Underground Doctor Chapter 20: Departure… Part 1

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I think that day was the beginning of the growing distance between me and Alicia.


Still, the week went by in a blur.


My shoulders slumped at the sight of Alicia’s listlessness.


Cain-san had arranged for a carriage and other things to prepare me when I leave the city.


He also made me a card at the Adventurer’s Guild. Of course, I was registered under a false name.


He was very careful to make sure that nothing could be traced back to me.


I was indebted to him for everything.


But Cain-san insisted that he do this for me.


So I decided to indulge him.


A rather modest carriage arrived.


The coat of arms of the Orvis Trading Company was also attached.


I packed the things I needed for the trip.


In Japan, I learned all the things I would need to know, such as precautions and what to expect when camping out from his first-hand experience.


During this time, Alicia and I barely had a conversation.


We only greeted each other and she ate most of her meals in her room.


She took her medicine properly, but her eyes were red and looked a little puffy.


I felt disappointed that I could not do anything for her.


Then, on the morning of the day of my departure.



“Thank you very much for your help, Cain-san.”


“It’s okay. I would do the same for you again and again.” (Cain)


“Sarah-san, I’m sorry you’ve had to watch Alicia becoming sad all week.”


“Oh, my God, don’t worry about it. We’re going to miss you, but we had a lot of fun.” (Sarah)



I was relieved to see that Sarah was still the same. Then, I greeted Karin as well.


Karin has not been in good spirits for the past week, and I have missed her usual antics.



“Karin take care of Alicia for me.”


“Yes.” (Karin)


“Alicia is …”



There was no sign of Alicia before I leave.


I looked up at the sky, thinking that it was hopeless.


Life at the Orvis residence was quite fulfilling.


I had a lot of fun and talked a lot with Cain-san and his family.


In just a few weeks, I had more fun than words can express.


But that all comes to an end today.


I guess I regret that I couldn’t talk to Alicia properly.


I wish I could have said goodbye to her in a better way.


It was useless of wishing things could’ve been done better, so I just got into the carriage.



“Kaoru-sama, this carriage comes with the emblem of Orvis Trading Company, so I don’t think you will be attacked. It can be removed, so you can put it on whenever you need it.” (Cain)


“I really can’t thank you…… enough for preparing all of this for me.”


“But it looks modest, doesn’t it?” (Cain)


“Well, it’s a little misleading.”


“That’s true.” (Cain)



After saying that, he told me why he had chosen this carriage.


It was the first carriage that Cain-san and Sarah-san had bought after they started their business.


They had been working hard to expand their network outside of their first store.


They have shared their hardships and joys with this carriage.


It is the carriage that has served him the longest and is quite dear to his heart.



“I hope Kaoru-sama will also have good luck.” (Sarah)


“But in fact, it was getting old and the people at the business association were asking me if there was anyone who could put it to good use. Now we have a big horse-drawn wagon that we have to use every day, so we can’t load anything into a wagon of this size.” (Cain)


“I see. But someone might need it more.”


“I won’t give it to just anyone. This carriage has a lot of precious memories.” (Cain)


“So, Kaoru-sama, I would appreciate it if you could put this child to good use. (Sarah)


“I’ll take very good care of her.”



We bowed to each other.


They are truly a humble couple.


Their personalities were pleasant, and they had built up a lot of experience.


After regretfully saying our goodbyes, I rode the carriage to depart.



“I’ll be off.”


“Please come back at any time. Kaoru-sama is like family to me now. I will welcome you with open arms.” (Cain)


“Please take care of yourself. We will always be on your side, Kaoru-sama.” (Sarah)


“Take care, Kaoru-sama.” (Karin)



I waved vigorously at Cain-san and the others.


Everyone’s warm words made my eyes water.


It’s because I’ve been involved with people in a way that was unthinkable in the world I was originally from.


Above all, everyone is a good person.


My heart was full of happiness and I was so excited.


They would have accepted my selfishness of wanting to stay with them for a little while longer. However, I cannot put the people I care about in danger.


With this in mind, I left the Great Labyrinth City Grand Palace.






I drove the carriage.


As I approached the south gate, I saw three familiar faces.


They were Irga-san, Lyrica, and Reese.


The three of them were shouting so loudly, and when they saw me, they looked like they were cussing at me.



“Kaoru! You did not tell us when you would be leaving today, so we have been waiting for you. You’re not going to leave without telling us!” (Irga)


“That’s right! We have something to say to you too!” (Lyrica)


“You’re not going to come in like a storm and just disappear!” (Reese)



The three of them rushed up to the carriage without a second thought.


