Underground Doctor Chapter 19: Kaoru’s Failure part 2

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~3rd Person Perspective~


It was dusk and Alicia was cooking with a beaming, happy-go-lucky smile on her face.

 In a good mood, she put her hands on her cheeks and hummed, “Special person – special person,” as she made a plain omelet. With a familiar hand, she was frying vegetables and minced meat in a small frying pan.


 She asked Karin for tips and made it many times because she wanted Kaoru to eat it. Last time, Karin told her that she couldn’t cook like a proper wife. What is the point of Karin being there? She said she wasn’t sure Alicia should be left alone. But this is just an excuse for Karin’s enjoyment.


 Because she would get to see many sides of Alicia.


 It was also because Alicia had been bedridden and unable to do anything feminine.


 Whether or not Alicia knew that, Alicia was learning to cook as Karin had told her to.


 Kaoru went to Cain while Alicia was cooking.


 During his research, he was putting together a methodology for the mass production of the special medicine.



~Kaoru’s Perspective~



I’m sorry to worry you, Cain-san.”



 I bow deeply.


 Cain-san told me to raises my head saying it was nothing.


 He pointed me to the sofa as if to tell me to relax a little.


 We sat down on the sofa.


 Then I asked what happened while I was asleep.


 After I fainted, Argus and Bard were taken to the Hall of Sinners where they pleaded guilty. It seems that everyone involved in it was punished. Argus lost his title and reverted to just a common healer. Diarra said that even though it was an order, this time it was too much. Diarra’s special skill is called [Evil Eye]. It has the ability to read all the sins done within the city. This seems to be one of the abilities of the [Evil Eye]. However, since it is due to Diarra’s negligence, it seems that she was just watching on the sidelines hoping the thing would just blow over. However, when my magic power exploded, she had no choice but to take action. This was because it was obvious that the city would be severely damaged.


 In fact, the magical power and intimidation released by me also caused damage to the mansions of the surrounding aristocrats. It seemed that the damage was considerable. Cain-san told me not to worry too much though I was sweating bullets.



“I can’t deny the feeling that I’ve done something terrible.”


No, it’s not enough to cause extensive permanent damage to the functioning of the city.” (Cain)


“I’m sorry……”



 Cain clears his throat and continued.


 Then what happened to Irga-san and the others?


 Cain-san answered that too.


 He said that all of my friends were fine and that Irga-san and Lyrica passed a message that they would be taking requests. And it seems that they are at the usual inn and would only be there at night.


 I listen to Cain-san’s story, thinking that they were surprisingly carefree.


 Reese has escaped from Argus’ machinations and seems to be thriving now.


 That’s good news but,



“Kaoru-sama, Diarra-sama wants to give you a title…” (Cain)


“I don’t want it, so give it to Reese.”



 As I answered immediately.


 Cain-san seemed dumb-founded, but not surprised.


 He had known from the start that I was going to refuse the offer.


 I knew that if I stayed here, Eclix would send another assassin and I didn’t want to cause any trouble for those around him.



“And I also want to see more of the world.”


“Then, you’re going to be traveling as an adventurer.” (Cain)


“Something like that.”


“I really don’t want to be involved with Eclix, don’t you?” (Cain)


“Well, but I really want to travel and see the world.”



 I said sounding quite excited.


 I felt like taking a relaxing trip and enjoying this other world that I had never seen before.


 Cain-san looked at my eyes and laughed wryly at my enthusiasm.



“By the way, what happened to the Eclix guys?”


“Oh, them, well…” (Cain)



 Cain opens talked like it was something hard to say.


 After being taken to the Hall of Sinners, they were scheduled to be interrogated the next day.


 However, in the middle of the night, both men from Eclix died of an unexplained spontaneous human combustion phenomenon. Because it was in the middle of the night, their discovery was delayed and they were found early in the morning. They are still investigating the cause of why and how it happened. And what was unnatural was that when he went to the Healers’ Guild to check on them, we were told that there was no information about the two people. Cain-san speculated that the Healers’ Guild and Eclix were somehow covering it up.



That sounds like something. Well, I’m not involved in it, so I’m fine.”


So if you’re going to join the Healers Guild, be very careful. If you are in any other guild, you don’t need to be so careful…” (Cain)


“Is the Healer’s Guild peculiar?”


“That’s right. It’s a very peculiar guild.” (Cain)



 Cain-san told me the difference between guilds.


 It has a very different form from the Adventurer’s Guild and the Commercial Guild. Guild cards will be distributed free of charge except for the Healer’s Guild. If you lose the card, it costs money for it to be reissued. You can also use the guild’s facilities and view information. There are no mandatory requirements, but basically, everyone works together to help each other.



I see. I like it when people take it easy like that.”


So, about the Healers’ Guild…” (Cain)



 The Healer’s Guild member must pay the annual fee for registration. If you don’t pay it, your registration will be canceled. If you join the guild, you will be issued a bracelet as proof of your membership.


 The Healer’s Guild is said to be special because of the forced dispatch.


 If you receive one, you will be forced to do so, refusal is impossible.


 However, there are exceptions.


 By paying the designated amount to the Healer’s Guild once every five years, you can be exempted from the forced dispatch.


 Reese and Argus apparently fall into that category.


 And the Eclix healers cannot be forcibly dispatched.


 They have to get permission from Eclix.


 Therefore, when the Healer’s Guild asks healers from Eclix to dispatch only in the event of an emergency such as a catastrophe or the discovery of a great labyrinth. In short, the Healer’s Guild does not have the authority to command the healers of Eclix. The Eclix healers move only when there’s profit. That’s the feeling I get whether the Healers Guild requests it or not. Just by listening to this, you can see the power dynamics. And once they call for a dispatch, it costs a fortune. Those who can use the most advanced healing magic are few and far between.


 And the payment is made by the Healer’s Guild.


 Since it’s not easy to call them in, they are basically paid for by the members of the Healers Guild.



It’s quite a hassle, isn’t it? If that’s the case, I think it’s better to work without joining the guild.”


That’s also a bit of a problem.”



 A person who opens a store without joining the Healers Guild is a person who can’t pay the annual fee.


 It is also said that that person does not have the qualities to be a healer. Those who don’t belong to the healers’ guild can open a clinic, but most of them don’t get any patients due to trust issues, and even if they do, they go out of business sooner or later.


 Even if they do well for a while, they will go out of business in one way or another.



“It seems like they’re working behind the scenes on that too.”


“Ahaha. Well, I think that’s the case… But there is a lack of evidence.” (Cain)


“There is no advantage … I feel like you’re paying for is just nonsense.”


“There are advantages, too.” (Cain)



 The advantage of registering with the Healer’s Guild is that healers from Eclix will come and teach new recovery magic spells on a regular basis. Not everyone who learns it will be able to use it, but they may be able to teach you recovery magic spells that are right for you. The reason why Reese had angered Argus was that Reese had learned new recovery magic from the lessons.



“I see.”


“That’s about it, I guess. I’m sure you can get more details tomorrow if you go and ask them directly.” (Cain)



 Kaoru leaned back on the sofa and stared at the ceiling.


 While I was resting, I heard a knock on the door, and Karin smiled as she opened the door and said that the food was ready.


 Cain-san looks at Karin while exhaling a small sighing.


 I wonder if something else happened while I was sleeping.


 Cain and I headed for the dining room, thinking that it couldn’t be helped.

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