Underground Doctor Chapter 16: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 9 part 3

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 Reese sank on the sofa in the clinic.


 She’s still quite frustrated.


 One of her legs was bouncing rapidly while the other was unmoving as stone.



“Isn’t it time for you to calm down?”


“Oh, I’m calm.” (Reese)


“You don’t look like it because one of your legs is quite busy.”


“Uggh, it’s ……, because of Argus who said bad things about my mom…… and drove her to death!” (Reese)


“Well, I don’t know what kind of illness she has because I wasn’t there at that time.”


“It’s definitely his fault.” (Reese)


“Well, that aside. Now there is a mountain of things to prepare for tonight.”


“He’s going to come for you. That’s right! I forgot because I blood rushed in my head, but what are you doing!” (Reese)


“Hmm? What?”


“You were just trying to get Argus to pay attention to you. He believed your bluff after you stated those symptoms.” (Reese)


“Ah, that”


“That’s it… isn’t it! What were you thinking?” (Reese)


“Well, maybe because I was worried about Reese.”


“Wow, you really think I’m screwed.” (Reese)




“What’s that face! You’re really angry.” (Reese)


“Ha-ha, I’m just kidding. Now that I know how sick he is, I’m hoping to make it easier for him.”


“What do you mean?” (Reese)


“I know of his condition. I can cure him.”




“Well, if you don’t like me to Reese, he won’t be cured. If he keeps going like this, he may not last for a long time depending on the progression of his condition.”


(……) (Reese)


“Do you want me to go?”


“Wow, I don’t know.” (Reese)


“Well, I’m sorry.”



 Reese was looking down in distress.


 Argus has harassed and done other things in this store, even during her mother’s generation.


 It has been quite some time since her mother’s generation.


 However, I think it’s naive to think that she can forgive him for his past actions even in death.


 This time, considering what will happen, I want him to live and pay for it. I’m sure that the most effective way for Argus to pay for his sins is to make him literally pay for them.


 I’m sure Reese has come to a decision.


 As she looked up and look at me.



“You will cure him, and then I will be compensated for what he has done so far.” (Reese)


“Okay. When are we going through it?”


“You’re really easy going.” (Reese)


“That’s right. Some people are going to get worried if I don’t act like this.”


“What? Are you talking about me?” (Reese)




“Mmm, stop looking at me and not saying anything!” (Reese)


“I was just teasing you”


“Oh really… Oh, thank you” (Reese)


“Hmm? Did you say something?”


“I haven’t said anything. Idiot!” (Reese)



 Reese’s words of gratitude in a small, nearly fading voice did not go unheard by me.


 After that, she was blushing and looking down to hide her embarrassment to me but her ears have already turned red.



“So? What caused him to lose so much weight?” (Reese)


“Did you understand what I was saying?”


“Well, tell me about it anyway.” (Reese)


“Okay, okay, so? Anyway, the name of the disease is [Cancer].”


“[Cancer]?” (Reese)


“Well, the name varies depending on where it has developed.”


“Is it a disease that causes you to lose weight like that?” (Reese)


“Argus has [colon cancer]. As for the symptoms, not all cancers are like this. Usually, they lose weight rapidly like him or have blood in their bowels. Diarrhea can also occur. It’s a difficult disease to detect in its early stages. But this time, we were lucky.


“How did you figure that out?” (Reese)


“Well, I can tell after I saw him.”



 I said jokingly, Reese looked at me seriously and says, “It’s not the time for joking.”



“Oh, I understand. Well, I didn’t know it at first, but I heard rumors.”


“Rumors?” (Reese)


“Well, he seems to have lost a lot of weight lately and his appearance has changed drastically.”


“Did you base your conclusion in just those?” (Reese)


“I’m not kidding you. But that’s not all. I’ve also got a few guesses, but when he heard the symptoms and reacted, I became sure of it.”


“You’re really mysterious. How do you know that?” (Reese)


“I’ve seen and cured many similar diseases. It’s just a difference in experience, isn’t it? And I’m done answering the questions. Well, that’s what Reese helped me to find out.”