Moreover, I could not ignore them so I stopped the carriage.



 “No…, I said a week from then, you know.”


“I did not ask you when you were leaving!” (Irga)


“I didn’t ask when you were leaving! I talked to Irga afterward and we decided to do something.” (Lyrica)


“Oh, my God…”


“I don’t want to be left hanging, either.” (Reese)


“I don’t want to be the one who gets beaten up. – No, no, no, no. …… Let us all just calm down. Your eyes are scaring me.”



 The three of them are quite bloodthirsty.


 I’m not sure what to say, but I’m going to choose my words carefully so as not to upset them.



“Oh, first from me. Receive this.” (Irga)


“What is this? Gloves?”



 Irga-san handed me a piece of equipment mainly used by fighters using magic power.


 It was black and had a magic circle embroidered on the back of the hand.


 It looks quite expensive.



“I’m not sure if I can take this.”


“No, it’s fine. Later, Kaoru, I’ve made up my mind too.” (Irga)




“About me and Lyrica.” (Irga)


“Oh, finally.”



 It seems that Irga-san was worried about what I had just said a week ago. When Irga-san said something about my relationship with Alicia.


 It was typical of Irga-san that he was as tight-lipped as ever.



“So, you too can be a bit of a…” (Irga)


“I already know that. Don’t tell me what to do.”



 I am not sure what to reply, but I know what he was about to say.


 I know, but it is pathetic.


 I cannot say such a thing now.


 Nevertheless, I will definitely get back at you, Irga-san.


 That is what I am telling myself.



“Yes, just as Irga said. And here’s something from me.” (Lyrica)


“I don’t know why I’m receiving such a thing. It is making me feel uncomfortable.”


“Don’t worry. I’m only giving this to get back at you.” (Lyrica)


“Wow…… is ruining my excitement.”



 Having said that, she gave me some sort of accessory.


 There are two small crystal-like objects.



“When you go to pick up Alicia-san, give her half of this… accessory. It has a protective blessing on it…” (Lyrica)


“You too! But I’ll take it, thank you very much.”



 I put it away in my item box while blushing.


 The three of them laughed at my unexpected reaction.


 Finally, Reese seemed to have something to say.



“It looks like you’ve been doing a lot of research on the disease, so here’s …” (Reese)


“A book? It’s pretty thick.”


“It’s a copy of a book on diseases kept at the medical guild. I do not need it anymore because I have it all in my head. So that’s …” (Reese)


“That’s very helpful. Thank you.”


“Well, if you don’t want it, you can give it back.” (Reese)


“I’ll take it. Thank you.”



 Books about diseases native to this world are quite valuable.


 I can get a rough idea of what kind of disease I am dealing with by looking at the symptoms.


 I can study them in detail and make medicine for diseases.





“I’m so happy. I’m sure I’ll come back in the future, and I’d appreciate it if you could help me out again.”


“Hahaha, we may not be in this city after the labyrinth.” (Irga)


“Yeah. We’ll capture it in no time at all.” (Lyrica)


“I’ll be here, but I’ll be very busy…” (Reese)



 Irga-san and Lyrica were laughing aloud. I laughed with them. I hope we can meet again without any problems.


 However, Reese was looking a little haggard.


 Reese’s surroundings had changed drastically in the past week.


 She received a knighthood and given Argus Clinic. She made her own clinic her first clinic and Argus’ clinic her second. Reese took on the same employees that are still underemployment. She is currently organizing and directing everything. She also started talking to Cain-san about the distribution of the Labyrinth Fever medicine so that it is easily distributed to all the clinics in the city. There’s still a limit to the number of ingredients, but she’s placed an order for the materials as a request to the lower-ranked explorers. She’s also talked to the Orvis branch in another city, and it looks like it will take some time before the distribution is stable.



“What about the compounding of new potions and magic, Reese?”


“It’ll be difficult until the medicine is stable. You are not unbeatable. One day, I’m going to give you a run for your money.” (Reese)



 I happily replied to her strong conviction.


 The four of us did not easily finish our last conversation and talked for a while.


 As we did, the crowd of people at the gate began to flow.


 Soon it was time for me to leave, so I got in and drove the carriage.


 After that, I was telling everyone to take care of themselves before going through the gate.


 Irga-san waved his hand, tears streaming down his face.


 Lyrica wiped her tears with a handkerchief.


 Reese was looking a little gloomy.


 It was a very heart-warming scene.


 I waved to everyone while thinking that I had become a person with shallow tears.

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