Underground Doctor Chapter 17: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 10 part 1

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~3rd Person Perspective~


A total of five people, three men, and two women were gathering in the back alley of the clinic.



“Are you ready? This time, it’s a mission that we can’t afford to fail.” (Argus’ Lackey 1)


“I know. We shouldn’t screw things up.” (Argus’ Lackey 2)


“Who are you talking about… stop saying dumb things. This time, I’m abducting two healers. Well, if we do it, as usual, there’s nothing wrong with it.” (Argus’ Lackey 3)


“Isn’t it an easy job? It’s something that we can finish quickly, then go to a bar, and get a drink.” (Argus’ Lackey 4)


“Then, let’s get ready.” (Argus’ Lackey 5)





 With that said, the five people walked out of the alley and surrounded Reese’s Clinic.


 Since they look and feel like ordinary citizens, it’s hard to tell them apart once they got out of the alley.


 Then, they decided to carry out the operation to avoid suspicion.


 Two men emerge from the shadows after Argus’s people left the alley.



“This is going to be interesting.” (Unknown 1)


“That’s right. I’m lucky that the errand to get rid of Argus turns into a silver bullet for labyrinth fever. I’m really lucky.” (Unknown 2)


“Let those old bastards from Eclix swim. I’m not going to do their dirty work anymore. Ah, I’m thrilled to see their disappointed faces. For now, if they play their cards right, I’m going straight to Argus. You know, I think we should go to the place where Argus got the information and make them take some truth medicine. If you tell people it’s going to cure their illness, they’ll jump at it..” (Unknown 1)


“You’re a really scary person. That drug is going to be a gone anyway, right? Well, I don’t care. Even if we take it to Eclix, Eclix’s reputation will only go down.” (Unknown 2)


“It’s not even a bad idea. You think they’re privileged to be a nobleman. They can’t get away with it…” (Unknown 1)


“That’s right. Then, let’s wait leisurely.” (Unknown 2)



 The duo laughed eerily and disappeared as if they were blending into the darkness.



~Kaoru’s Perspective~


 It is probably around 10 o’clock in the evening?


 There is a knocking sound on the door of Reese Clinic.



“Excuse me, I’m sorry. Is there anyone? Please. Please help me.” (Stranger)



 I heard such a voice.


 Reese jumps up and thought it’s a surprise attack from Argus.


 Then slowly approach the door and spoke from behind the door.



“What happened?” (Reese)


“My daughter… was infected with labyrinth fever. She’s so weak that I can’t do anything about it. I’ve heard that there is a medicine here for labyrinth fever.” (Patient)



 Carefully opening the door a little she peeked at the person.


 The figure was of a normal woman.


 There was a girl who was between her arms who is currently suffering.


 Reese’s eyes were glued. She understood that there was really a sick person.


 Closing the door again she called me.


 In the unlikely event that it was Argus’s minion, she’s not planning on acting without being alert.


 Reese opens the door with me and the girl suffering from labyrinth fever can now be seen.



“How is it? My daughter… will she be okay?” (Patient)


“It’s okay. I’m going to give the medicine and apply stamina recovery magic now.” (Reese)





 I was quite wary of the area while watching Reese’s treatment.


 I was told by Reese to take medicine and give her a paper bag.


 Then, the moment she tried to cast recovery magic on the girl, something like a smoke screen spread from the mother’s back. It was enough to fill the store.


 Reese and the mother, who came to be treated, panicked without knowing what was going on.


 Then, at that moment, I can hear the back door popping open.


 Footsteps of several people running towards here can be heard.


 Reese became pale after hearing the sounds, when she tried to scream, my hand extended to Reese.


 I grabbed her towards me and got ready for the battle that’s about to happen.


 I can’t do anything as long as I can’t see the area.


 A shadow-like person in the shape of a large man attacks Reese and me from behind. They intended to reap my consciousness with the back of a knife and abduct us, but the blow did not hit me.


 My neck, which was full of gaps, should have been punched from behind, but I disappeared like a mirage.


 By the time he tried to look around with his eyes wide open, I had already positioned myself behind him, grabbing him by the neck and slamming him on the floor.


Reaping the consciousness of the shadowy figure.


 A dull and heavy thud echoed within the clinic, and the person with the shadowy figure has stopped moving as he was now lying on the floor.


 My automatic counter skill from [Aikido] moved me.



“No, it was quite the close one. I’m glad I had a self-defense martial art.”


“” !!? “” (Lackeys)



 The temperature within the hospital drops in an instant.


 My broken magical enhancement intimidation is directed only at the enemy.


 The shadowy figures inside the clinic, who I can’t see, were trying their best to not faint from my overwhelming intimidation.



“Well, what do you think? There are already some of you, right? Ah, but you probably wouldn’t be able to move.”



 A voice replies through poor visibility.


 It was in such a tone that seemed to be trembling for a bit.



“This is this monster!! I haven’t heard of him.” (Lackey)


“That kind of thing isn’t a compliment.”


“Guu!!?” (Lackey)



 The words he mentioned earlier fueled my intimidation.


 More fear compared to the first wave of intimidation.


 And just by continuing to be battered by the intimidation, greasy sweat emerges on the forehead of the intruders.


 The intruders can’t even keep their knees from quaking.


 Their hearts are struck by the desire to escape from this space right now.


