Underground Doctor Chapter 20: Departure… Part 3

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“And I’ll do my best.” (Alicia)



 She says with a captivating innocent smile.


 Damn… her smile should be illegal.


 Then Alicia opens her item box and shows me her guild card.


 Of course, Alicia’s name is also a pseudonym.


 It’s the first time I saw her guild card.



“Look, Kaoru-sama. It is an adventurer’s guild card. I’ve never had one before.” (Alicia)


“Well, I got one too.”


“It’s a fake name, right?” (Alicia)


“It should be.”


“Let me see.” (Alicia)



 I give Alicia my guild card, and Alicia froze as she sees my name.


 Her expression changed from time to time, and I thought it was amusing.



“Kaoru Helgen? Well, we have the same name. I guess I’ll just keep it.” (Alicia) [T/N: She was whispering or saying it in a low voice.]


“Huh, Helgen?”



 Her reactions become more amusing as I laughed at her reaction.


 Alicia notices me.


 Her cheeks puffed before she hits me with her fist.


 It doesn’t hurt at all.



“Why does your expression look quite pleased?”


“Don’t worry it’s nothing!” (Alicia)


“It’s too obvious. Come on, let’s see Alicia’s too.”


“No, no. I can only sense mother’s wicked schemes.” (Alicia)



 She said that and refused to show hers.


 I tickled her sides, and quickly snatched her card and looked at her name.


 Her sides seem to be her weak point.


 she almost fell forward while twitching and laughing.



“Alicia Helgen? You the same surname as me … oh, I see.”


“Umm, it’s my mother’s maiden name. Why are you using this name?” (Alicia)


“Hmm, why not?”


“Oh, that… is, you know.” (Alicia)



 She looked at me with a guilty expression.


 Moreover, she keeps avoiding my gaze.


 She puts her head against my chest and hides her face with her hands as she grips my shirt.


 I notice it and says to her.



“You’re hiding something, aren’t you? Tell me honestly.”


“I’m not hiding anything~. It’s true~.” (Alicia)


“Your eyes are swimming. If you hide things like that, people will notice.”


“I’m not good at this as you, Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)


“Come on, tell me.”



 Looking like she had given up, she pulled out a piece of paper that she was now holding in her hand.


 I looked at it and saw that Sarah had written a few words.


 So I read what was written.


 She said, “We’ve registered both of you under as a married couple, so we won’t have to worry about any strange insects getting near.”


 So it says.


 I see. I guess she was too embarrassed to show it.


 However, you never know what might happen in the future.


 I would like to know what she was thinking about, but with her personality, I’m sure she was half teasing and half-serious.



“Well, if we’re going to move together, maybe it’s easier for us to act as couples than siblings.”


“Co-couple…” (Alicia)


“Are you dissatisfied with me?”


“No, I’m not. That is… I’m very happy.” (Alicia)



 I put my finger against her forehead and poked her.


 Alicia rolls her eyes and stares at me.



“So, from now on, no more of that ‘sama’.”


“What?” (Alicia)


“What? You can do it.”


“I can do it. That’s right.” (Alicia)


“Oh, if that’s your reaction. You’re gonna need some practice.”


“We don’t have to do that. I can say it! Ka-ka-ka-o… Kyuuu~” (Alicia)



 Alicia Thought, “I couldn’t say it. I was a little surprised to see how unnerved I became as if the sound cannot come out of my mouth. I can only improve by working as hard as I can. I’ll just have to fix it slowly.”



“Well, we’re going to travel together now. Let’s have a drink in the next city.”


“What? You’re going to drink before noon?” (Alicia)


“It’s okay. It’s just a way for us to relax.”


“I’ll join you for a bit then.” (Alicia)


“I’m grateful if you say that. Oh yeah. I won’t be so hard on you.”


“What? What … Hmm …” (Alicia)



 As she was talking, I quickly took Alicia’s lips.


 Alicia got so confused by my action.



“This is in return for what you just did. Also this.”


