Underground Doctor Chapter 18: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 10 part 7

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 In the operating room.


 I was preparing to move Argus to the operating table and changed into a surgical gown.


 I would have to perform laparoscopic surgery.


 In this operation, several small holes will be made in the abdomen, and carbon dioxide gas will be injected into the abdomen to inflate it.


 By inflating the abdomen, space would be created within the stomach.


 Among them, special instruments with cameras and scalpels installed will be inserted into the holes to perform the surgery.


 This operation has the advantage of letting the patient recover quicker and lessen the chances of bleeding.


 Another advantage is that the body will suffer very little trauma.


 There are also disadvantages.


 If the lesions are too severe, I would have to switch to open surgery. [T/N: Lesion is the medical term for damaged tissues/organs. Google-sensei said so.]


 It also takes longer than open surgery.


 Complications may appear, but if done properly, complications rarely happen.


 Because the procedure is performed while looking at a two-dimensional image on a monitor, it is more difficult for surgeons to perform and requires a higher level of skill.


 Therefore, this surgery is not a procedure that can be performed in any hospital, but only by a surgeon trained in laparoscopic surgery.


 This surgery usually requires three surgeons to perform it.


 One of them holds a laparoscope and the other two perform the surgery. [T/N: Laparoscope is an instrument with a camera that acts as the eyes of the surgeon.]


 With the special ability of [Dimensional Operating Room], the room itself would be my assistant.


 This makes it possible for me to operate by myself.


 After a while, Argus wakes up.


 He panicked for a moment after seeing a device he has never seen.



“Where is this!?” (Argus)


“My magical space, you may call it that.”


“This is a magic space…… and…” (Argus)


“Well, don’t worry about it now. Let’s just get on with the treatment.”


“……” (Argus)



 Argus looks quite anxious.


 But I hand a piece of paper to Argus.


 The contents of the paper simply state that “I will atone for all my sins if I am healed.”


 Also, a column asking for consent to perform the surgery.



“If you sign your name on this, I won’t let you die.”


“I’m surprised you’re even prepared for this…… You did quite a lot of preparation.” (Argus)


“For the time being, this is what I do for a living.”


“Who are you?” (Argus)


“There are things I know about. If you don’t want to get involved in troublesome things, you’ll choose not to know.”


“…” (Argus)



 With that said, Argus did not pursue further.


 I then tell Argus about his illness and what to do with it.


 Argus was surprised with his eyes widening further and further.


 I didn’t want him to ask me about this and that, so I stopped the conversation right there.


 Argus signed the consent form, despite his misgivings.



“Is this okay?” (Argus)


“Oh, that’s good.”



 I told him that I will start the surgery.


 Argus seems nervous, but I already prepared the anesthesia.



“It will be over during your sleep. Leave it all to me.”


“……Ah” (Argus)



 I used [Analysis] on Argus to display his physical information.


 I then use [Medical Magic – ECG – Vector 1] and [Medical Magic – Sphygmomanometer -Vector 1] to display Argus’ ECG and blood pressure information on the status screen.


 I reviewed his status and checked if surgery is possible.


 I’m not going to be able to perform in my perfect state, so I’m going to use the [Light of Apollo] to recover all of my stamina, and then I’m going to use the [Continuous Stamina Recovery – Apollo’s Blessing] to make sure I’m in good shape.


 I’m not going to be able to do it in a perfect state.


 It’s not surprising, since it’s a parade of high-level magic that should not be usable. However, without a perfect system for the treatment, I won’t be able to deal with any unexpected situation.


 I  then use [Medical Magic – Oxygen Mask – Vector 1″ on Argus.


 A blue-white film appears over his mouth.



Then, let’s get started. Get some sleep. It will all be over when you wake up.


 Argus nodded slowly.


 But an unknown fear strikes him.



[Medical Magic – General Anesthesia, Vector 1]



 General anesthesia was applied, and after a short time, Argus let go of consciousness as he fell asleep.


 I confirmed it and use [Medical Magic – Ventilator Vector 1]. The medical magic opened Argus’ mouth, secures his airway, and he begins to breathe. While adjusting the anesthesia, I prepare the blood for the transfusion.


 Displayed is the amount of anesthesia on the status screen. I customize the screen for a better view.



“Okay, let’s get started.”



 After taking a deep breath, I held a scalpel and makes a 3mm to 10mm hole in his abdomen.


 When I pushed the scalpel, bright red blood flows from Argus’s stomach.