“What? Did I do something?” (Reese)


“He talked to you.”



 Then I vigorously patted Reese’s head with a smile.


 Reese, who doesn’t understand what I was saying, gets a little grumpy.


 I touched Argus’ abdomen to get him out of the way when Reese punched him. In that instant, I had the answer, using [diagnosis] chant-lessly. All this time, I was thinking about how to use this card depending on how Argus will move. As a result, the direction of healing him was the one, but I still need to examine him in detail. It’s because the results of the diagnosis could not be checked in detail due to not being in direct contact with the skin. The result of this diagnosis was [Colon Cancer, Stage I]. However, I don’t know if other diseases are hiding in his body, so I’ll have to wait and see.


 There are stages of colorectal cancer. The stage classification is used because it represents the severity. The progression of the disease is defined by how deeply cancer has invaded the colonic wall (spread to the surrounding area) and whether or not it has spread to the lymph nodes or distant areas in his body.


 The stage classification is divided into five stages, from 0 to stage IV.


 The higher the number, the greater the progression of the disease. This decreases the survival rate.


 Stage 0 is when the cancer is confined to the mucosa. Stage I is when cancer stays in the colon wall. Stage II refers to cancer that has crossed the colonic wall but has not spread to adjacent organs. Stage III: Cancer has invaded adjacent organs or has entered the lymph nodes. Stage IV includes metastases to the peritoneum, liver, or lungs. [T/N: Mucosa or the inner lining of the colon. Metastases are the spread of cancer cells and infection of other parts of the body. Google-sensei has a more in-depth explanation.]


 Thus, it is divided into five stages.


 Argus’ colon cancer was in stage I.


 I’m trying to make it clear to Reese, but she doesn’t seem to understand it as well as I thought she would. I had the feeling that the conversation was drifting all over the place.



” Yeah, okay, that’s enough.” (Reese)




“I don’t know what else to say! I’m a terrible anyway.” (Reese)


“No. No, it’s more normal for you to not know. It’s rather scary if you easily know about it.”


“In the meantime, Argus’ is not developed yet, so that means he’s still okay.” (Reese)


“I know. But I don’t feel safe, though.”


“Will it progress quickly?” (Reese)


“It’s not just a matter of progressing in a day or two, though. It’s not always the case that your body is changing when you’re not taking any medication. It can be a complication of something else too.”


“Does that mean we have to treat it sooner rather than later?” (Reese)


“There’s that. Well, there’s no point in talking about it now, so let’s just wait for time to pass.”


“Okay.” (Reese)



 With that, they cleaned up the store, especially cleaning up the things that Argus had left lying around.


They also prepared for what was to come.






 In the evening, I heard a loud banging from the back door of Reese’s Clinic.


 Reese looks a little stiff as her body tenses up.


 I remembered the sound and the fact that I had called for a certain helper this time, and headed for the back door.


 When I open the back door, there’s a slightly grumpy man and a happy woman.



“I’m sorry. I forgot to call you.”


“Kaoru, you abandoned me last time… it was really hard.” (Irga)


“Oh, really? But I don’t really want to enter a silly lover’s quarrel, you know?”


“Yeah! Irga. It’s bad to involve Kaoru. You should talk to your wife, me.” (Lyrica)


“No … Lyrica please, can you shut up for a moment? Because the story gets confusing and more complicated.” (Irga)


“It’s terrible to tell your wife to shut up…” (Lyrica)


“Oh my god. Anyway, Kaoru, I came as you said. Now, the money you gave me to pay for fixing the inn last time so we can be forgiven..” (Irga)


“Oh, that’s right. It helped. But again, this is from Lyrica’s actions.”


“Whose fault do you think it is!” (Lyrica)


“Who do I think I owe it to?” (Irga)


“I really want to hit you. Can I hit Kaoru with once? Is it okay? Clench your teeth and close your eyes. It’ll make it easier.” (Lyrica)


“I’m relieved to see that Irga-san is still the same. I’m not going to be able to fix stuff. Don’t make a scene here.”


