn’t realize her own horror.

 The nightmare of eating Reese’s food for the first time came back and my stomach is already hurting.

 It’s not something a living creature should eat. Reese, who had zero girl power, had cooked a dish that is perfectly specialized in its ability to kill.

 I thought that I was going to eat that more often.

 According to her, if I get hungry, it’s my fault.

 I don’t know if she has built up a tolerance to it or not, but she doesn’t get a stomach ache. That’s what she said. I had a lot of trouble because of those words, so it was quite a traumatic experience for me. Reese was carrying it in her mouth, as usual, so I thought that even if it looked bad, the taste would be fine, so I ate it. As a result, people would get the idea. I had several “complications”, and I almost died.

” Hey, Reese, you’ve made one hell of a mess again.”

” What? Just in time, you should eat this too. The battle is about to begin now, so you’ll have to be prepared.” (Reese)

” If anything, it would be more accurate to say that I’m reaping the benefits of life. I’d be dead before I could even do my job.”

 I said so ironically, but Reese doesn’t seem to hear it.

 She was feeling excited and tense because I had said that I was going to start moving in today.

 She filled a plate with a cloudy purple soup and smiled as she sipped it. I watched the scene, my mouth twitching.

” So? What’s going on? We’re starting today, right?” (Reese)

” I guess so. It wouldn’t be funny if we started to see some movement around noon.”

“Ufufu, I’m looking forward to it. I can’t stop laughing at the thought of being able to chuckle at that damn Count.” (Reese)

“Hey……, that smile is a bad one, so let’s take it off, shall we? It’s the kind of thing you don’t want a patient to see.”

“Oops, I mustn’t. Normal face… Normal smile.”

 While saying that, a smirk oozes out from one corner of her expression.

 Well, I guess it can’t be helped, I thought as I took out the bag of the one I made myself, [Rifampinado], the special medicine for labyrinth fever, and placed it on the desk.

“Well, is that the silver bullet?” (Reese)

“Yeah, but this time, I’ll use the one I made. It’s easier to get the effect, and it’s a good advertisement for this place. Part of what I’m making at Cain-san’s place is that it takes a certain number of days for it to take effect.”

“Why is the effect so different?” (Reese)

“Hmm, I don’t know.”

“I don’t know what you are or aren’t capable of.” (Reese)

“Well, yeah, that’s right. Can Reese use pharmacist skills?”

“It’s natural. Well, it’s pretty inferior to my main job, but you can do it too right? Because you made that medicine.” (Reese)

“… Well”

 As I thought it was natural to be able to use it, after all, I passed the time while talking with Reese afterward. One of them is me talking about recovery magic.

Don’t you ever [Full Heal – CureEx] or anything like that by mistake!” (Reese)

“I’m not going to use it. I can’t do it because I’m afraid of the word spreading that I can use magic similar to the Archbishop.”

“I don’t know. Just in case you’re wondering, I can use stamina recovery magic too.” (Reese)

“Oh, that’ll work”

“… I’ll ask you, but what can are you going to use?” (Reese)


” Yes! I was an idiot to listen to……! Don’t ever use that either! That magic is a top-tier stamina recovery spell used by the previous Archbishop! You are such an idiot! Good! If you’re going to use one, make sure you’re only using it as [Intermediate Stamina Recovery – Air Heal]” (Reese)

“Got it.”

 After all, the magic I used on Irga-san and Lyrica were very rare magic spells. If there was no one to point it out, it would be quite dangerous. Ignorance is scary, I thought.

“Oh, I’m so tired even before the treatments.” (Reese)

“Sorry, I’m sorry”

“Well, it’s lunch soon. I wonder if there will be people coming.” (Reese)

 As she was saying this, the door opened and the doorbell rang.

 The one who walked into the clinic was dressed in a gray robe and had a deep hood over his head. His gait was a little precarious, and he was breathing heavily his shoulders are moving with every breath.

“S-sorry. I’ve heard that you’ve refined a drug for Labyrinth Fever over here.” (Hooded Person)


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