Underground Doctor Chapter 16: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 9 part 1

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I’ve finished my daily morning exercise routine, got a towel from Karin, and went back to the room after giving Karin a light head-chop.


 While recalling yesterday’s events, I might have been noticeably smirking evilly early in the morning.


 I think it can’t be helped.


 I got ready and prepared to head for Reese Clinic.


 The rumor mill was spreading yesterday’s customers’ experience.


 I guess we’ll be busy again today.


 Arriving at Reese Clinic, I entered.


 There, Reese was sleeping comfortably on the sofa.


 I went to the back and find Dahlia working in the kitchen while trying not to wake Reese up.



“Good morning, looks like we have some decent food to eat.”


“Good morning. You’re right, after seeing that thing yesterday, you’ll have to make it.” (Dahlia)


“Once the mission is over, try eating a meal once. You’ll feel like you’ve died.”


“I wonder. Your words carry a lot of weight.” (Dahlia)


“That’s because I’ve already had one. With just one bite, it’s a powerful thing that triggers a chain reaction of multiple physical/mental disorders.”


“No thanks, that seems scary.”



 When the two of us were talking with each other when Reese woke up.


 When she saw Dahlia had finished making breakfast, her shoulders slumped, and became a bit gloomy.


 Dahlia served breakfast not minding Reese’s behavior.


 I didn’t have breakfast at the Orvis Mansion today, so I decided to have it here.


 It was a cream soup that was slowly simmered.


 It’s a dish from the leftover ingredients Reese bought.


 So I clapped my hands in thanks and took a spoonful of the soup.



“This one’s good”


“We travel all over the place to collect materials. If you can’t cook, you’ll die of starvation in Parapeko.” (Dahlia) [T/N: I don’t know what this means パラペコ (Parapeko) it’s in Katakana so It might be a non-Japanese word or something else. Google-sensei is not helping.]


“That’s right. Well, that’s what you call cooking.”



 I quietly brought another spoonful back to my mouth.


 Reese also ate it and probably felt the difference in girl power.


 After finishing her meal, Dahlia went back as a covert escort, left through the back door of Reese’s Clinic to avoid being found by those in Argus’ employ.


 Seeing her off we prepare to open the clinic.



“Ah, I wonder how many people will be here today?” (Reese)


“I have a feeling that it will be twice as much of yesterday’s.”


“Wow, I’m pretty much out of MP…” (Reese)


“Well, I’ll help you with that.”


“You don’t want to be too hard on yourself.” (Reese)


“Hmm? What are you worried about?”


“That’s not the case.” (Reese)



 Reese gets a miffed look on her face.


 She watched fixed her expression and readied herself, thinking to herself, “Oh well.” As Reese stands in front of the door to open the clinic, her expression grows more determined. To our surprise, there was a line of about 20 people outside the clinic. Well, it doesn’t need to be stated, they all have their faces covered.



“What should I do? Kaoru. I can’t handle such a large number of patients.” (Reese)


“Well, it’ll be okay. Well, if you don’t open the door, the poor souls are going to get worse.”


“That’s right.” (Reese)



 Reese opens the door and opened the clinic.


 The rumors had spread and thirty people are already lining up in the early morning.


 I thought that Reese would be exhausted before the last of the morning patients. I told her to “go at your own pace” and then I led the people lining up to the store one by one.


 They are separated distanced from each other and were given stamina recovery magic and medicine.


 Reese’s usually took about three to five minutes per person.


 Apparently, she was considered fast, but I had roughly finished 10 people before Reese finished her first patient.


 It’s a good idea to explain to every patient why they need to continue to take the medicine.


 Looking sideways, Reese glanced at me, but I didn’t mind it.


 I wanted to reduce Reese’s burden and did more than Reese did.


 I quickly cast my stamina recovery magic. The patients were surprised by my spell, but I didn’t mind their stares at all.


 After paying their bills we let in more people who are lining up.


 After an hour, the line of patients was finally gone.



“Okay… That’s it. Time for a break.”


“… You’re absolutely crazy.” (Reese)


“Don’t worry too much about it if I treated more than you.”


“Gununu! I’ll take a nap to recover my magic a bit, so I’ll have you watch the store for a while.” (Reese)





 I sat down on the couch with an unconcerned look on her face and made a cup of tea.


 Reese, who was out of MP, wanted to send out a tsukkomi, but she doesn’t have the energy.


 She disappeared to the back instead.


 In that hour, Reese roughly treated 12 patients and about 120 for me.


 The reason why I can handle that many people and remain unperturbed is that the amount of my magical power that I can release is similar to just twisting a faucet.



 (Two people were mixed in. Both of them could be… just one of them.)



 I noticed that among the people lined up in the morning, there were about two people who were not infected with labyrinth fever.


