Underground Doctor Chapter 21: [Side Story] The Goddess Reese and The Miracle Cure Development part 1

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~Reese’s Perspective~


 Inside the Reese Treatment Center.


 Reese lays down on the sofa and holds her head under the dim light.



“I can’t do this anymore! I’ll die at this rate!”



 I say, flapping my legs like a spoiled child on the sofa.


 My black skirt is flapping each time.


 There is only one person who is troubled by this situation.



“Dahlia-san! Can I leave this clinic for good now? I think I’ve been working hard… it’s been a month since he left!!” (Reese)






 The rather serious expression on Dahlia-san’s face made her look troubled.


 Dahlia-san has been asked by Cain-sama to be on my escort since the incident with Argus.


 This is because I am currently treated as one of the most important individuals in the city.



“Dahlia-san…” (Reese)



 With teary eyes, I look at Dahlia-san.


 However, Dahlia-san only replies to me the same thing.



“Count ReesePlease do your best.” (Dahlia)


“Stop it! Don’t call my name with that title.” (Reese)



 With one word from Dahlia, I block my ears and writhe on the sofa.


 After receiving the title the other day, I finally lost my escape route.


 For the past month, I have entered a crash course on etiquette at the Orvis Trading Company after work at the clinic.


 It was worth it, and I was able to learn it, though it was only the basic.


 That is because I taught it under the supervision of Sarah Orvis-sama.


 I tried to escape at first, but Sarah-sama came to pick me up in person, so I had to give up.



“Oh, its hell … You don’t have to do this to me!” (Reese)


“Even though you were forced into this by Kaoru-sama, Reese-sama’s influence is now unbelievable, okay? Please give it up.” (Dahlia)


“Ugh… I will hold a grudge… I owe you one, but I’ll hold a grudge!” (Reese)



 While saying that, Reese moves on the sofa and curls into a fetal position.


 Dahlia wondered what would motivate Reese, who has turned into such a mess.


 Then Dahlia comes up with the idea that she should let Reese do whatever Reese likes.



“See, Reese-san can start developing a new drug once everything has settled down.” (Dahlia)



 I reacted with a jerk.


 I still hadn’t been able to catch up with the efficacy of Kaoru’s special medicine.


 I believe that some ingredients had been diluted in the process of making the cure.


 If Kaoru had been here, he would have laughed and said, “Oh, how did you notice that?”


 The reason why I, who didn’t have that much knowledge, was able to get there was because I had made the cure myself during the treatment when the stock of the cure was low.


 It was also because rumors had spread that the special remedy that used to take three days to work was reduced to two days when I made them.


 However, there was no time to find out the truth.


 In my agony, I was feeling quite exasperated.



“Well, if that’s the case, then let’s have a speedy examination!” (Reese)


“Yes, please do your best. Also your language has reverted to its original style, so please fix it.” (Dahlia)


“…Yes.” (Reese)



 I stood up with a sullen look.


 Taking a big deep breath and composing myself.


 It was about time to open the clinic.


 I slowly open the door, letting the sunlight stream in, and a cheer erupts.



“Count Reese! Oh, how beautiful!” (Crowd)


“Ho, it’s real! She is the savior and goddess of the healer world, who created a special medicine and even disclosed its recipe for compounding free of charge!” (Crowd)


“”Hurray to the Goddess!!!”” (Crowd)



 With that said, even those who are not patients are gathering.


 I closed the door with a smile plastered on my face.



“Di-Dahlia-san! They’re increasing day by day! It is at an uncontrollable level! Such a large number of people!!!” (Reese)



 After seeing the large number of people gathered in front of the clinic. A pale shaking Reese grabbed Dahlia’s shoulders.


 Dahlia thinks that the behavior of the crowd gathered is inevitable.


 Reese has become the creator of the cure for labyrinth fever, a person who will undoubtedly be talked about until the end of this civilization.


 However, it was Kaoru who deserved the credit, so Reese couldn’t be honestly happy about it.


 This is because she feels as if she is lying to everyone and cannot do anything about it.


 She wanted to loudly declare that she did not take the medicine.


 However, she couldn’t simply say that it was a lie.


 With her shoulders slumped, she began to take care of the people who had gathered.



“Yes, everyone. Can you refrain from doing this because the patients can’t go inside the clinic?” (Reese)



 I said to the crowd in a rather uncharacteristic manner to me.


 Then, the gathered people obeyed my words without any hesitation.


 Those who were not patients cleared the way to allow patients to enter.


 I have never expected such a level of discipline, and I can’t help but feel lighter.



“Reese-sama, we are sorry to disturb your work!” (Crowd)


“Oh, how kind of you… Lovely.” (Crowd)


“”As expected, our goddess!”” (Crowd)



 They cheered me on.


 I can’t help but laugh at their actions and my situation.





 Then, while I was in the clinic, treating minor injuries and patients with labyrinth fever.


 I realize that the attitude of the healers in this town had changed dramatically in the past month.


 Everyone had begun to take a different approach to treatment.


 The people from the second Reese’s Clinic, the Clinic Argus once owned, had started a course to improve the overall level of recovery magic.


 These were done through the guidance of B-ranked healers from Eclix. Although most were not able to match them, the healers were practicing with C-ranked healers to raise the level of D-ranked healers.


 Many pay a lot of money to the Healer’s Guild but have little to show for it.


 Currently, some people want to learn from me, the “best healer in Grand Palace”.


 I am not able to take care of everyone, so I am currently on hiatus from teaching.


 Moreover, the most important reform is that all the healers have started to develop new medicine.


 Using the same method of refining a cure for labyrinth fever, they are extracting it from various sources and testing it on their own bodies.


 It is a bit of a wild guess, but this kind of change in mindset has begun.


 It is all going according to Kaoru’s plan.



“It’s kind of annoying…” (Reese)


“Eh?” (Patient)


“Oh, nothing. Yes, this is the end of the treatment.” (Reese)



 I smiled at the patient.


 Then I explain why they should take the medicine for labyrinth fever continuously.


 The patient stares at me with a flushed and enraptured expression.



“Oh, thank you. Well, is it really okay to just pay 2300 lira?” (Patient)


“Yes, there is no problem, because there is no change from the initial price of treatment.” (Reese)


“You are our goddess!” (Patient)



 With that said, she suddenly hugs me.


 I’m a little surprised, but I’ve had the same thing happen to me many times in the past month.


 I am getting scared that I’m getting used to this reaction.


 I gently stroke the head and calm the patient.


 This is fine because she is a woman, but in the case of a male patient, they will be dealt with without question by Dahlia-san who is hiding inside the clinic.


 There were many times when such insolent men came in large numbers, but they were instantly subdued by Dahlia-san.


 With a club in one hand and a quick jab to the head, they instantly fall.


 After that, we would throw them into the Hall of Sinners at a later time, which was also part of my daily routine.



“Are you done?  You’re the last.” (Reese)


“Ah! I’m sorry!” (Patient)


“No, it is fine, have a safe trip home.” (Reese)



 When I said this, she paid me, bowed her head, and left with a smile.



“Hmm, this is the end of today’s treatment … I’m really tired.”




 Dahlia appeared in front of me as my tone of voice returned to normal.

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