 I inserted an elongated tube called a trocar into the hole in the skin that was incised earlier. [T/N: Trocars are pieces of equipment used to perform laparoscopic surgery. Google-sensei can offer better descriptions and images.]


 Carefully I inserted the carbon dioxide releasing device through the trocar and inject carbon dioxide into the inside of the abdomen.


 After a while, his stomach swells. Space was created inside Argus’s body.


 I fixed the instrument that releases carbon dioxide in place as it helps with the effect of surgical assistance.


 After checking, I make four holes of 3 mm to 10 mm in the same way on the abdomen. [T/N: 3 mm is 0.12 in and 10 mm is 0.39 in]


 I insert another trocar, then I inserted a camera (electronic scope) called a laparoscope.


 The internal image is displayed on the status screen.


 After confirming that the camera can move with precision, I inserted a tool called forceps, which acts as a long and thin hand, through the trocar in the next hole. [T/N: Forceps are tools that look like scissors but function as tongs. Made with stainless steel or some inert alloy.]


 Passing the forceps through the other hole.


 I insert an Ultrasonic Coagulation and Incision Device (UCID) into the last hole. [T/N: It’s an equipment that uses ultrasonic energy to coagulate incisions made on tissues.]


 This is a special hemostatic device that acts as your hand and scalpel in the stomach like a normal laparotomy and separates the blood vessel while stopping bleeding without using sutures. [T/N: Laparotomy is any incision/cut in the abdominal area. Sutures are medical terms for stitches.]


 By carefully repeating this operation several millimeters at a time, the large intestine and other organs can be separated from the surrounding organs in the stomach.



 I have now prepared all the instruments, so I aimed at the sigmoid colon where cancer has formed while checking the condition of Argus.


 I proceed while paying close attention to not damage his internal organs.


 With surgical assistance from the [Dimensional Operating Room], the laparoscope advances to the place where I want it to go and capture the image.


 It moves as I will it to move.


 Use forceps to push through the organs until I reach the sigmoid colon of the large intestines.


 Then, taking a little more than the part where the lesion is made, before making an incision millimeter per millimeter with the UCID.


 The reason for taking a larger amount of tissue is to make sure all the cancer cells are removed from the large intestine. This is because cancer may recur if some remain. Carefully make an incision while coagulating the blood vessels connected to the large intestine.


 Through the monitor, I squint and proceed with the surgery. While using all my concentration with the surgery, I am checking the amount of anesthesia, blood pressure, and ECG on the status board.


 I continue to process this amount of information all by myself.


 I am not losing concentration and I don’t rush through the operation, which cannot fail and cost this person’s life.


 It was as if I did not even feel the slightest discomfort.


 If the part affected by the cancer is successfully removed, the cancerous tissue is gabbed with the forceps through the trocar.


 Then, I make an incision in the abdomen with a scalpel about 4 cm in order to remove the cancerous tissue outside the body. [T/N: 4 cm is 1.58 in]


 Safely removing the cancerous tissue from the hole.


 The large intestines separated are then sewn together.


 Sewing neatly, accurately, and at a ridiculous speed.


 Finally, I analyze it to see if there are any cancer cells left. Finally, I sew the incisions in the abdomen.


 The operation took about an hour.


 During that time I stopped the anesthesia and waited for his consciousness to regain, I synthesize the medicine Argus would take after surgery.


 Somehow, the consumption of MP this time was incomparable to the previous one.


 I was worried about being able to move and wondered if I could make it and ask someone else to do it for me, just in case.


 After a little while, Argus regained consciousness, albeit groggily, after the synthesis of the drug was done.


 I placed Argus in the wheelchair and left the room.





 When I came out of the operating room, the Bard greeted me with a depressed look on his face.


 Behind him, Cain and Diarra were looking on in dismay.



“I hope Argus-sama is safe!” (Bard)


“Eeeeee! You’re annoying.”



 He grabbed me and shook me so strongly that I became irritated and sick at the same time.


 Bard sinks into the floor at a tremendous speed but managed to get up and listen to my words.


 I have shown him an agreement that says his master will atone for his sins once he’s healed.


 Bard was so delighted he started crying again.



“Kaoru-sama, are you okay?” (Cain)


“I’ve removed all the diseased parts. I don’t think there will be a problem.”


“Kaoru-san isn’t it amazing to cure an unknown illness !!” (Diarra)


“Oh, yeah. Well, this is my work.”



 I explained the medicine and gave it to Cain-san before relaxing.


 At that moment, my consciousness flew away.


 The last thing I saw was the expression of Cain-san and Diarra, who was looking anxious and supportive.

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