“What are you doing all of a sudden? What are you doing? Isn’t this… a protective pendragule?” (Alicia)


“What? Is this something amazing?”


“It’s made of a very rare material, and the translucency of the crystals is extraordinary.” (Alicia)


“It was a gift.”


“It’s often used for special gifts. I’ve never seen one in person before.” (Alicia)



 The protective pendragules are mainly gifted to lovers, fiancées, and spouses.


 The crystals used for it are said to be dropped by rare monsters in the labyrinth with a low probability.


 They cannot be processed by a blacksmith, but by a magician.


 The impurities in the crystals can be removed by applying a precise amount of MP.


 This process is a skill that only a skilled magician can perform.


 Moreover, this is the gift that Lyrica made for Alicia and me.


 Of course, she also gave one to Irga-san.


 However, the effects attached to each one is different and determined by the magic power put into it by the magician.


 In this case, it was a pendragule with the ability of protection.


 Apparently, if I sell it, I can probably get ten gold coins for it.



“I’ll have to thank her again next time I see her.”


“It’s beautiful.” (Alicia)



 I hang one on Alicia’s neck.


 It looks pretty good on her neck.



“Does it look good on me?” (Alicia)


“Yes, I think it looks good. I like simple designs like this.”



 Alicia looks quite happy.


 Finally, Alicia notices that she straddling my lap.


 She hurriedly gets off and bows her head.


 I thought that it would have been better if it were a little longer, but I stand up too.


 I’m fine now since my mind has calmed down and my feelings are better.


 Is it an “Alicia effect”? I walked towards the carriage as I ponder about it.


 I thought we were moving too slow, so I pulled the reins of the horse and urged the horse to move faster.


 With Alicia on board, I started driving the carriage on the highway.


 We are moving towards the south.


 In an area where there are not many labyrinths.





~3rd Person Perspective~



 At the same time, Kaoru was wondering if Alicia was his hallucination.



“I wonder if it went well.” (Cain)


“Are you worried?” (Sarah)


“Of course I’m worried! It’s Alicia’s important time.” (Cain)


“You don’t have to worry so much, Cain. She is our daughter, you know. She grew up as a stubborn person.” (Sarah)


“Sarah-sama, how can you say that?” (Karin)


“It’s okay, she’s not here. Oh! Don’t ever tell Alicia about this.” (Sarah)



 Cain, Sarah, and Karin were talking about this in the living room.


 But all three of them were smiling.


 They also didn’t seem to think that Kaoru would come back with Alicia.



“Diarra-sama’s prophecy is always 100 out of 100.” (Cain)


“But she seemed a little unsure this time, didn’t she?” (Sarah)


“Isn’t it because the other person is Kaoru-sama? He’s quite short-tempered and violent.” (Karin)


“I think it’s because of Karin’s daily behavior.” (Sarah)


“That’s terrible, Sarah-sama. I was thinking of Alicia-ojousama…” (Karin)


“But this time, you’ve been pulling your weight because of all your recent mistakes.” (Cain)


“Even you Cain-sama!” (Karin)



 Karin crouched on the sofa woefully.


 As they sipped their tea, Cain and Sarah reminisced about how they had walked similarly in the past.



“Now we have some work to do.” (Sarah)


“Right. We still need to refine the cure for labyrinth fever.” (Cain)


“You two are doing well…” (Karin)


““That’s because I’m looking forward to …… my grandchildren.”” (Cain & Sarah)


“Wow. Alicia-ojousama…… good luck.” (Karin)



 Since Cain and Sarah are already talking about their grandchildren, Karin was dismayed and sighed as she facepalmed.


 But Karin wonders if Alicia can be truly happy.



“That’s right! How about Karin going through matchmaking?” (Sarah)


“No, no, I’m still okay.” (Karin)


“It’s lonely being single. Leave it to us!” (Sarah)


“Oh, is it me this time because Miss Alicia is gone? I hate it. I still want to have fun.” (Karin)



 Karin then ran out of the living room with a loud crash.


 Karin really wished that Alicia would come back soon.



 It’s back to business as usual at the Orvis house.

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