“Irga…… don’t you hate me……? If you leave me alone, I’ll disappear into the…… night…” (Lyrica)


“… I don’t hate it, but … that’s … that’s what it’s like to disappear into the city at night!” (Irga)


“You’re pretty noisy! This huge idiot!” (Reese)


“Uburaaah!!!!” (Irga)



 Reese’s punch lands straight into Irga-san’s stomach.


 Irga-san crashes into the wall then slides into a crouch.


 He’s pale in the face as he twitches.


 It can’t be helped because it was too much.


 I was looking at them with warm eyes, not defending,


 Lyrica didn’t notice Irga-san who had been blown away and was intoxicated by the words of worry from Irga-san.


 * It seems that “that’s unforgivable” is converted to “I don’t allow you to play with a man other than me” while her body is wiggling, and for some reason, those words are now converted to “You are mine”.


 I watched over Lyrica, thinking that she was happy above all that happens.



“Kaoru, why did you call for them?” (Reese)


“Oh, that’s right … Is he still alive?”


“It’s weak to the extent that he won’t die.” (Reese)


“Well then. Let’s go inside.”


“Hmm … You’re with lots of weirdos.” (Reese)



 Reese puts her hand on her forehead, sighs loudly, and disappears into the clinic.


 I tell Lyrica to go in first and lets her enter the clinic before turning to Irga-san,


 I approached Irga-san who is in a troublesome position and slapped his cheek to wake him up.



“Hey. Irga-san”


(……) (Irga)


“Wake up or I leave you like this~”


(……) (Irga)



 He’s just like a corpse that doesn’t react at all.


 I whispered in Irga-san’s ear to get him up quickly.



“Ah! Lyrica is entangled with a pervert! Ah! She’s getting sticky all over.”


“Where’s the pervert!!! Die! Kaoru Where is that pervert!!!” (Irga)


“Good morning. Go inside the clinic quickly.”


“Ah? What? Lyrica? What about the pervert?” (Irga)


“What are you still sleepy? Go inside quickly.”


“……Oh, yes” (Irga)



 Irga-san enters the store, feeling unsure of what to do.


 When they all enter the store, they sat on the sofa and talked about trivial matters as if they were introducing themselves.


 It’s a good idea to have a good time with your friends and family.


 Lyrica looks at them with tears welling up in her eyes.


 Kaoru thinks that another troublesome thing is going to happen.


 Kaoru thought that Irga’s lack of learning ability would bother her, but she tried to follow up and make sure that it wouldn’t affect her later on.



“Well? Kaoru are these two people reliable?” (Reese)


“I’ve only heard about them.”


“Hey, what? Lyrica and I are still labyrinth explorers, you know?” (Irga)


“What? Is that so? Then you’re really strong.”


“Why is Kaoru surprised? Didn’t you try to capture the Great Labyrinth, too?” (Lyrica)


“This is my first time in the Great Labyrinth. I’ve been to a medium-sized one before. It’s a famous place, right?” (Irga)


“What did you capture before?”


“It’s [Rias Labyrinth] located at the southernmost tip of this continent. He’s my future husband. He’s really strong. Are you both doubting me?” (Lyrica)


“Rias Labyrinth !? Did you two really capture it?” (Reese)


“It took about half a year to capture it. I managed to capture it and got a reward. Well, I didn’t get it because I didn’t need nobility and land.” (Irga)


“Reese, I don’t understand even if it’s medium-sized or something like that, but is it really amazing?”


“You really are…” (Reese)


“It seems to be smelly.”


“I think that’s terrible to say. But oh well.” (Reese)



 All three of them looked at me and sighed.


 Irga-san taught me about labyrinths so I could understand.



“By the way, haven’t we talk about it before?” (Irga)


“The only thing I’ve heard is that if you capture a labyrinth is that you’ll get money and status.”


“Hmm? Was that it?” (Irga)


“That’s right. I don’t get much about what you said, and you didn’t tell me, so I don’t know.”


