Underground Doctor Chapter 2: I’m going to do a little surgery to make some money quickly Part 2

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Arrived in front of the main gate of the Orvis family.


“Excuse me… I’m sorry… Is Orvis-san there…?” (Kaoru)


 After hearing my voice, the door opened.

 A mad came out to meet me.

 A real maid! That’s new. I’ve only seen maid cosplay


“I’m from [Eclix]. I’m Kaoru Ashiya, a healer. I came by order of the High priest.” (Kaoru)




 Kaoru’s words elicit a response from the maid.

 The maid asked me to verify.

 This lady seemed to be a surprisingly powerful person, and quickly trusted Kaoru.


“I have been told to try brand new recovery magic on the young miss’s illness. Will you let me?” (Kaoru)

 Then the maid disappeared suddenly before coming out a few seconds later.


“Master has given me permission. Please enter. Kaoru-sama.” (Maid)

“Oh, thank you. Sorry for the bother.” (Kaoru)


 While sighing, I was guided into the Orvis family home.

 Then the maid left me.

 Expensive vases and painting peppered he corridor halls

 Wow, I can’t help but sigh from the grandeur of the home.

 I approached a big door. Then a maid inside said, “Please come in.”


“Well, where is the patient. And the atmosphere within this room… It is like we are on a funeral. Everything is gloomy.”


 I exhaled and stepped into the Miss’s room.

 Where is the Master?

 There a girl was laying on the bed.

 The parent had a bitter expression, while glancing at me he nodded.


“I’m from [Eclix]. Kaoru Ashiya. Can I see the condition of the young miss?” (Kaoru)

“Thank you very much for coming here. I’m Cain Orvis, her father, and this is Alicia, my daughter. Please… Please heal my daughter… If you can cure her, I will give you anything you ask for.” (Cain)


 When I heard those words, it felt like a good speech.

 I am about to make a bitter expression, but I quickly suppress it and began curing the girl.


“I’m going to start the medical examination right now. May you go out for a while?” (Kaoru)

“Can’t I be with her? I’m worried…” (Cain)

“I don’t mind if you stay. I have to identify what disease she has. Stay if you want but please be silent. If you can’t, won’t you go out? I can’t do my job if I can’t focus.” (Kaoru)


 I made a slightly troubled face.

 Cain-san accepts knowing that what I’ll do will help her daughter.

 I was able to convince him; thought he would have said something.

 I approached the patient while sighing.

 The girl lying down has a clear blue hair, extends to her shoulders, and gently curls at the end.

 Her skin is white like snow with good features.

 The blueness of her eyes seemed to be ephemeral.

 I am honestly asking myself? Am I a loli-con? She was so beautiful that it changed my opinion.


“Sorry, my name is Kaoru. Don’t be afraid Alicia-chan. I’m only going to give you a medical examination, so I’ll take off your clothes for a while. It might be embarrassing. But it would help me identify what’s wrong?”


 I smiled and speak gently to Alicia.

 Alicia, for a moment, looked uneasy about my words, but nodded when she looked into my eyes.

 I switched to doctor mode.

 My expression is different from before, but it shows my seriousness.

 I have to make them believe that I would definitely save her.

 I smiled and stroked Alicia’s head.

 Alicia blushed while staring at me.

 However, Cain-san and the others with him fussed a bit from my words.

 They must be disturbed by me undressing the young girl.

 Alicia, a 16-year-old girl has a figure that is quite pleasant to the eyes.

 I understand that I am just a stranger who is now looking at the young lady’s barely covered figure, no wonder they are fussing.

 But at that moment I said.


“It’s getting noisy. A job is a job. I can’t work like this where people are noisy, I can’t just go home and leave. She is not even completely naked, but everyone is fussing already.” (Kaoru)


 The pressure between me and Cain-san are heavy and filled with intimidation. There was none of the light and calm feeling he exuded from before.

 I couldn’t even say a word because of the cold sweat on my back.

 Will I be able to finish like this? But Cain-san and others went out of the room until the examination was over.


“I’m sorry. I wonder if Alicia-chan was a little surprised.” (Kaoru)

“You were trying to cure me… It made me a little happy.” (Alicia)


 Alicia blushed and looked like she wanted to hide under her bed.

 I sat next to Alicia’s bed.

 Then I looked her and said.


“Then, I wonder what if I heal you. What do you want to do when you are cured? Ah, this is me counseling and you can just answer me however you want. I want you to feel like living because it makes it easier to cure you. So?” (Kaoru)

“Well, I want to be a healer and help people who are sick. Similar to how I am now… I was hoping that I would be healed. …… That dream is…” (Alicia)


 But I interrupted her words.


“Yeah! Because knowing how a patient is suffering can help treat another patient. Once you are healed you’ll know how to treat patients? Do it step by step and be the best healer you can be?” (Kaoru)


 Alicia look back at me and then slowly smiles.


“Kaoru-sama is kind… So, if I am healed, can you make me a disciple?” (Alicia)

“If you want to. But I am quite strict. Will you be fine?” (Kaoru)


 It made me smile and stroke her head.


“Then, please heal me.”


 I unbuttoned Alicia’s coat.

 I can see her translucent snow like skin, peeking from her underwear.

 As I gently removed it.

 Alicia would occasionally shiver.

 I rested my hands between her mounds.

 The sound of Alicia’s heart beats gently against my hands.

 My eyes are serious and I seek out the root of Alicia’s disease.