 That’s because I succeeded in chant-lessly casting [analysis] that I practiced the other day. By controlling my magical power, it is now possible to extend the range even if the target is a few steps away. I can do it without being noticed by the other party. However, when it comes to an accurate examination, it seems that it cannot be done without direct contact. Only a simple examination could be made.



(Some kind of event is likely to be done by the end of the day.)



 With that in mind, I drank my tea.





~3rd Person Perspective~



 Inside a certain mansion.


 There was a middle-aged man who is quite blue on his face.


 He was leaning back on a plush sofa and crossed his legs.


 He was quite thin, but his eyes were sharp and gave off the distinctive aura of one who stood above people. His hair was salt and pepper and was trimmed short. His beard was long and groomed, and his luxurious clothing was studded with small magic stones.



“You incompetent! If a little girl can do it, you should too!” (Argus)


“Argus-sama, please calm down.” (Vassal)


“This is how I can stay calm!” (Argus)



 Argus punched the armrest with a thud and his face turn red while breathing hard his shoulders rise.


 The a high-class healer and butler turns pale at the expression on his master’s face.


 He doesn’t feel like he’s ever seen the count this furious. He can say that he’s never seen it before in his lifetime. He could only look away because it might make the situation worse if he were to explain himself poorly.



“Somehow get this medicine analyzed!” (Argus)


“It is beyond my capabilities, Argus-sama” (Vassal => Butler )



 It was a good idea to get the medicine by getting his subordinates go through Reese’s clinic, but he had no idea what the medicine was or what the ingredients were.


 As it should be, this is the original formulation that Kaoru made using [Drug Synthesis], there are no ingredients that could be identified by the people from this world. Inevitably, they don’t know.



“After that, it seems that she hired a male healer with an unfamiliar face according to the report.” (Butler)


“I don’t want care for such a report! I want to know more about the medicine!” (Argus)


“But the man…” (Butler)


“Well, shut up! You’re getting distracted.” (Argus)


(……) (Butler)



 Argus, who had completely boiled over, would not even listen.


 The vassal had never thought that he would have to feel so chilled because of this ruckus from Reese Clinic.


 Argus thought about the troublesome recovery magic last time, it didn’t just end there. And this time it was different.


 The levels of benefits and achievements she could gain are different.


 Considering how valuable her actions are, it can be clearly seen Argus is furious and impatient.


 Reese might even get promoted to a better position.


 Then, the harassment Argus is currently doing will not be easy to repeat.


 Biting his nails and his wrinkling his forehead as he thinks.


 Then suddenly a wicked idea comes to Argus’ mind.


 A wicked smile appeared on his face.



“Hey, you should control rumors about that girl.” (Argus)


“What?” (Butler)


“All right, now you have to do what I tell you at your utmost.” (Argus)


“Yes, I understand.” (Butler)


“That girl’s silver bullet won’t work. If It’s my medicine that works.” (Argus)


(…?!) (Butler)


“What? Did you not hear me?” (Argus)


“Oh, with all due respect, it would jeopardize Argus-sama’s position if we do that…… Especially if we get exposed, it will be……” (Butler)


“Isn’t it okay if we don’t get exposed right? Isn’t it something we always do?” (Argus)


“But … in that case, you’ll be killing Reese, right?” (Butler)


“It’s an unavoidable sacrifice” (Argus)


(……) (Butler)


“For now, the sooner the better. It won’t be as bad as you would think if you just obey my orders instead of talking back.” (Argus)


“Yes, I understand.” (Butler)


“First, we need to get the girl. Then I guess I’ll have to ask you to get her to explain the refining process?” (Argus)


(……) (Butler)


“I’m sending out my own unit on this one. I can’t leave any evidence behind. I want you to call a requisition right now.” (Argus)


“Yes……” (Butler)


“I’m going to go to that little girl’s clinic to see how she’s doing. I don’t want the rumor of that clinic’s medicine working to spread any further.”


“Oh, are you, okay moving your body?” (Argus)


“At such times, I will have to move.” (Butler)



 With that, Argus had a carriage prepared to go to the Reese’s Clinic.


 Argus’ cackle echoed through the mansion.


 At the expression on Argus’ face, the butler bites his lip and looks like he’s swallowed a bitter bug.


 In a small voice that Argus couldn’t hear, he simply said to Reese, “I’m sorry.”





~Kaoru’s Perspective~


 Reese Clinic is closed for lunch.


 Reese is taking a nap on the sofa for running out of MP. [T/N: I’m so tired of typing out magi- nope it’s MP from now on.]


 She was drooling and seemed to be talking in her sleep.


 I looked at Reese with a smile on my face.


