Underground Doctor Chapter 18: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 10 part 5

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 But Kaoru reacted with a jerk at the mention of “Orvis”.


 And Kaoru’s behavior visibly changes.


 Something inside Kaoru cracked.


 It’s blowing everything away.


 He opened his mouth quietly speaking with words laced with bloodlust.



“What did you say? Did you say ‘Orvis’?”


“Huh? You got a problem?” (Aura)


“Say it one more time…”


“” !!! “” (Aura & Coda)



 Two of the people from Eclix are subjected to an unworldly amount of intimidation and killing intent the moment they try to say the same thing again.


 They can’t look directly at Kaoru.


 The expression on their faces is tense, “why are they in this situation?” They want to move, but can’t. They can’t even make a sound much less open their mouth. They feel as if their hearts are being crushed.


 Kaoru imagined opening a faucet and releasing all his MP.


 He continues to use his magic power like an overflowing boiling fountain.


 His intimidation was so strong his companions fainted.


 Kaoru slowly approached the two from Eclix and stood in front of them.



“Say it again…”



 His tone was shaking their very spirits like they are about to be dragged to hell.


 Then their eyes met with Kaoru’s.


 The eyes were cold and unfathomable darkness could be seen in them.


 Their teeth chattered and made clacking sounds.


 It would have been much easier they would just pass out.



“What did you say? Why would a healer using curses? Why would you poison your patients?”



 Kaoru punched Coda’s face, who was standing in front of him, at a tremendous speed.


 Aura could not follow the fist with his eyes, but when he noticed it, then a gust of air rushed past him and the sound of an explosion followed.


 Behind him, a ridiculously loud noise of three walls crashing down reverberated. Aura’s spine freezes.


 Kaoru stands on the spot, and blood splashed from his fist and stained his face. The right hand that was used is messed up and it doesn’t look quite normal.


 Kaoru now looks like a devil-like entity.


 And the next moment, Kaoru touched his right arm, and cast [Full Heal – CureExAnd restored his messed up fist in an instant.


 And only at that moment did the intimidation eased.


 Aura thinks of a chance and casts magic without missing the moment.



“And you should have not done that!! Silver-haired bastard!! [Curse of Deadly Poison – Poison Bind]!!!”



 The magic that Aura activated hits Kaoru.


 Convinced of his victory, a smile returns to Aura’s expression.


 However, the next moment, an incredible sight happens in front of him.



“[Diagnosis] [Analysis] [Drug Synthesis]”



 Kaoru diagnoses and analyzes the poison in the blink of an eye. Then he created an antidote before swallowing it.


 His reduced stamina is recovered by [Light of Apollo] which completely recovered his physical strength.



“A, a monster! Why can you use the same advance recovery magic as the Archbishop! [Shadow Concealment – Shadow Out]!” (Aura)



 Aura’s body sinks in the shadow on the ground as soon as he activated the magic.


 It was the magic used to ambush them.



“I’m not going to deal with you! I’ll get the hell out of here.”



 Before he could sink, Kaoru moved his right hand and shot through the ground while Aura was about to vanish.


 With a tremendous impact, it exploded and a semi-circular hole of about 5 meters is made with Kaoru at the center.


 Aura was forcefully thrown into the air out of the shadow on the ground.



“It’s not possible!” (Aura)


“I’ll just make sure you don’t come in front of me again.”


“Oi quit i………” (Aura)



 Grabbing Aura’s by the chest as he was airborne, he was not able to finish his words.


 Then his back made painful contact with the ground.


 He was then brought up before getting slammed down.


 Kaoru’s grip moving over his throat as Aura is repeatedly slammed.



“You—I’ll kill…” (Aura)


“Just try to lay one finger on Alicia… I’ll kill you.”



 Aura’s eyes meet Kaoru’s and he froze.


 It was as if he had woken up someone who should have stayed asleep.


 He managed to calm his trembling body and squeeze out the words,



“I’ll stay out of it. We’ll stay out of it…” (Aura)



 Aura said to Kaoru through his messed up face and beat-up mouth.


 Kaoru silently throws Aura into the air.