“<Diagnosis>” (Kaoru)

“Medical Magic <MRI>” (Kaoru)


 Information on Alicia’s heart enters into my brain.

 Using MRI, three-dimensional information flows in as thinly sliced planes.

 So slowly I release my hands from Alicia’s chest.


“Well. Well, I did wonder if that’s the reason.” (Kaoru)

“Did you find out?” (Alicia)


 Alicia asks me while fixing her clothes.


“Oh, Alicia’s illness is a heart disease. It’s also quite severe. The illness is [dilated cardiomyopathy].” (Kaoru)

“Will I be all right?” (Alicia)

“Can I explain after calling the two people from outside?” (Kaoru)

“Yes” (Alicia)


 I called in Cain-san and the maid back into the room.

 The two come in hastily.


“So… will Alicia’s illness be cured?” (Cain)

“Is the lady okay?” (Maid)

“Both of you please calm down. I will explain everything.” (Kaoru)


 I sat down on Alicia’s bed and started explaining.


“This time, I found out that she has a heart disease. It had also progressed and is now at a very dangerous state. The name of the disease is dilated cardiomyopathy. If it was earlier, I could manage with drugs. But it’s going to be a little difficult now. And dilated type is when the whole heart bulges up and the walls become thin. Now Regarding her symptoms. She must be easily fatigued and has shortness of breath when exercising. Feeling like she is suffocating when lying down, and some stuffiness and coughing. Maybe this is the case?” (Kaoru)

“Yes, everything is true” (Alicia)

“Yeah, it’s okay. Well, I can heal her, it’s okay if I just have to replace her heart.” (Kaoru)

“”What?!”” (Everybody else)


 The eyes of the three become dots.

 Everybody must be shocked by what I said.

 There must be no organ transplant procedure in this world.

 I thought that it might be thought to be heretical, but such an idea has not yet even occurred in this different world.

 I will be doing the same thing from now on, will it pose any problem? Maybe.

 However, I am not at that point yet, so I can do whatever I want.

 In modern medicine, I have to check the heart, blood type, and whether it is compatible.

 If the requirements are not satisfied it cannot be used.

 Transplanting an incompatible heart will make Alicia’s body reject it and die.

 But in this world, there is magic.

 That and also the medical training that I have.

 If this is the case, I can make a heart.

 I don’t really need a donor, and if I make it with her own blood and cells, it is unlikely to cause a rejection reaction.

 The rest is up to Kaoru’s body.

 In Japan, information travels at unbelievably high speed.

 But it takes many years and years to find a donor, and many people die, but this different world is different.

 The reason is that I can create the optimal organ for her without a donor.


“Don’t worry. After being cured you can live in any way that you decide. Or leave it as it is and suffer for the rest of your short life.” (Kaoru)


 I smiled invincibly.

 Cain-san looks at my expression and looks at Alicia, while pondering.

 Alicia also had an uneasy look, but realized that my words gave her the option to decide for herself,

 It is not a good thing to have your fate decided by people around you.

 I wanted to say that she should think for herself, make a decision, or make a regrettable choice.

 Alicia stares at my eyes. And


“Replace my heart. I believe in Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)

“Yeah, you won’t regret your choice.” (Kaoru)

“Yes, I can open it up myself.” (Alicia)

“Well, don’t worry I won’t make any mistakes. Even with this, I am confident in my arms.” (Kaoru)


 I said that and her eyes became even livelier.


“Then, I will have a transplant operation done as soon as possible. Can I borrow Alicia’s room?” (Kaoru)

“Hey! Do you want to do it here? You don’t have any tools! I can’t trust it. And how will you replace it. There’s no heart to use… How… And if my daughter had an emergency … I should be with her…” (Cain)

“Well, everything is prepared. I’m ready and I can say it with confidence.” (Kaoru)


 I laughed while saying so.


“However……” (Cain)


 Cain is crushed by anxiety of the thought of Alicia dying of magic that he doesn’t know.

 But if it cures her, he’s grasping at straws.

 Cain’s heart was messed up, not knowing what to do.

 I looked at Cain and said.


“Alicia-chan can trust me. Can Cain-san trust me? And I don’t know what to say if I make a mistake. …I can’t even imagine the weight. It’s the life of a person. Of course, I might fail. Well, there’s no absolute. Can you still trust her life to me anyway?” (Kaoru)


 I ask Cain with a serious look.




 In a way Alicia isn’t going to live long.

 Cain-san decided to trusted my words despite his doubts.


“Okay. I believe in Kaoru. Take care of my daughter.” (Cain)

“Of course. Pray for her.”


 As it is, stand in the center of the room. And I want the operating room I want now in my brain.


“Individual skills… <dimensional operating room> ” (Kaoru)


 The space becomes distorted and twisted.

 Suddenly an entrance appears.

 The three of them are overcome with disbelief with what they saw.

 They are just there, standing quietly.

 I thought, “Oh! There’s really an operating room.”

 I was really surprised.


“Let’s go, Alicia!” (Kaoru)

“Yes…Yes, please.” (Alicia)

“Ah, we’ll be back in about two hours. At that time, get ready to welcome us.” (Kaoru)


 Saying that, Alicia and I entered the entrance to the other dimension.

 Cain and the maid could only watch as they entered the different space.


“I can only believe and wait now…” (Cain)

“Master… Shouldn’t you take a break? I’m going to contact her ladyship right now.” (Maid)


 The maid says that and stands up.


“Umu, do so.” (Cain)


 Cain sits in a chair and holds both hands together. And he was staring at the different space.


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