Underground Doctor Chapter 19: Kaoru’s Failure part 7

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 I arrived at the inn a little earlier than planned.


 The person at the counter was becoming a familiar face, and after a short conversation, I waited for Irga-san and the others in the common area.


 The neighborhood was getting darker.


 Then, several explorers came back to the inn.


 One of them was Irga and Lyrica.


 I raised my hand and waved, they noticed me and quickly approached me.



“It’s Kaoru. How are you?” (Irga)


“I didn’t see you when I went to visit you, so I thought you were dead.” (Lyrica)


“I’m fine. Don’t kill me without permission.”



 The three of us laughed and talked.


 When I told them about the fee for the last request, Irga-san just said, “let’s go to the room”, so we went there.


 When we arrived at the room, Irga-san took off his heavy armor and started to dress more casually.


 As for Lyrica, she has was wearing light armor, so she remained unchanged.



“Well, this is the reward for this request.”


“Excellent! Kaoru, you are my best friend.” (Lyrica)


“You’re a great friend. If you need anything else, I’ll be happy to help.” (Irga)



 The two of them were extremely happy.


 It was understandable why they were so excited that they could have burst into a dance.


 The amount of money paid to Irga-san and Lyrica was 500,000 Lira per person.


That is a million Lira for the two of them.


 A price that was reasonable because they knew that they would be facing danger.


 Nevertheless, the two of them knew what they were getting into.


 They accepted the request because it paid well and they were nearly penniless.


 Irga-san and Lyrica filled the item box with gold coins.


 They were all smiles, and they pestered Kaoru.


 It was about Alicia.



“She was a pretty girl. Right, Lyrica?” (Irga)


“Yes, she was. It is quite a feat to hook up with a young lady like that.” (Lyrica)


“That’s not a very nice thing to say.”


“No, it’s not. But we’re celebrating.” (Irga)


“I’m not doing anything to celebrate. Besides, I’m leaving town in a week.”


“What?” (Irga)


“What? You’re just overwhelmed.” (Lyrica)


“What are you going to do with Alicia?” (Irga)


“What am I gonna do with her? I’m not taking her with me.”


“But she is so adorable on…, isn’t she?” (Irga)


“You know, Irga’s old man… should do something about yourself before talking about other people’s love lives.”


“”……”” (Irga & Lyrica)



 Both of them fell silent at my words.


 I am not sure if I am going to be able to do it, but I am going to try.


 I knew that there was nothing to be gained by staying too long.


 I had finished everything I needed to do today and was ready to go home.


 There was nothing they could do to stop me. Therefore, they simply fell silent.


 I parted ways with Irga-san and Lyrica before returning to the Orvis residence.






 When I returned to the house, I saw Alicia running up to me, looking worried.


 Looking quite worried herself, Karin came along with her.



“Welcome home, Kaoru-sama” (Alicia)


“I’m sorry. I’m a little late.”


“It’s okay because you said it would only be for today.” (Alicia)



 Alicia believed what I said that morning.


 But Karin, the idiot, was always trying to get in the way.


 After the morning’s incident, Alicia stayed in my room until noon in a stupor.


 When I asked why Karin was just standing there, she said she was admiring Alicia because she was so cute.


 I totally believe that she was just an idiot maid and she should just do her job instead.


 Alicia dashed off to her room, her face red from the conversation.



“Oh, I’ve teased her a little too much.” (Karin)



 Karin stuck her tongue out at me. Therefore, I smacked her in the head, which made her sink in the doorway.


 Letting out a sigh, I walked to the study where Cain-san was staying.


 I knew that I had inconvenienced Cain-san again in many ways.


 I knocked on the door and waited for a response.


 When the answer came back, I went in.



“Kaoru-sama you’re back.” (Cain)


“Oh, I’ve been asking around today, and it seems I’ve been causing trouble… again.”


“It’s about the bill, isn’t it?” (Cain)


“You don’t have to pay for it. That amount can be deducted from my reward.”


“Well, is that so?” (Cain)



 Cain says, scratching his head with my apologetic expression as if he had come to an understanding.



“Even if I say I won’t accept it, Kaoru-sama would probably leave the money. I understand. Then, the amount charged will be deducted from Kaoru-sama’s reward.” (Cain)


“Then I’ll ask you to do that. Moreover, this is the missing amount of 3 million Lira.”



