Underground Doctor Chapter 16: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 9 part 2

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 When I returned to Reese Clinic, there was another line in front of the store.


 I gave up entering from the front door and instead went towards the back door.


 When I opened the door and went inside, Reese is still on the sofa and was taking a nap to recover her MP.


 When I was looking at her, I heard the sound of Reese’s belly rumble.


 I heard the sound and just laughed.


 Perhaps she had just napped, Reese’s ears grew bright red and she glared at me while trying not to fall back to sleep.



“You’re late! I’m dying from my stomach trying to eat itself!” (Reese)


“I’m sorry. I ran a couple of errands. But you were still sleeping when I came.”


“Uh, that’s annoying. Is it about Count Argus?” (Reese)


“Yeah, maybe it’ll happen today.”


(…….) (Reese)



 Reese looks a little uneasy.


 I explained what’s happening once I noticed the anxiety on her face.


 Argus spread a rumor that said, the medicine at Reese’s clinic doesn’t work. And that his place’s medicine works. I told her what could happen soon.



“We’ll be fine. We’ll be ready to act, too.”


“Yeah …… I know, I know. I still have to sit on my hands when it comes down to it.” (Reese) [T/N: “Sit on your hands” is an idiom about not being able to do anything despite involved in an event/scenario. Similar to “hands tied behind your back.” Google-sensei knows other similar idioms.]


“That’s about right. To be honest, I’m pretty freaked out too, you know?”



 Reese gave up as her shoulders sagged and said while laughing, “And those words are coming out of that mouth?” The tension from the air vanished and Reese calmed down.



“That’s not the point, it’s food! If you don’t eat a lot of food, you won’t be able to treat the patients that come to the clinic.” (Reese)


“Yeah. Is this enough though?”



 Then I hand her a kebab-like food I bought. [T/N: Kebabs are like BBQ on a skewer usually in cubes. Originated from the Middle East/West Asia. Google-sensei has some mouthwatering pictures.]


 Reese takes it happily and chews on it.


 The size of the food is bigger than the palm of my hand and is divided into three layers inside. From the bottom, it’s like meat, vegetables, and meat. In the end, it’s drizzled with a special sauce.


 It has a sesame-like flavor, and it has an appetizing smell.


 Reese gave me a thumbs up and took a bite of it as if I could not afford it this much.


 The expression on her face as she ate with a big smile on her face was a very funny sight.



“I ate stuffed meat Etete for the first time in a while.” (Reese) [T/N: Etete (エテテ) must be some creature in this world.]


“Huh. Was it called that? I thought it was a kebab.”


“Yes, yes. I’m not going to dig into your naive remarks anymore. This isn’t called a kebab.” (Reese)


“It’s nice to know the name, you know.”


“You don’t even know how to cook common food.” (Reese)


“Yes. I got a tsukkomi. I lost to a Reese.”


“I really hate you.” (Reese)


“Is that so? But I’m quite the nice guy, you know?”


“Are you now? But you’re mean to me!” (Reese)


“Hmm, you’re someone worth teasing…”



 Reese’s punch comes in contact before I finished my words.


 However, the punch hurts Reese instead.



“What!!!!? That hurts you idiot!” (Reese)


“Ah, I’m sorry. It hurts when you hit me because I’m enhancing my body with magic.”


“Say something like that earlier-stupid! I mean, it’s crazy how you could use physical enhancement to such a degree and for such a long time.” (Reese)


“No, you were unexpectedly quick. I mean, you hit me before I could have said it.”



 Reese glares daggers at me with tears in her eyes while rubbing her right hand.


 I didn’t feel like getting hit again, still, I apologized to Reese anyway, insincerely.


 After that, she said that if she’s going to hit me, she would use physical enhancement herself as well to make sure that the damage goes through. And this time, I heard the scary words, “I’ll hit you with all my strength,” but I decided to ignore her.


 We had eaten and drank our tea, and as people waited for the clinic to open, it suddenly became noisy outside.


