Underground Doctor Chapter 18: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 10 part 8

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 I woke up in a room in the Orvis mansion.


 I felt my right hand is wrapped in something soft and warm.


 When I looked at my right hand, I saw Alicia holding my hand while she’s sleeping.


 From time to time, she would chant, “Kaoru-sama~ Kaoru-sama~” like a spell, but I decided to ignore it.


 However, the moment I thought that Alicia was the reason why I was able to break through the attack from Eclix, my face became hot.


 Alicia’s presence had become a bigger presence for me than I had thought.


 It was during the battle with Eclix that I realized this.



“I can’t say anything besides it’s awkward.”



 Scratching my head while saying so.


 While I was doing that, Alicia wakes up.


 The moment our eyes meet, Alicia dives into me like a rabbit.



“Good morning. Alicia … Ugu”


“Wow, oh. You finally woke up. I was wondering if you would stay asleep all the time.” (Alicia)



 Alicia says while crying.


 I pat her head while apologizing, thinking that I had caused her quite the worry.


 I would continue to do this until she stopped crying.


 Her eyes are red and she’s hiccupping.



“I’m sorry I made you worried.”


“That’s right. You’ve been sleeping for a week.” (Alicia)


“Huh? Did I really sleep for a week?”


“That’s right! I was so worried.” (Alicia)



 I woke up and was told some shocking facts.


 After passing out, I was carried here in Cain-san’s carriage.


 It was late at night, but Cain had called a healer and had them perform a recovery spell on me.


 He called a healer again and had them once again perform a recovery spell on me.



“I should thank Cain-san.”


“Kaoru-sama, you’re awake.” (Karin)



 Karin opens the door while saying so.


 I feel a little relieved seeing she’s the same.



“I’m sorry to have caused you trouble, too, Karin.”


“I’m fine. More importantly, there’s Alicia-Ojousama!” (Karin)



 I’m sure I’ll be able to find out what’s going on.


 As soon as I was brought here, Alicia also woke up and took a look at my condition.


 Apparently, she had been crying and hadn’t left me for a long time.


 She said Alicia was in a lot of pain.


 And she started to say that her life would be meaningless if I didn’t wake up from this.


 I smiled bitterly at that, just saying “Oh ……”.


 Alicia’s face turns red and she tries to block my ears, as if to say, “Don’t listen to her,” but I stopped her so I can listen to Karin’s long story.


 Alicia couldn’t stand to be there, so she stuck her head under the covers to escape from reality.


 But she looked adorable, with her buttocks sticking out.


 Is this what you call hiding? Just the head?


 Karin continues to speak flippantly, ignoring any protests.


 I just listened to her while laughing.


 It was especially cute how Alicia’s frantic behavior intensified, but Karin’s coup de grâce knocked Alicia out. [T/N: Coup de grâce means a killing blow to an already dying person. I just thought it sounded better here than “finishing blow”.]


 Apparently, it all started when Karin wiped off my sweat during a nightmare and gave Alicia a wicked look.


~3rd Person’s Perspective (Flashback)~


 Alicia sensed that Karin must be thinking of something bad, and after bringing hot water, a towel, and a change of clothes, she kicked Karin out of the room.


 She thought she was protecting Kaoru, but it was a trap.


 She wiped the sweat off his forehead.


 Then she pulled off the covers and unbuttoned his shirt to wipe his body.


 She felt her heart pounding like she was doing something criminal. She stared at Kaoru as she wiped his body. She then gently hugged Kaoru’s chest and pressed her face against him.


 It was at that moment.



“Karin… I’ve seen it.” (Alicia)


“What are you doing!!?” (Karin)



 Karin was pressed against the windowpane and stared at Alicia with a big smile.


 Alicia was so embarrassed that she turned red and waddled all-over and lost her balance and fell on the bed with Kaoru.


 With a thud, Alicia’s head hit the head of the bed and she didn’t move a muscle.


 Karin rushes into the room, thinking she’s teased Alicia too much and checks Alicia’s condition.


 She fainted with a happy look plastered on her face.


 Karin thought it was a waste of time to worry about her, so she quickly wiped Kaoru’s sweat off and dressed him, then picked up Alicia and left the room.



~Kaoru’s Perspective~



 I endured my laughter as I pressed my hand against my mouth.


 Alicia peeked out from under the covers.



“Wow, if you’re going to laugh, then laugh. I’m just a little foolish!” (Alicia)


“No, you’re really acting funny, Alicia-chan”


“Huh? Are you sure it’s okay to smile so much, Kaoru-sama?” (Karin)




“I heard about it. I heard that it was Miss Alicia who was the trigger that broke your limited in this case. Ufufu.” (Karin)


“Hey! Where did you hear about that?”


“What do you mean?” (Alicia)


“Actually ~” (Karin)



 Karin speaks happily as if she had won something.


 She said that the reason I was able to defeat Eclix was that they talked about killing Alicia.


 Alicia looked like she realized something.


 (I noticed that the people who came to visit were saying things like, “I see…” after they saw me then suddenly going back.) (Alicia)


 At that time, I was allowed to be visited, but they never stay long.


 Karin wondered what was going on and talked to Irga and Lyrica before they left…


 I blushed and started rubbing my head.



“I was so self-conscious at the time. I can’t deny it. Alicia is a very special person to me.”


“Kaoru-sama also talks about Alicia-ojousama… Ufufu. What the hell is that! It’s hard to tease you back!” (Karin)


“Well, Kaoru-sama. I’m sure you’re not the only one.” (Alicia)



 I was about to tease Alicia.


 Then, while saying “Kyu ~”, Alicia collapses on the bed as Karin and I were looking at her.


 Her eyes were spinning while she was hugging my pillow with a blissful smile.



 Karin and I laughed while looking at Alicia.

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