Underground Doctor Chapter 18: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 10 part 6

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 I was surprised at suddenly hearing a voice behind me.


 Looking back, there was a familiar woman there.


 She was dressed in a pure white robe and her long blonde hair was fluttering. Her face was good-looking and if ten people shared her beauty, all of them would still be considered beautiful. By the looks of it, though, it’s hard to tell her age. I think she’s in her thirties, though.



“I’m not able to get it to stop. By the way, how did you get here?”


“Were you surprised? Thank you for the other day. Do you remember that you healed my burns quite nicely? (Lady)


“Eww! Ah, yes! What do you mean?”



 I was slightly panicked.


 The woman in front of me is the one I met in the aristocratic area on my first day in the city, she was the one I asked for directions to the Orvis Mansion. [T/N: She was the lady with the burns. She’s first made her appearance in Chapter 2. Still nameless at that time.]


 And a familiar voice could be heard.



“Kaoru-sama! Are you okay? You don’t seem to be okay at all…” (Cain)


“Eh! Why are you here Cain-san?”


“I was contacted by the Ralph, but there shouldn’t be anything before I arrive here at Argus’ Mansion.” (Cain)


“And if I sense a tremendous magical power in this city, I have to go out too.” (Lady)



 Cain smiled while talking to me.


 The woman next to me was also staring at me while smiling.



“Sorry for the late introduction. I’m Diarra Langritte.” (Lady => Diarra)


“I heard that Kaoru-sama is acquainted with her. She said you met when you came to my mansion.” (Cain)


“Well, that’s right …”



 Although we know each other, I feel a little bit sorry for the way I pushed things along.


 I never dreamed that I would run into her again in this place.



“Let’s control the magical power from now on. Let’s talk about the other stuff later.” (Diarra)


“How do you do it?”


“Leave it to me, I’ve experienced that state several times before.” (Diarra)


“Huh. Huuh?”



 I let out a dumbfounded voice, and Cain turned his face down and tried to contain his laughter.



“Yes. You’re going to take a deep breath and slowly visualize like you’re enclosing the source of your magic with a dam.” (Diarra)




“Like that, Imagine it like it’s circling and wrapping around your body.” (Diarra)




“Make the image clearer.” (Diarra)



 So I did what I was told.


 The magic power that was just flowing out of me begins to stick to the body.


 I can’t deny that there is still an unsteady feeling.


 There’s still a bit of MP leaking.



“It’s rough, but it’s okay if it’s about this. [MP Correction – Magic Ring].” (Diarra)



 When Diarra casts the spell, white ring-shaped magic surrounds my body layer by layer before it tightened as if it’s correcting my unstable MP.


 My unstable MP soon became stable.


 My body would soon recover.



“It’s okay. From now on, try to control it properly before using it again.” (Diarra)


“I’m sorry. You’ve been a great help.”



 Diarra pointed her finger at me and said that while winking.


 She had beautiful odd-colored eyes like a cat, one blue and one red.



“Diarra’s eyes are beautiful.”


“Flattery won’t get you anywhere.” (Diarra)



 She just looked back and laugh in return.


 What I had said was only my honest feeling.



“I’m sorry, but I’d like to give treatment to Argus from now on, is that fine?”


“Eh? Can he be cured?” (Diarra)


“I can cure him, so I’ll do it. May I make a request, but … can you take care of my friends?”


“If that’s the request, I will comply.” (Diarra)


“Well, Kaoru-sama, I would like to add that Diarra-sama is the Lord of this city.” (Cain)


“What? Seriously!!?”


“I’m not joking.” (Cain)



 I can’t see her in such a light.


 Rather she’s too free-spirited. I thought I shouldn’t add Tsukkomi in this situation.


 So I adjust my breathing and I focus my MP.


 I start to imagine the equipment I’ll use for this surgery.


 After solidifying the image. I chanted while raising my hands forward.



“[Dimensional Operating Room]”



 The space in front of me twists and opens with a cracking sound. The entrance to the operating room appears. I feel like I’m losing a lot of magic power in an instant. I’m feeling quite bad again. Again, I hope this would be recovered after a week.


 Diarra seemed to be shocked at the sight.


 Because she probably had never seen anyone skills similar to this.


 Diarra was fidgeting, giving off an air of wanting to ask me. But I just promised that we would talk at leisure when I’m done. I took a wheelchair out of the operating room and put Argus in the wheelchair and disappeared into the operating room.



~Cain’s Perspective~



“Quite the mysterious person. Somehow he reminds me of my husband.” (Diarra)


“Which part of Kaoru-sama?” (Cain)


“The quality of MP.” (Diarra)


“Well, that’s quite scary…” (Cain)


“I wonder if it’s good if they have met. But it’s a pity because if he were alive, he would have been good friends with Kaoru. I wish he was alive so that he and Kaoru could have become good friends.” (Diarra)


“…” (Cain)



 That remark would have been used to describe someone with monstrous capabilities.


 Because she is the current Lord of the Grand Palace and the deputy guild master of the guild. She’s also a member of the [Space-Time Brigade] who was the former capturer of the Great Labyrinth. Although she is far from her heyday, she was still feared as the “Evil Eye Witch.”



“The actuality of the situation is that it’s time for you to take command, right Diarra-sama?” (Diarra)


“I don’t want to do it. I’m still sleepy!” (Cain)


“In the meantime, good luck to you, Diarra-sama, you are the Lord of this city.” (Diarra)


“Cain, do my job for me. You’ll find out how hard it is.” (Diarra)


“I’ll leave choose to ignore that. It’s just that I don’t even have a magic eye, so I can’t control this town. Also, your language has reverted back.” (Cain)


“I’m from the country-side, so that’s fine. I don’t like acting stuffy.” (Diarra)



 While puffing her cheeks and whining, Diarra gives instructions to the surroundings as the chief executive officer.


 The guards follow the instructions and carry the Irga-san and his companions to a safe facility.


 The two men from Eclix were taken to the Hall of Sinners after receiving a weak healing spell.


 Bard woke up on the way to the facility and began to cause a fuss when he couldn’t find Argus, but Diarra’s words calmed him down.


 So Bard waited at the entrance of the operating room for the return of his master, Argus.

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