 The sound of a carriage could be heard.


 I went to peer through the window to see what was going on.


 Then the people who had been standing in line just a few minutes ago disappeared from the spot like tiny spiders.


 I thought about who was coming and told Reese to brace herself.


 A little later, a carriage stops in front of the clinic.


 A man who looks like a butler stands in the doorway of the carriage and opens the door.


 Then a thin, middle-aged man comes out.


 He has short salt and pepper hair. His beard was long and groomed, and his luxurious clothing was studded with small magic stones.


 It was Count Argus who dismounted from the carriage and came towards the entrance of Reese’s clinic.


 Reese and I waited in the shop as we watched the scene.



“Is that him?”


“Yes, that’s Count Argus. He’s even thinner than before.” (Reese)


“I see; he looks to be in quite the dangerous situation…”


(……) (Reese)



 Reese, who couldn’t understand Kaoru’s words, stopped thinking and turned to Argus and waited.


 The door of Reese Clinic opens.


 The bell on the door rings with a jingle.


 Argus and his butler enter Reese Clinic.



“No, this place seems to be very prosperous. You’re doing quite well for a little girl.” (Argus)


“Yes, thanks to you, it’s the most prosperous I’ve ever been. I’ve been doing business lately because of some high and mighty man.” (Reese)


“And you’re still quite the foul-mouth b*tch. Don’t you know proper etiquette?” (Argus)


“It doesn’t matter. That kind of thing really doesn’t.” (Reese)



 The butler and I stare at the two people who are smiling at each other, but for some reason, the sparks are flying, and we both look at them in dismay.


 Argus looks at the inside of the store as if he were licking it.


 It’s probably to check the things he wanted as well.


 He picked up an item on the table, and when he took a closer look at it and realized it wasn’t the right kind of thing, he didn’t put it back and threw it away on the ground and it was smashed.


 What he threw away struck other objects, causing the chemicals in the test tubes to spill.


 Reese stopped herself, even if she’s raging from his actions.


 The moment you harm an aristocrat, you lose.


 I was also slightly worried that Reese would not act properly, but for now, she seems to be able to control her rage.


 He seems to be having a good time with what he is doing. So will I.


 As I was thinking about this, Argus looked at the paper bag on the examination table. Reese also looked at it, Argus grins and is convinced when she reacts.



“Is this the medicine? Little girl” (Argus)


“I don’t have to give you an answer.” (Reese)


“Well, I can easily tell from your expression.” (Argus)


“Ah! Get out! I am not able to work!” (Reese)


“What? You can run the store and treat people regardless of whether I’m here or not?” (Argus)


“It’s the worst thing to say that when you know that there won’t be any customers coming in.” (Reese)


“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. It’s not like I’m here, that’s why people are not going in, right?”



 Reese bit her lip and somehow suppresses her anger.


 Argus looks at Reese with a creepy smile.


 With Argus here, no one can enter the Reese Clinic. If they were to come in, they could lose access to all of the city’s clinics. It is that bad because Argus has that much power.



“I’m sure you’ve had a good run. A clinic that doesn’t have any customers will soon go out of business. Well, only a person with an ounce of pride like a little girl would let it come to that. I’d close this clinic immediately if I were you. Hahahahaha. And the guy there. You poor thing, too. You’re employed by this soon to be closed clinic, you know.” (Argus)


“Ku!!!” (Reese)


“Well, I wish you could make money now. I don’t know what will happen in the future. If the man there collapses, I’ll hire him at my clinic. I’ll give you triple of what you’re making here.” (Argus)


“What! You don’t sound like you have anything good to offer. And I’m not closed yet. What kind of nerve do you have to say stuff like that?” (Reese)


“Gahaha means that there are people around me who don’t like you. I’m just giving advice. You should be thankful.” (Argus)


“Well you’re one to say. You’re a criminal.” (Reese)


“Hey, can you please? There is no evidence to back up your claims.” (Argus)



 Argus says with a disdainful look.