“Ahaha, I’m sorry. Well, I still have time, so I’ll explain for a little it.” (Irga)


“Please do me a favor and make it easier to understand.”


“Yes, yes, for the time being, you might not know but labyrinths are living creatures… do you?” (Irga)


“Oh, I don’t know that.”


“I was expecting those precise words……. It’s funny that you don’t know these things that should be common knowledge. It’s usually something you learn from your parents or other people when you’re a kid, right? What kind of frontier village were you born in.” (Irga)


“Well, leave it alone. What do you mean that the labyrinth is a living creature?”




 Irga answers Kaoru’s questions.


 The labyrinth is said to be born to eat people.


 It seems that people still don’t know how and why labyrinths are born.


 It’s bad because there no way to know areas where labyrinths could potentially appear.


 And if a labyrinth is not entered for some time, it is said that monsters will appear outside the labyrinth and attack the surrounding areas.


 In short, it sends out monsters to lure its food, humans.


 If you capture it early, it can be left alone for quite some time.


 But once every few years, people have to dive into the labyrinth regularly to investigate.


 So far, it has not been confirmed that the Rias Labyrinth has been revived, but it has been decided that people will be diving since the situation is unknown.


 Some say that there are a lot of unnatural things occurring there.


 The [Great Labyrinth Grand Palace] was unusual in that it released monsters into the surface when it was discovered.


 It is said that there were fire dragons and other creatures that lived on the Sasara Plains in front of [Grand Palace].



“Why would they make a city in such a place.”


“Ha-ha, of course, they did. After all, the people of the explorer’s guild, drafted the strongest explorers of that time to capture the Great Labyrinth.” (Irga)


“Well, they were something amazing. They did defeat a Fire Dragon, right?”


“Oh, the explorer’s guild community can have their members become members of the commercial guild or healer’s guild. It’s easy to think of it that some guilds are included under a bigger guild. An explorer with a rank of C or higher can form a party by talking to a representative or the guild master, usually, parties are limited to 5 explorers. But by joining a guild, you can form a party of 15 explorers. It’s considered to be more advantageous than forming a normal party of just 5.” (Irga)


“C-rank, huh. Seems like a hassle.”


“Huh …… Kaoru, you don’t know how great being C-rank is, you can only say that because you don’t know how great it is.” (Irga)


“I don’t like exploring. I want to live by healing people.”



 I scratched my head seems it looks troublesome.


 Actually, I don’t even want to dive into a labyrinth, and if there comes a time I have to, I’ll do something about it at that time.


 However, I now have more information about labyrinths compared to the last time I heard about them.


 I now know one thing to watch out for when I leave this city and go to the next one.


 If there are cities there might be labyrinths there.


 If the monsters are on the city streets or in the mountains, there is probably a labyrinth near it, and they want people as a food source.


 One thing I wondered was what would happen if a labyrinth appeared and was left unattended.


 I have a pretty good idea of what to expect, but I decided to ask Irga-san just to get a clear answer.



“What happens if you left a labyrinth alone?”


“Oh, I heard that they tried it a long time ago, but it seems that it became a miserable place. It seems that the labyrinth has evolved and the monsters summoned came from the deeper layers those are monsters that can only be seen at the bottom layer.” (Irga)


“It’s too much …”


“It seems that considerable damage has occurred. There are labyrinths that are still left lone, but they are still somewhat managed.” (Irga)


“Well, if you’re dealing with it, it’s fine. I don’t think there will be any conflicts between other countries and this country.”


“There used to be, but that’s not the case anymore. It’s not worth it, since they could all be destroyed, especially when leaving the labyrinth unattended in the middle of a conflict.” (Irga)


“Maybe it’s the source of this peace.”


“Kaoru is a strange one. I never thought of it that way.” (Irga)


“To each his own, that’s about it.”


“To each his own, that’s right.” (Irga)



 While saying that, I head toward the window and opened it. I lit a cigarette, and relaxed.


 The streets were getting darker and less crowded.


 Rather, I felt that there were fewer people than usual.


 I put out the cigarette closed the window and told everyone to be alert, I think it is time.


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