Underground Doctor Chapter 3 I came to answer a house call Part 1

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A/N *8/13 Modification Since it was pointed out in the impression, it was modified.

After studying how to write sentences, I want to think that I have managed to get better than before.

It’s still rough, but I’ll do my best to write it, so please see it if you like.


 In Alicia’s room, there is a hole to a different dimension.

 Inside that hole is a heavy-looking door.

 There was a red lamp on the door that says “ongoing operation”.

 Cain-san prayed to God with a sorrowful face.

 Has an hour just passed by?

 For Cain-san, it felt more.

 Suddenly, the lamp went out and the door opened.

 Out of the different space was me carrying Alicia.


“Alicia-chan is safe. She’s okay with the surgery, so don’t worry anymore.” (Kaoru)


 I was holding Alicia with both arms.


“What? Is it truly all right??” (Cain)


 Cain-san, who is so confused, speaks with a teary voice that shows his feelings of disbelief.

 Can Cain-san be relieved? His tension breaks and he suddenly collapsed on his seat.

 And reality finally dawned on him.

 As I laid Alicia on her bed, and also sat on the bed.


“I think it was finished at a shorter time and it didn’t put much strain on her body. I mean, I realized that it would take 2 hours to complete a heart transplant and I was nervous. Medical magic was extremely helpful. Soon, I think Alicia-chan will wake up when the anesthesia comes out of her system. I’ll let her sleep it off, so let her rest for the time being. I also think that she will feel some nausea as a side effect of anesthesia. So she should be careful, but she’ll be happy to have porridge tomorrow.” (Kaoru)


 I turned to Cain-san and told him.


“Thank you. Kaoru-sama, thank you so much…” (Cain)

“Well, you can thank me at a later date.” (Kaoru)


 I think there are things I can’t understand unless I monitor the progress properly.

 I was wearing a bitter face but cooled my expression.

 While doing that, Alicia woke up.

 She was looking at me with sleepy eyes.

 Gently stroking Alicia’s head and saying, “You did your best,” at her ear and stood up from the spot.

 Alicia is still under the effects and wasn’t going to make a decent conversation, so she lost consciousness and fell asleep.

 I felt her return to sleep.


“Yeah. I wouldn’t want to peel off the sticker that Alicia’s body has now. It’s because I’ll send the electrocardiogram data to me. If something goes wrong, I’ll be able to know it. I’m going home for today.” (Kaoru)


 I walk towards the door.


“Where is Kaoru-san staying? How can I contact you…?” (Cain)


 When I hear the words, I remember Reese’s place.

 Today’s inn and restaurant.


“Ah. I’m at the Reese Clinic in the medical area, so if there’s something you need, you should visit there. Maybe I’ll be there tomorrow. Also, I’ll see you again tomorrow. I’ll be coming back, so don’t worry.” (Kaoru)


 Saying so, I raised my hand, waved goodbye, and left Orvis’s mansion to return to the Reese Clinic.



 When the sun went down, I finally arrived at [Reese Clinic] and opened the door.


“Oh, you’re still here? Did you fail to earn money?” (Kaoru)

“There will be more next time! Wait! And I’m not broke!” (Reese)

“Oh, I just came home, the husband but I didn’t get a welcome home.” (Kaoru)

“When did I become your wife!” (Reese)


 Reese replied with a bright red face.

 Teasing her is so fun.

 I sat down on a chair in the store and turned around to look up at the sky and felt exhausted for the day.

 That’s when Reese said.


“Speaking of which, you said you’re going to work, but is it over?” (Reese)

“Hmmm, it’s over. After that, if the patient begins rehabilitation and takes medicine for 3 months, she’ll be able to recover normally and live. I’m afraid that the reward will be less than expected. But I’m looking forward to it. ” (Kaoru)


 I answered with a grin.

 I was quite pleased and craving for some alcohol. I hope to drink some! I whined, “I wish I had been paid by Cain in advance.”


“So, what kind of person did you treat? Does that mean you’ve cured a lot of injuries?” (Reese)


 “Tell me a little”, Reese poke me with that look.


“Hey, did you want to talk about the critically ill patient? The child’s name is Alicia.” (Kaoru)


 I spoke happily and replied to Reese with a sly look.


“What?” (Reese)


 Reese became surprised and her eyes widened.

 She couldn’t believe that the disease that even the Great Priest couldn’t cure was cured by me.

 Reese asks me.

 After all, she thinks I would answer her because we are in the same profession.

 I told her about today, but Reese looks at me with a hard to read face and feels like she’s thinking about it.


“Medical Magic? What are you? What did you do? Explain to me so that I can understand!” (Reese)

“I don’t know much of it. I wonder if I did something bad to Reese. I’m sorry if I did.” (Kaoru)


 Reese retreats but glares at me.


“Okay, I’ll explain it in a simplified way and my thoughts too. So can I begin.” (Kaoru)

“Muh, I understand. But I’ll be angry if you hide something.” (Reese)


 Pouty Reese replied to me.


“The girl has a bad heart. I exchanged it for a new healthy heart in place of her dying heart.” (Kaoru)

“No, I understand what you mean, but can you do that with recovery magic?” (Reese)

“Well, that’s the way I did it. I used it because organ synthesis and medical magic were different from recovery magic. Well, I don’t know the difference. I don’t know how it works. Let’s end the discussion here.” (Kaoru)


 I confirmed Alicia’s ECG on the status screen, using the patch on her body. She seems tired and resting.

 Her heart rate is stable due to her health getting better.

 For now, I eat Reese’s dinner, thinking that it’s just a wait-and-see scenario.

 While eating, I told Reese her cooking is barely passable, then a thick book hit my forehead and made me hold my head.

 After eating, I slept so much that I just bummed on Reese’s couch and turned in for the day.



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