 I was just silently watching the conversation between them.


 Argus’s butler doesn’t even make a move either. It was just as if he was watching over Argus and observing if he would do something reckless.



“Your mother seems to have worked hard in the same way, but in the end, she died of an unexplained illness. And you’ll be the second-generation of parent and child, who will never learn their lesson. Like your incompetent parent, you are just as bad…” (Argus)


(……) (Reese)



 I felt that the temperature in the room had dropped quickly before Argus finished his words.


 Argus has deliberately stepped on Reese’s landmine.


 Reese, whose blood rushed to her head, instantly used her MP to enhance her body and delivered a strong punch at Argus’ abdomen. Argus couldn’t react to the fist that reached a ridiculous speed, and his eyes widen in surprise.


 At the exact moment, Reese’s fist hits Argus, I and the butler stopped the fight by enhancing our bodies with MP. It was me who interrupted the fight first. I touched Argus’ abdomen lightly and moves him behind me. With one free hand, I stopped Reese’s fist, and the butler cuts in front of Argus, who was staggering behind me. He is surrounded by MP and is similarly enhanced.



“Let’s calm down Reese.”


“That’s right. Dana-sama, didn’t you tell me you’d avoid this kind of thing as much as possible before coming here?” (Butler)


(…….) Reese & Argus



 Reese, with blood rushing through her head, was glaring at Argus, who breathing quite heavily.


 Seeing Reese in such a state, Argus was sweating bullets.


 The two in front of them might have died if they didn’t enter and stopped the fight.


 With Reese’s current physical condition, I can barely restrain Reese.



“Do you know what it means for a little girl to raise her hands to an aristocrat?” (Argus)


(…….) (Reese)


“When you raise your hand against one, you’re considered a criminal. Well, this time I’ll let you off since I am such a big-hearted guy. There will be no next time though.” (Argus)



 He had a creepy smile again as if he was plotting something horrible.


 At this point, I think that if he punished Reese for her crime, he wouldn’t know how to compound the medicine.


 If it is true, it is possible to get out unscathed.


 I am quite relieved.


 I let Reese sit down on a chair once she exhausted her MP. Then I turned to Argus.



“Hey, old man.”


“Huh, old man?” (Argus)


“You! What a rude way to talk to Count Argus.” (Butler)


“Ah, I’m sorry about that. I’m not a person from this city, so I’m not familiar with those things. I’ll be careful next time.”



 Argus seemed a little taken aback by my casual words.


 Also, the butler’s shoulders were shaking as he stared at me with angry eyes.



“So what do you want?” (Argus)


“Ah, have you had abdominal pain or blood in your stool lately?”


(…?!) (Argus)


“You! How rude. To ask such a thing at in meeting with someone for the first time…” (Butler)


“Hey! Bard shut up for a moment. What’s that? What if I had such a symptom?” (Argus)


“No, nothing special. Be careful with your body. Otherwise, you won’t get to live long.”


“You … do you know about this disease?” (Argus)


“No, or maybe I do?”


“Don’t Dana-sama. Don’t listen to someone’s nonsensical rambling.” (Butler => Bard)



 I was smiling from ear to ear.


 Argus is probably at the point he would be ready to grasp at straws.


 Well, I am just guiding his thoughts to think that way. People are simple creatures, and if they become stressed or become sick, and something else. They desperately find a way to fix it.


 Those who have money or power will do whatever it takes. The reason is that only the person himself can understand the anxiety of his illness. And it’s even more so since Argus has an idea of what I just said. It’s a good thing that only Argus himself can understand.



“Dana-sama, a messenger from Eclix will come in a few more days. Just be patient until then.” (Bard)


“I know. I know they are about to come …” (Argus)


“Well, they can’t cure you even if they come.”