 Before kicking him as he was about to hit the ground. He shoots through the air, towards the place where Coda has landed


 With a roaring sound, it pierces about three walls like Kouda before slamming to a halt into the fourth wall.


 Both of them were smashed like insects, and the bones inside their bodies are broken to pieces.


 At the moment of being attacked, they managed to keep their lives thanks to their conditioned reflex that used their MP to protect their lives.


 A tremendous amount of magical power was released from my body like steam rushing out of a kettle.


 I am assaulted by quite a terrible feeling as I remain in such a state


 It was similar to the feeling of weakness I last felt after using [Dimensional Operating Room] once.


 My brain has regained its calm, but my MP is still rushing out of my body.



“Oh, what? Awww… I can’t control it.”



 I was quite haggard as I sat for a while.


 I look around, thinking that I would die if I keep this up. It hasn’t been long since the two from Eclix launched the surprise attack.


 When I saw everyone lying around, I can’t help but let out a bewildered voice.



“Wow … I forgot. Everyone is still unconscious. I don’t know if I’ll get rid of it. I’ll definitely do it, so I have to do it before I go down.”



 While saying such words, I went to all the friends and activated, [Full Heal – CureEx] And [Full Stamina Recovery – Light of Apollo]. Ralph and others received, [Paralysis Recovery – Cure Paralysis] to heal their paralyzed state.



 Finally, I went to Argus as it is, although I feel weak.


 It’s been about five minutes since he received Aura’s spell.


 His complexion is not good, and I notice something is not going as expected.


 After taking that magic, the progress is slow even though time has passed.


 I activated [diagnosis] and [analysis] to Argus while combating the feeling of weakness.


 Then the result came out.


  Disease name: colorectal cancer (sigmoid colon cancer)

 A malignant tumor of the large intestine. The name of the cancer changes depending on the location. [T/N: So it is on the left side of the body part of the descending colon, near the rectum. Google-sensei has diagrams of the digestive system if you want detailed descriptions.]

  Symptoms: bloody stools, abnormal bowel movements (diarrhea, constipation, etc.), abdominal pain, abdominal distension, anemia, etc. If left unattended, it will progress.

 If the disease progresses to the lymphatic system, it can spread to other organs and cause a variety of diseases.

 It cannot be cured at this time.

 Just waiting for the patient’s demise.

  Progress: Stage I

  Only a special medicine can help, [Time Pill] that delays the progression can combat the disease.

 It cannot be completely cured.

  Disease name: Gaffteria

 It is a type of diphtheria and is considered to be a powerful version of diphtheria toxin produced by Diphtheria. [T/N: Diphtheria is a rare disease usually lethal to infants and toddlers. Risk is reduced if vaccinated during childhood.]

 Primarily this bacterium inhibits cellular protein synthesis.

 As a result, myocardial disorder, renal disorder, mental disorder and the like occur.

 Diphtheria toxin will die in 1 to 2 weeks, but if this gaffteria toxin enters the body the infected die in 3 hours.

  Like diphtheria, it can be treated with antibiotics such as penicillin.

 The component called Panishgun, which is a component contained in the drops of Dex Golem, is more effective.

 I found out the illness that I can understand at the moment.

 I also found out why the poison progressed slowly.

  Medicine: pills of time

  Effect: slows the effect of disease in the body. Slows down progressive illness for a certain period of time. A very expensive medicine.



“Thanks to this… I think he has taken it as a remedy. But first, I should detoxify the poison.”



 I synthesized a drug to remove the gaffteria toxin and tried to make Argus drink it, but he has fainted and couldn’t.


 I thought for a little while and decided to inject the medicine in his body with the [Medical Magic – Intravenous Drip].


 The effect was already visible.


 Argus, whose complexion is pretty bad, soon relaxed after receiving [intravenous drip].


 I decided to take a short break after seeing it, but my state in which a tremendous amount of MP continuously leaking still remains unchanged.


 I staggered and almost fell on my back.


 That’s when I felt a warmth that supported me from behind.



“It’s dangerous. If you don’t fix it, you’ll be using up your own vitality.” (Voice)





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