Underground Doctor Chapter 19: Kaoru’s Failure part 3

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 When I arrived at the dining room, Alicia was serving the food with a smile on her face.


 I was a little surprised to see such a rare sight.


 Unknown to me, that in the past, she would sneak out to help, and even when she did cook, she would do so while hiding her appearance out of embarrassment.



“Kaoru-sama, I made this dish today. Can you please eat it?” (Alicia)


“I will. You made it beautifully.”



 While saying so, Cain-san and I take our seats. Later, Sarah-san also came and sat in a chair.


 Alicia put down her plate and disappeared into the kitchen with Karin to get some more food. For some reason, Sarah-san seemed to be holding her mouth in a smile as she looked at Cain-san.


 As I turn my eyes to Cain-san, with a questioning look on my face, I see Cain-san’s face with dead fish eyes and his spirit about to float out of his mouth.


 I spat some tea and choked for a bit.


 The condition of having the soul leaving is unusual.


 The broken expression on his face, which I had never seen before, had left a strong impression on me.


 However, if it was made by Alicia, I thought I will also be crying tears of blood, but the situation was a little different.


 Sarah-san clarified my doubts.



“Ufufu, actually. She’s been feeding Cain this dish for the past few days.” (Sarah)


“Oh, really? I didn’t know that… But will that be enough to put Cain-san in such a state?”



 So I asked.


 Then I heard that he ate the failed meals as well.


 At first, he was cheering her on with tears in his eyes, but then Karin said, “Even if you fail, he’s not the kind of Master who would mistreat a dish made by Ojousama,” and it seems she failed quite a few times.


 However, the failures were also a bit of a prank by Karin.


 Alicia was surprisingly perceptive and quick to remember things.


 She wanted to see Alicia’s cute face when she failed, so she taught her in a way that would make her fail on purpose.


 And it seems that Cain-san was eating the failed omelets breakfast, lunch, and supper.


 The first time, he doesn’t have to tell me how it tasted.


 As time went on, Alicia’s meals got better, but before that point, Cain-san’s stomach and spirit gave up.


 Hearing the story, I clasped my hands together in prayer.


 It made me tear slightly to think that after a considerable sacrifice, she now had an omelet in front of me.


 But the only things that might go wrong in a normal cooking process are the degree of browning and the seasoning of the meal. And as I look at the omelet, I began wondering what went wrong.


 I look at it…… carefully, but I don’t know.


 While I was doing this, Alicia came back from the kitchen.


 When she saw me, Alicia nodded her head.


 We all took our seats and began to eat.


 When I reached for the omelet, Alicia’s eyes moved in time with my movements.


 What is this cute creature?


 It’s kind of funny.


 I scooped a portion and put it on my plate.


 It was a very ordinary omelet.


 The contents were minced meat with finely chopped and fried vegetables.


 I scooped a spoonful, put it in my mouth, chewed, and swallowed.



“Yeah, this is delicious”


“Yes, it’s good. Kaoru-sama, please eat your fill.” (Alicia)


“Oh, I’ll do that.”



 I said it was delicious and Alicia’s face was filled with joy.


 Sarah-san also said it was good after putting the omelet in her mouth and eating it with a smile.


 The taste was perfect. The juices from the meat-filled my mouth and the crunchy, brightly-colored vegetables gave it a nice crunch.


 It was not over seasoned, and she brought out the flavor of the ingredients, letting the vegetables’ original sweetness shine. I could say it was an excellent dish for Alicia to have made.



“Kaoru-sama is it really good? I’ve been eating them since before they reached that level, you know?” (Cain)


“Hey, father, I told you not to tell anyone about that!” (Alicia)



 Alicia tries to stop Cain-san in a hurry, but it’s already late.


 Cain-san developed omelet phobia.


 Sarah-san and Karin are laughing at the scene.


 Well, I wanted to tell them to stop, but it was a peaceful dinner, so I just enjoyed the atmosphere.


 Cain-san continued to make fun of Alicia, but then she puffed up and attacked him with an omelet, he screamed and ran away.


 After the meal, we returned to our rooms.


 I plan on visiting everyone tomorrow and talk to them.


 My mind is a little slow since I just woke up, but it doesn’t bother me.


 Thanks to my long undisturbed sleep, I am not suffering from magic deficiency.


 I went straight to bed and tried to sleep.


 Soon, my consciousness flew and I fell into the dream world.





 Getting up in the morning.


 I think about the order of my visits today.


 I wonder if I will go to Reese first.


 I thought that I should go to Reese’s first since I would have a lot of work to do when the clinic opened. After that, I would go to Diarra’s place. I have an appointment, and I want to ask her some questions. After that, I will go to the stall auntie’s place. She had taken care of me in many ways. Lastly, I’m going to visit Irga-san and Lyrica. They said they wouldn’t come back from the labyrinth until night time, so will head there last.



 Change clothes when today’s action is decided.


 As usual, I wore a white robe over a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sandals, and brushed my hair back. Then I hear a knock at the door, and when I answer it, Alicia comes into the room. Seeing me looking like I was going out, she says with a worried look on her face.



“Kaoru-sama, are you going out somewhere?” (Alicia)


“Oh, I’m going out for a while to make up for the time I was asleep. I’ll be back in the evening.”


“You just woke up yesterday and now you’re going off already…” (Alicia)



 I gently put my hand on Alicia’s head and patted it.


 I reassured her I’ll be back soon.



“It’s okay. I know my physical condition.”


“It’s not fair. You always do whatever you want.” (Alicia)



 She turns her back and her body language is saying, “You have no idea! I am so very worried”. It is a little interesting that she is acting this way within the petting range.


 So I gently hugged Alicia from behind.


“I’m going to have you worry about me for a little while longer, but I’m going to rest after this is over, and I’d appreciate it if you’d watch over me until then, okay?”


“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????” (Alicia)



 Alicia, who was hugged from behind, turned bright red before screaming, “Oh, It’s a promise. No, take backs!”


 Gently pulling away from Alicia, I gently patted her head and left the room.



 As I left the room, Karin stuck out her tongue and said, “I saw it,” with an annoying expression. So I gave her a light chop, and the moment she was hit, she said, “Ahh!” and sank into a crouch with her head between her hands. She looked at me with large teary eyes, but since it was her fault, I left without saying a word. The truth of the matter is that leaving her alone would only tire me out.

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