 If they do that, the smoke will gradually fade and disappear. It’s a kind of magic. It was generated only within the inside the clinic. It disappeared by depriving the caster of their consciousness.


 Then, two of them had stopped moving due to my intimidation were reaped from behind by Irga-san’s and Lyrica’s actions.



“Hmm, he looks like a decent user ~. He’ll probably not lose to Irga though.” (Lyrica)


“Is that so? He looked like a small fish?” (Irga)


“If you don’t properly determine the skill of the other party, you will get hurt.” (Lyrica)


“Okay, I know, so don’t look at me like that…” (Irga)


“This time Kaoru’s intimidation restricted his movements. That’s what I think.” (Lyrica)


“Well, I don’t think so… but Kaoru’s power is not at a dangerous level, right?” (Irga)


“… Maybe, but I think he has as much MP as the explorer who has first captured the Grand Palace Great Labyrinth. He looks quite unconcerned about the amount of MP he just released.” (Lyrica)


“… Seriously?” (Irga)


“Seriously, but it seems that as usual, he’s not aware of it.” (Lyrica)



 The two were talking with hushed whispers.


 While sighing, unknown to me, Irga-san and Lyrica began to think that my potential was unbelievable.



~3rd Person Perspective~



  On top of a tall store with a clear view of the Reese’s Treatment Center, there were two black shadowy figures are just outside acting as observers.


 They thought that the commotion going on at Reese’s Clinic would have died down by now, so they looked around to see what was going on.


 However, there is no sign of their friends coming out.


 They began to wonder about it.


 Then a feeling of dread creeps in, but it’s already too late.


 Behind the shadowy figures, Ralph, Dahlia, and Schmidt, completely hid their presence and reaped the consciousness of the two.


 Ralph tells Dahlia & Schmidt to take these two men to the Hall of Sinners. He also told them to inform Cain of the current situation.


 The Hall of Sinners is where the guilty are imprisoned and they are judged for slavery or death. Most fall into slavery. Those who brought criminals there will receive money in exchange for the criminal or an additional bounty if the criminals have a bounty on their head.


 Dahlia and Schmidt disappear from the scene in an instant after giving an affirmative.


 Scratching his head, Ralph heads to the Reese Clinic.


 It’s a good idea to get a sense of how much power Kaoru has, but he’s certain there will be some discussions about it later because they were the ones left in charge of Reese’s security. He arranges his thoughts as he traverses the roofs under the dimness of the night.




~Kaoru’s Perspective~


 In the clinic, three people in black are now lying on the ground.


 It was a strange sight, but I was acting as if everything was normal.



“I’m not going to be able to do anything about it. But it’s all right now, you know.”



 I treated the girl who was brought in with recovery magic and medicine.


 The little girl was now breathing normally as she slept in her mother’s chest. Now, her face is peacefully asleep.



“Thank you, thank you. Who are those…… three people behind you?” (Patient)


“Don’t worry about it. They’re just assholes trying to steal the cure for labyrinth fever.”


“Yeah, well, the people who gave me the information at that time……” (Patient)


“Ho …… what did they say?”



 The mother told the story of her daughter’s condition worsening and a person came to visit her home when she was in trouble. The stranger told her about the clinic. He said he came and told her that she might be able to see us at this time.


 I wondered if the stranger had used ordinary people as pawns to get him to do this action. It is possible that the first smoke was also a result of setting up some kind of enchantment-type magic on the mother and daughter beforehand.



“I see. But I’m glad. Take this medicine for another two days. I think she will be completely cured then.”


“Thank you very much. I just can’t thank you enough.” (Patient)



 Ralph entered from the back door while I was talking to the patient.


 Dahlia and Schmidt will be late since they were going to the Hall of Sinners.



“I’m sorry Kaoru-sama. I left Reese-sama to Kaoru-sama even though I was the one who was assigned the escort mission.” (Ralph)


“I don’t mind.”



 I said with a chuckle.


 Ralph was relieved, but at that moment he felt a chilling sensation. When he looked at Kaoru’s face,



“The next time something happens, I’ll be merciless.”


“Hahaha … I’ll keep it in mind.” (Ralph)



 It was only for a moment, but Ralph felt like his heart was getting constricted.


 A bead of sweat dripped down his forehead as he laughed wryly.



“Well then, let’s take care of the patient. You’ll need to put her to bed.”


“Yes.” (Patient)


“Kaoru, you’re treating my clinic like you own it.” (Reese)


“That’s not true. I only did it because you look like you can’t, and I don’t think you could stand anymore.”


“And you can?” (Reese)


“You’re saying that while looking like a newborn fawn that can’t stand up. You’re being funny.”


“Ugh…….” (Reese)



 The mother laughed at my words.


 Reese turned bright red and was in such a silly state where she couldn’t even attempt in hitting me.


 Meanwhile, Ralph takes off the magical equipment worn by one of the intruders in black.


 Then the mother gasped in surprise.



“It’s that person. He is the one who said I should come here.” (Patient)


“Bingo. Are you certain?”


“Yes, I have no doubt in my mind.” (Patient)


“Then, I’d be grateful if you could testify at a later date, could you?”



 When I asked her, the mother was kind enough to agree.


 It’s late at night today, but the mother and daughter went home.


 It seems that their house is just a short walk away from here.



“Kaoru-sama, I’m attaching magical restraints to these people.” (Ralph)


“In short, they won’t be able to escape?”


“That’s right.” (Ralph)


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