Underground Doctor Chapter 17: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 10 part 3

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  While Ralph and I were talking about that, Irga-san and Lyrica were relaxing and drinking tea. Among them, Reese was there. Still quite shocked by what had just happened.


 So, I left the interrogation to Ralph and had him squeeze the invaders for all the information they have.


 At first, they didn’t plan on talking, but all three confessed as soon as they hear my words, “You can inflict as much pain and damage on them as long as they’re still alive, I can heal them as many times as you wish, so you can continue doing it until they vomit the information.” They all turned pale and began confessing. Ralph still pulverized their bones to test if they were lying.


 But a large adult man was crying with his face crumpled in pain as he screamed.


 It turns out that their answer remained the same and none of it was a lie.


 Argus told them to abduct me and Reese and steal the method of compounding the labyrinth fever medicine. They were also vomiting their true identity and being Argus’ lackeys.


 On the way, Dahlia and Schmidt came back wearing a black robe similar to the invader’s, saying that they were quite the big loot.


 This black shadow-like robe is called the crow’s robe.


 It comes with a skill, with [stealth] skills.


 It is hard to detect armor that is difficult for people to detect. I heard it and my brain run with many thoughts as my smile warped into something a bit sinister.



“Then, these people are worthless, so I’ll take them to the sinner’s mansion.” (Ralph)


“I don’t mind. I don’t think they’ve got any more information. And to talked that easily… I thought they’d be prepared to die for their master.”


“Kaoru-sama, are we done with this?” (Ralph)


“Hmm. Of course…”



 Irga and Lyrica seemed to have finished their work, but then I had an idea.



“I’d appreciate it if you could tag along with me a little longer.”


“I don’t mind, but I have a feeling you’re going to reel us in a bit of trouble…….” (Irga-san)


“So we’ll take it from here.” (Lyrica)



 Though the moment I offered Irga and Lyrica an amount of money, both of them said, “Let us do it by all means,” and “Are we not friends,” and their eyes became Lira signs. My expression was a little cramped because of the sudden change of heart. I scratched my head, thinking it was good that they were simple.


 They did blow a lot of their money after getting infected with labyrinth fever. This is probably quite the stroke of luck for them.


 I’m sure you’ll be able to find out more about this as well. I asked him if it would be a crime, such as theft, and he said this would not be the case. The reason for this is because there is a penalty for those who commit the crime. Then Kaoru tells everyone that she and Reese are going to the Argus residence as a captive.



“Wait a minute. We have quite a bit of evidence already. And things have changed quite a bit compared to the original plan. His title will certainly fall even if we don’t find any new evidence.” (Ralph)


“Well, that’s okay…….. But I’ve got another one.”


“Hey, what more is there?” (Ralph)



 I told everyone about Argus’ illness.


 And Reese wants Argus to live and atone for his sins.


 Upon hearing the plan, Ralph, Dahlia, and Schmidt reluctantly agreed.


 Irga-san and Lyrica agreed immediately because they would get paid if they accepted.



“I’m sorry. I’d appreciate it if you could accompany us for a little while longer.”


“I’m sorry. I’m so selfish…….” (Reese)


“But can Kaoru cure such things?” (Irga)


“Well, I’m the one who refined the medicine for this labyrinth fever.”


“”Huh ?!”” (Irga & Lyrica)



 Irga and Lyrica are stunned speechless.


~3rd Person Perspective~


 It’s not that much of a surprise to Ralph and his party since they got the information from Cain-san already, but when they first heard about it, they couldn’t keep their mouths closed, and they were so surprised they jumped out of their seats when he told them that Kaoru had cured Alicia’s illness as well.


 It was said to be incurable, but now Kaoru had created the silver bullet against labyrinth fever, and even cured Alicia’s disease, which was once also considered incurable. Unknown to Kaoru that they were filled with a sense of dread coming from me.


 That’s not the only amazing thing. Also, the rumored illness of Argus, which is now being discussed, can be cured, and they can’t help but be amazed. And after hearing the plan most of their thoughts halted.



~Kaoru’s Perspective~



“I’m not going to be able to say that everything will go as planned. It would be nice if everything goes without a hitch though…….”


“Huh?” (Reese)



 Reese wondered about my last words, but she let them slide as she was now occupied with the Argus matter.


 Ralph and the others asked for a little time to prepare, and I agreed.


 I think there is some time until Ralph and his party return, so Irga-san and Lyrica lectured me again.


 They warned me that I myself might die if I stepped in any further.


 I completely forgot that I could be killed. It’s different from Earth. If I am compassionate, my life can be put at stake. A few days ago, Irga-san and Lyrica gave me a terrible harsh sermon about it. I am not a pacifist or anything like that. However, it was said that it was important for me to be prepared.


 There’s a bitter taste in my mouth.


 I was also reminded what would happen if I did not mercilessly kill them and they hurt or killed a loved one.


 I understand what they mean, but it’s quite difficult to separate the two.


 Life and death are so close to each other that they are incomparable here unlike on Earth.


 I have special power and knowledge, the probability of experiencing life and death scenarios will increase tremendously if it was known.


 And the people around me will be harmed.


 I knew I had to make up my mind when the time came.


 After that, everyone finished their preparations and head towards Argus’ residence.

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