 I remembered the world I was from, where I and my colleagues would sleep like lard, exhausted from all day’s surgeries and medical examinations.


 I would sleep in the nap room or at my own desk, head first.


 Looking back, it’s funny, but those were hard days.


 I was performing at my best with little to no sleep. I was a monster even in the world I was from, but there were limits to my body. I had been told by the nurses many times to take a break, and I was finally getting some rest.


 Looking back, I became bitterly aware that I was causing a lot of trouble for those around me.


 As I was thinking about this, Reese woke up.



“Ugh, I managed to recover some MP.” (Reese)


“I’m tired. Want to take a lunch break?”


“Well, I’m hungry. I’ll make something.” (Reese)


“Oh, rejected”


“Why are your eyes filled with disgust?!” (Reese)


“I want you to say that after truly witnessing your own cooking skills.”


“I’m so frustrated I can’t say anything back.” (Reese)



 We need to buy something that was easy to eat, for the time being, so I asked her to close the clinic for now.


 It would be a problem if something happened while we’re not there.


 Reese complied and she agreed to reopen the store after having lunch.


 I plan on going to the stall Aunty while shopping.


 Rumors were spreading in the right direction.


 I would also plan on thanking her.


 I prepared to leave the clinic.


 After hanging the closed sign and the “Lunch Break” sign.


 I go straight to the commercial area.







 When I arrive in the commercial area, I bought something that can easily be eaten at the stall, so I went to Auntie’s stall.



“Aunty! I’m here.”


“Oh, I didn’t think you’ll come for lunch. I was wondering if I would show up yesterday or last night.” (Aunty)


“I was a little busy yesterday. I don’t have time to come here.”


“Well, that’s fine. Is everything going well?” (Aunty)


“Well, if you come that much, you’ll be fine. He can’t leave it alone.”


“That’s good to hear.” (Aunty)


“Oh, it is all thanks to you aunty. Thank you.”


“I haven’t done anything. I’m just a talkative old lady.” (Aunty)


“I’m still going to thank you.”



 The two of us looked at each other and laughed.


 Sometime later, while we were talking, a customer came.


 Thinking that I should not get in the way of her business, I plan to say my goodbyes to Aunty.


 Then, a customer came and whispered something to Aunty, who in turn gave the customer a paper bag.


 The customer after taking the paper bag then hid himself under a hood that hid most of his features before vanishing amongst the crowd.


 I wondered if they were the ones who spread and gather information. Looking at Aunty, she looks a little pale.



“What? Did you hear some bad news?”


(……) (Aunty)




“Oh, it looks like Argus is starting to move in earnest.” (Aunty)


“Hmm, that sounds really scary.”


“That’s some response. It’s like you’ve been expecting this based on your words.” (Aunty)


“Well. I’ve been doing some information gathering on my side, and I’ve got the gist of Argus’ movements……. I’m going to ask Aunty to help me fill in the gaps. Well, it’s a race against time from now. They’ll be moving quickly too.”


“If you know that much, then it sounds like you’re fast enough. There’s a rumor going around that Argus’s Clinic also has a drug for labyrinth fever. And I’ve heard rumors that the medicine at the Reese’s Treatment Center doesn’t work well enough and it makes you sick when you take it.” (Aunty)


“I think they’re going to attack in earnest soon. Let’s be alert starting tonight.”


“I’m worried about you… You’re so laid back like you don’t feel any fear.” (Aunty)


“I might look like it but my heart’s beating like crazy.”


“Your face seems like it’s saying the wrong words.” (Aunty)


“But it is good. With this, I’ve confirmed they are moving.”


“Finally, one of the people from Eclix came into the city yesterday. It’s not worth the trouble to get involved with them. Be really careful.” (Aunty)


“I see. Thank you Aunty for worrying about me.”


“It’s okay, don’t worry. You seem to plan on about to do something dangerous and think I should warn you.” (Aunty)


“Aren’t you spoiling me too much?”


“You are hardworking. Even for someone as unreasonable like you.” (Aunty)



 I was a bit peeved when I thought that I also have to watch out for the people from Eclix. I don’t want to get involved with Eclix, but two people weren’t afflicted with labyrinth fever during the treatment. Perhaps one is from Argus and the other one may be from Eclix. I cannot determine which is which, but it is reasonable to think that it is a possibility.


 If they entered the city yesterday, they would have heard about the labyrinth fever silver bullet and have been scouting Reese’s Clinic today. I am really annoyed. I don’t want information about me leaking to Eclix. I don’t want them to be interested in me. There are no good rumors regarding them. It is an open secret that it is an organization that schemes in the background.



“So, I’ll be off.”


“Come again.” (Aunty)




 With that said, I quickly left the commercial area and returned to Reese Clinic in the treatment area.


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