“You! You are still talking? Do you want me to stop you from talking…” (Bard)



 Argus stopped the butler’s who was about to lash out in anger, Argus can understand the meaning of my words and answer. There was information that reached Argus that Eclix could not cure Alicia’s illness.


 Therefore, Argus didn’t hope much from Eclix to either.


 At best, he just hopes that the symptoms can be alleviated.



“Do you know who can cure me?” (Argus)


“What should I do? Well, isn’t it time for you to leave?”


“That’s not happening.” (Argus)


“It doesn’t matter. And if the aristocrat destroys or takes something in someone else’s store, won’t other aristocrats say something?”


“Ku” (Argus)



 Argus looks like he’s grinding his teeth.


 No matter how high an aristocrat is, they will still be penalized for destroying or stealing from others.


 He probably remembered that there were a few missing things when I looked around the broken things.



“Such cheap things…” (Argus)


“It doesn’t matter whether it’s cheap or expensive? You did destroy someone else’s property?”


“I will pay.” (Argus)


“It’s not that kind of problem. You don’t even have to pay for it. You don’t have to pay for it, but you can get a stern warning from aristocrats above you. It makes it harder to do things, doesn’t it?”


(……) (Argus)


“Well, that’s not what will probably happen. Then please go home.”



 I smiled and went to the door of the clinic, before opening it at gestured at them.


 Argus reluctantly decided to leave the clinic, probably thinking that no information would come out even if he pursued.


 Bard left the store, staring at me never taking his eyes away from me.


 One both of them left, the room became quite silent.


 I sighed and sat on a chair.



“Ah, damn. What a pain.”


(……) (Reese)


“Are you sick?”


(……) (Reese)


“Well, let’s talk about it after you calmed down? Maybe later today, the customers are already here.”


“We should……” (Reese)



 I’m sure the people lined up around you will find it difficult to get in, as they don’t know when the next attack from Argus will come.


 They probably think it’s better not to come for now.



“Do you want to close today?”


“Yup” (Reese)


“Copy that.”



 As I said this, I went out to the front of the store and turned the sign to one that says “closed for the day”. Then the people around the clinic noticed the words and left.


 I thought we could have treated more if we hadn’t been disturbed by Argus. It’s just a matter of time before we’ll get another visit. On Earth, I can’t practice medicine in Japan anymore. The reason is that there is nobody who would hire me. If I go abroad, there may be someone, but as I lived in an information-driven society, there are few places that will hire me. People who’ll want to interfere with me will do everything in their power to stop me.


 Scratching our heads, Reese and I entered the store, calculated the day’s sales, and closed it.










 The sound of crunching and strutting on the cobblestones echoed in rhythm.


 In the carriage, Argus was biting his nails and frowning.


 Bard was worried about such a look.



“Dana-sama… Do you still care about the words from that man?” (Bard)


“Yeah, that guy knows something. You’d be crazy not to be bothered by something like that.” (Argus)


“But there is a possibility that it is a lie.” (Bard)


“I’m sure it’s not.” (Argus)


“What do you mean?” (Bard)


“The symptoms he described clearly apply to me. And I can’t help but feel confident about it. Well, that’s just a hunch.” (Argus)


“What do you want me to do? Catch him and make him compound a medicine?” (Bard)


“Well, one or two of them are no different. Get them both to my compound this evening and bring them there. Make sure they go unnoticed.” (Argus)


“I understand” (Bard)


“I wish he could alleviate the symptoms as much as possible. Well, I don’t expect too much. If he doesn’t give me any information, I can dispose of him. Anyway, he’s not from this town. It won’t be a problem if he disappears.” (Argus)


“Then, this time we will be abducting two people.” (Bard)


“Bard failure is unforgivable” (Argus)


“Yes” (Bard)



 Bard choked with the last words from Argus.


 Ruthless cold eyes, he gasped at the expression that shows not a  smidgen of emotion.


 If he makes a mistake, there will surely be hell to pay.


 With that in mind, Bard thought he would harden his heart even more and carry out his orders.


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