Underground Doctor Chapter 18: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 10 part 4

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 I heard such a voice out of nowhere.


 Lyrica was a bit slow to react. But she managed to twist her body but she was still touched by the shadow. Still, she was able to do so without receiving any wounds.


 Irga-san also avoided the attack from an unidentified object.



“Who’s there!” (Irga)



 With that said, Irga releases bloodlust directly in front of him and searches for the enemy.


 Ralph, Dahlia, and Schmidt collapsed forward and were convulsing, thus letting go of Bard.



“Paralysis?! But from where…” (Irga)


“Irga… I’m sorry. I was hit too.” (Lyrica)


“!?” (Irga)



 Lyrica tells Irga-san, showing her arm touched by the shadow.


 On Lyrica’s arm, a magical curse appeared.



“Really? …… Lyrica’s high MP is ineffective?” (Irga)


“Well, I can use my magic to combat the curse to some extent. No, I am not totally disarmed.” (Lyrica)



 Lyrica suffered a great deal of damage with a single curse. Irga-san muttered a curse.


 It seemed that the situation was quite grave.



“Irga-san, is Lyrica okay?”


“I’m okay. But Lyrica and the three are no longer capable of combat.” (Irga)


“Hey, hey, it’s quite the strong surprise attack…”


“Kaoru, I’m going to get rid of the paralysis of the three people as soon as possible.” (Reese)


“Don’t go, Reese!”


“e?” (Reese)



 Surprised by my voice, Reese stops moving from where she is standing.


 From the shadow in front of me, a man wearing a purple robe appeared.



“Oh no, that’s a shame. It was so close, though. Aura” (Coda)


“Coda, how scary. It’s a good decision, silver-haired guy. Kukukuku…” (Aura)


“How troublesome. I was hoping to avoid this one.” (Coda)



 My expression becomes stiff as the guy talking scratches his head.


 Irga, Lyrica, and Reese also have the same stiff expression.


 The current situation is pretty bad.


 And more than anything else, the intimidation from the two people in purple robes has limited the actions of my three companions except for me.


 They seem to have more magic power than Irga-san and the rest.


 I’m sure I’ll be able to find a way to make it work.


 It’s a good thing that I’m not going to have to worry about it.



“Hey? It’s like you know who we are.” (Coda)


“You’re people from Eclix, right? And you came to get treatment before noon?”


“Good answer. It’s wonderful. I was surprised by your magical power. The your casting speed is dozens of times faster than a normal healer! And it seems like your spells have additional effects.” (Coda)



 A man who was called Coda looks at me with a creepy smile.


 That alone causes a strange chill making my skin crawl.


 I was too impatient. I knew in advance that Eclix would take some kind of action.


 I didn’t expect to come across them at this moment, more than anything else at the same time we’re attacking Argus’ House.


 I was looking for a way to do something while keeping my friends unharmed, but no matter what action I take, someone would get hurt.


 It’s quite a funny scenario. Whenever I treat my patients from whatever ails them, I am never confused. But outside that, I am completely unable to think of a way to solve this.


 Irga-san and others also told me that I will be involving myself in something troublesome.


 The probability of facing death increases. Inviting it and bringing others into the mix. I’m sure we would be able to find a way to make it work.


 I inhale and calm myself.


 I have to make the best course of action while harvesting the seeds I have sowed.



“You guys do what are you doing in my mansion!” (Argus)


“Hey, moneybag what are you saying? We’ll be in quite the trouble if you’re healed. It would be good if you’re healed by Eclix, but if someone else heals you, Ecrlix’s name will be tarnished. And even then, there are things we have to get rid of.” (Coda)


“Moneybag? What are you guys saying?” (Argus)


“Kukku, do you think we’ve come to get rid of your illness? Oh, I’m getting hungry.” (Coda)


“You’re being rude by laughing so much. Well, it’s a simple plan. If we wipe the dirt before it sticks to Eclix, it won’t get tarnished. Filth should just disappear silently.” (Aura)


“Now!!!” (Coda)



 Argus turns pale after listening to the people from Eclix.



“Yeah, you blabber on about this and that. Now, you’ve done it!” (Argus)


“What are you trying to do with all the money anyway? We’ll take care of everyone here. We’ll poison them so that people won’t know how they die.” (Coda)


“And you’re first!” (Aura)


“Hi!” (Argus)



 One of the men from Eclix closed the gap between them and Argus in an instant. The next moment, the Bard slipped in between them and used himself as a shield to protect his master.



“Argus-sama!!!” (Bard)


“Kukuku. It’s a shame. [Curse of Deadly Poison – Poison Bind]!” (Aura)



 Bard slips between Argus, but Aura shoots magic directly at Argus through a gap between Bard’s body.


 The magic released hits Argus, who suddenly holds his stomach and falls to the floor.



“Argus-sama !! Argus-sama !!!” (Bard)


“Ahhhhhhhhh” (Argus)



 Sweat beads Argus’ forehead.


 Aura speaks happily with a mocking smile.



“My [Curse of Deadly Poison – Poison Bind] is a new magic spell. I’ve used it on many people during treatment. It’s not magic to cure, it’s a curse using a strong poison. Kukuku. Isn’t it interesting? The cause of death will be a mystery! Well, nobody will know who did it.” (Aura)


“It’s really quite a rare curse. Well, that’s why you were sent to do the dirty work.” (Coda)


“Shut up. When this is over, it will be all good.” (Aura)


“Yes, yes, who knows who made the silver bullet? Raise your hand or the others will die.” (Coda)


“Hurry up! I still have work left after this. I think it was Orvis next. The target is that family’s daughter. I was quite anxious when I heard rumors that she was cured. Well, actually using this magic is great because she would die looking like she wasn’t truly cured. I’m going to move to a higher position after this job. Kukuku.” (Aura)




 He spouted while licking his lips.


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