 I said and gave him the missing amount.



“I think it is okay for you to be more indulgent, Kaoru-sama.” (Cain)


“If I have to earn money, I’ll earn it through treatments.”


“I see, I see.” (Cain)



 That said, Cain-san put the money in his study drawer.


 He sits deep in his chair and smiles at me.



“I’ve finally managed to secure the distribution of the special medicine. Now all I have to do is talk to Reese-san and I’m done.” (Cain)


“That’s faster than I thought.”


“It’s part of my business, you know?” (Cain)


“Yes, it is. I’ve been talking to Diarra-san.”


“Isn’t she a very interesting person?” (Cain)



 He laughed while saying that.


 I talked to Cain-san about it.


 The things I heard today and what I asked around.


 When he heard that, he sighed, saying that I should be careful of Eclix.



“And Cain-san, I’m thinking of leaving this city after a week.”


“!!? What? Well, I see. ……. What about Alicia’s illness?” (Cain)


“Oh, don’t worry about it anymore. She is stable now. All she has to do is take her medicine for as long as she needs and she won’t have to worry about anything else.”


“I see. Thank you very much.” (Cain)


“Yes, thank you. It’s been a rather long and yet short period, but I’m indebted to you.”


“No way. Ever since Kaoru-sama came, I’ve been amazed every day.” (Cain)


“Diarra-san told me to leave the week after this.”


“I see … I wonder if something is going to happen.” (Cain)


“I don’t know, but I’m going to take her word for it.”



 As they were talking, they heard a cracking sound at the door.


 By the time they reacted to it, it was too late.


 The door opened slightly revealing Alicia.


 Both are surprised as she stood and wept. Kaoru’s words echoing in Alicia’s ears endlessly.



“Ah, Alicia-chan!!?”


“Oh, I’m sorry. Oh, that… I brought you some tea. I’m sorry about that.” (Alicia)



 When she said that, she ran away.


 She ran to her room, locked the door, and leaned against the door.


 The tears were flowing incessantly, and she could not understand why.



“Ah, what a failure. I didn’t mean to tell Alicia yet…”


“I didn’t expect her to bring us tea…” (Cain)



 The two of us with our heads in our hands heard a friendly voice.


 I’m not sure what to make of it.


 It was easy to imagine from her appearance.


 She was probably trying to atone for her earlier teasing. She was probably asking Alicia if she could make some tea and take it to us since I was in the study.


 When I asked Karin, I was right on the money.


 Karin herself had no ill intentions this time, but the timing was just too bad.


 It was too bad.


 It was more of emotional distress, and since I was the one who had caused it, it was hard not to get involved.


 When I explained it to Karin, she turned pale and started to get flustered.


 We decided to calm her down and to let Alicia be alone for now.


 We didn’t want to make a mistake and make things worse.


 Especially Karin.


 It was decided to give Cain-san some time and I would go talk to her later.


 Karin left for Sarah-san to report on the matter.





 After some time had passed, I arrived at Alicia’s room with a heavy heart.


 I knocked on the door and heard a sobbing sound and a faint voice.


 I listened carefully so as not to miss anything.


 I spoke to her from the other side of the door.



“I’m sorry. I intended to say it properly, but… the timing was not right.”


“You don’t have to apologize to Kaoru-sama. I understand. Even when you said you would cure me, I knew you would say goodbye someday… But I’ve always dreamed of being together…” (Alicia)




“I will not be selfish. I cannot even pay you back for curing me… I can’t be selfish….” (Alicia)


“I’m sorry. I am sorry that I gave you such a hard time. …… I did not want you to get too involved. I have been trying not to fall for you. It was not easy for me to ignore my feelings when we would have to part someday. So I’m… sorry.”


“Just hearing you say that… made me happy. Thank you very much … I’m tired today, so …” (Alicia)



 Alicia is trying her best to speak in a strained voice.


 My heart hurts just listening to her.


 As she said this, Alicia’s presence disappeared from the door.


 I sense this and return to my room.


 It has been an indescribable day. It was I who brought it on, and it was my own actions that made her sad.


 When I closed my eyes on the bed, I could see Alicia’s shocked and tearful face.



 I spent a long sleepless night.

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