Underground Doctor Chapter 19: Kaoru’s Failure part 5

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 With that said, Diarra-san told me as much as she could tell about what happened after during the time I was unconscious.


 They had multiple complex fractures on their whole body and were unable to move, so they hired some therapists and treated them before being carried.


 Diarra-san was planning on the next day to interrogate the two healers and using the power of her magic eye to see through everything. But that night their body spontaneously ignite and was found as burnt corpses the next day.


 She didn’t know how it happened because their clothes and body were burnt until they can’t be identified.


 All that was barely left was the accessories usually given by Eclix.



“That’s awful.”


“I can’t figure out how it happened.” (Diarra)



 Diarra put her hand on her cheek and began to ponder.


 However, I think that the remaining accessory might be a clue of some kind.


 I asked if she could show me the accessory.



“You could, but…” (Diarra)


“What happened?”


“It turned into sand before I realized something was wrong.” (Diarra)


“I thought that was a clue.”


“Appraisals take time, and if it turned into sand, there’s no choice but to give up on appraising it.” (Diarra)


“I wondered if the accessories that caused them to burn, but it can’t be proven if the accessories aren’t appraised.”



 Diarra looked at me before apologizing.


 Even if she apologizes, she is not at fault and there’s nothing to do, so I just said, “Please you don’t have to.”


 I changed the topic of the conversation to Argus and Bard, as any conversations regarding Eclix is unlikely to progress any further.



“They are fine.” (Diarra)



 I was quite relieved at her words.


 And apparently his recovery was quick.


 At the Hall of Sinners, she says he is already able to do simple chores.


 I was a little surprised at that.


 It seems that even after all the crimes he committed all this time was not that heavy.


 He didn’t fall to slavery.


 The reason for this is because he has been here since the beginning of this city and because he is the second person in this city who can use recovery magic.


 Argus’s clinic will remain as it is, and it seems that Diarra-san will be the one in charge of its management for now. I think it’s not a terrible idea. She said that it would be handed over to someone else soon. The people working there are very skilled and many of them have been recruited. In this city, they are still considered useful.



“It was good. I treated him in a way he would recover quickly.”


“Yeah! Now about that special skill that Kaoru used!” (Diarra)


“Well, well, it’s nothing special.”


“What kind of ability is it? Skills that interfere with space are extremely rare.” (Diarra)



 Diarra-san asked, breathing quite loudly.


 She apologizes to me and backs away a little while blushing fiercely.


 It seems that Diarra-san is researching unique magic and skills.


 That’s why she was so curious about my [Dimensional Operating Room].


 I couldn’t tell her about it in detail. I wondered what to say and decided to give her a simple description.


 Diarra-san was happy to listen, and she took in the knowledge and remembered.


 The way she listened to me was quite child-like in terms of her enthusiasm.


 Finally, I asked her where the Hall of Sinners was.


 The purpose was to examine Argus and give him medicine.


 I knew that I could predict the course of the disease with the help of my [Analysis], but I would not be reassured without making my diagnosis.


 As we were talking about this, Diarra-san said to me something she just remembered.



“Oh! That’s right. I got a lot of bills from the aristocrats around here.” (Diarra)





 I replied with a hint of shock.


 My enormous release of magic power had a considerable impact on the neighborhood.


 The total damage this time cost 8 million Lira. I held my head in my hands when I heard that Cain-san had paid the bill in a single payment.



“I’ll get it deducted from my reward.”


“Oh? Kaoru-san, did you have that kind of money?” (Diarra)


“I can manage to cover it with the money I got for curing Alicia. There’s not much left, though.”



 I say while sighing.


 Diarra-san looked at me and released a laugh.


 Nia happily watched Diarra-san and me were talking, while she was nibbling some sweets.


 Thinking that the conversation was over, Nia came to my side and sat on my lap.


 She looked at me with sparkling, expectant eyes.


 Diarra-san gazed at her happily, too.


 I looked at Nia in front of me, pinched her soft cheeks, and lightly tugged.



“Why did you get on my lap?”


“B’cause it look gud.” (Nia)



 I pulled gently so that it would not hurt. Her speech was clipped and difficult to understand. However, since I brought this on himself, I thought it was fine and slowly let her cheeks go.



“Did yu finis du talk?” (Nia)


“Well, that’s right, done.”


“Can yu pway?” (Nia)



 She was on my lap while looking up at me.


 Nia, who looks at me with puppy eyes, had me scratching my head. Thinking that she was quite the smart kid, so I lifted her and carried her.


 She was enjoying the view from a higher perspective as I carried her.


 Diarra-san sees us off with a smile.


 I played with Nia for about half an hour. Just until Nia was satisfied.


 In a funny voice, I said, “You were so well behaved so I can play with you a lot,” but I was willing to play with her for a little while once the conversation was over.


 However, Nia said, “Yu luk fun, and yu picked the ryt anser.”


 I nodded my head, not knowing what she was talking about.


 After that, I talked with Diarra-san for a bit more while carrying Nia on my shoulders. As I did so, Diarra-san urged me, “I think it’s time to go to the next place, don’t you?”


 When I heard that, I thought I should go to my next destination.


 Therefore, I said my goodbyes to Diarra-san and Nia.



 As I was saying my goodbye, Diarra-san just said, “If you leave this city, leave after a week.”


 Then she said, “It’s up to you whether you leave or not. But if you do, I think that would be the best day for you,” she added with a big smile.


 I thought that was about right. I put the letter regarding Eclix in behind my thoughts, thinking that it would arrive about that time.


 Alicia is stable, and with the medicines and other things, she is in a state where her immune system is good. I am sure she will be fine for the rest of her life.



 I am not sure if I am going to be able to do this, but I am sure I have to do it.

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