Underground Doctor Chapter 21: [Side Story] The Goddess Reese and The Miracle Cure Development part 2

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~Reese’s Perspective~


“Thank you, Reese-san. Then, after checking the letters you received today, we are done. Please use your time as you like.” (Dahlia)



 She placed three large bags in front of me with a thud.


 When I saw this, I looked at Dahlia-san while frowning.



“Oh, don’t look at me like that, it’s not my fault.” (Dahlia)



 Dahlia-san’s tone of voice breaks as she says this.


 She knew that I would definitely react this way.



“Another love letter from someone you don’t know, right?” (Reese)


“You won’t know unless you look inside, right?” (Dahlia)


“I don’t need those anymore! Don’t take my precious time ~” (Reese)



 While saying this, I pondered for a bit even while I am dissatisfied. So I decided to look at the letters one by one.


 If there was anything important written in the letter, it would be a problem.


 However, most of the letters I opened are passionate love letters from nobles.



If I could use fire magic, I’d turn you into cinders in an instant…” (Reese)


“Reese-san, you’re scaring me…” (Dahlia)



 Dahlia tries not to make fun of her, as Reese eyes are getting more and more manic.


 Then Reese stops at a single letter.



“Oh, a letter from the empire.” (Reese)


“Did it finally come…? Their work is still as slow as ever.” (Dahlia)



 Dahlia-san says while sighing.


 I feel tired of dealing with troublesome things and now, the Empire.



“Hmmmm, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.” (Reese)



 With that said, I only take the Imperial letter.


 And when I finally thought I could take my time researching, it was already dark outside.



“Really … I don’t have enough time.” (Reese)


“Do-don’t mind it.” (Dahlia)


“I wonder if I can spare some time to sleep. …… What should I do?” (Reese)



 While saying that, I get a bit worried.


 To do nothing tomorrow.


 In the past month, Ralph and Schmidt have formed a party with me to raise my level, and I have managed to raise my own amount of MP.


 However, while the number of patients is increasing day by day, there are times when my increased MP cannot keep up.


 Now that the party has been dissolved, it is difficult to raise my level further.


 The only way to make ends meet is to make good use of my current MP capacity.


 That’s why there are times when I’m up late at night and can’t keep up with the amount of MP I’m recovering.


 The last resort is to use MP restorative.


 However, the price of a bottle is so high that it is not sustainable.



“I wonder if I can do it …” (Reese)



 Yes, I mumbled to myself.


 Then, [Oren Fruit] and [purified water (small)] are taken out and the work is started.



 With a serious look in Reese’s eyes, she puts down the paper and pen and began to make a special potion.


 Dahlia saw she was so focused on her work that she went to the backroom and prepared something light for both of them to eat since Reese was going to work without eating.



 Two hours have passed since then.


 I picked up the parts of the process that I was interested in.


 First, I checked the effect of the degree of drying.


 I understand that I have to take the moisture out, but I think that if it is overdone, the efficacy of the medicine will decrease.


 I divided the mixture into three pieces and varied their degree of dryness.


 Then, adding [Purified Water (Small)] in the same way, mix it, and make dumplings before drying again.


 Divide the resulting special medicine into three tablets, put them in a bag for three days, and mark them with a pen.



“Now it is done……. It will have effects, but how will it work? I’d like to ask my patients for their cooperation…” (Reese)



 As she said this, she chuckled, thinking that if she asked her patients in the usual way, they would easily agree to the current Reese.


 After all, she is revered as a goddess, so it can’t be helped.


 But if she can use this route, she would want to use it.


 It’s for the development of new medicines.


 The cure for labyrinth fever that is out there is not the “true mixture”.


 Reese plans on trying her best to get close to the “true mixture”.



“Next… I wonder if it’s about how the Purified Water is mixed? I should try something else.” (Reese)



 With that in mind, wreaths are made with a rough mix, a normal mix, and a uniform mix.


 I divided the finished labyrinth fever medicine into 3 tablets, put them in a bag that is good for 3 days, marked them with a pen, and when I checked the time, it was around midnight already.



“No way…… I thought it was less than two hours, but it’s going so fast! I mean, I’m starving~!” (Reese)



 With that said, I slumped face down on the desk.


 I feel like I can’t move anymore.


 Then the next moment,


 Dahlia-san’s voice can be heard from the back.


 Something also smells good.



“Oh! You are done.” (Dahlia)


“Dahlia-san, what is that delicious smell?” (Reese)



 With her eyes shining, her complete focus is nailed to the sandwich on Dahlia’s hand.



“Are you done? Do you want to eat? Reese-san, do you want to eat?” (Dahlia)



 Dahlia looks at Reese with a slightly triumphant look.


 Dahlia looks at her with a slightly triumphant look, as if she were a dog, and she approaches Dahlia with gazed eyes, trying to get some of the food.


 Dahlia thought she was training Reese and gently placed it on the table.



“I was making something easy to eat. I thought you would forget the time if you were that concentrated on your work.” (Dahlia)


“Thank you, Dahlia-san! Without you, I would have starved to death.” (Reese)



 While saying that, I chewed the sandwich with a big smile.


 Ham and vegetable sandwiches filled my hunger.


 It feels like a moment of happiness, and I can enjoy it while savoring it slowly.



“If you eat at this time… will you not get fat?” (Dahlia)


“…!? That’s okay! Probably…” (Reese)



 Dahlia giggled at Reese, who has gotten a little miffed.


 After that, Reese took a shower, then went to bed and fell asleep immediately.


 Dahlia slept on the sofa, feeling like she had another larger child.





 When I explained to the patient who came to the clinic the next day and asked if I could prescribe the experimental labyrinth fever medicine I made, he kindly agreed.


 I felt sorry that it looks like I am experimenting on them, but I can only do this for now.


 I waited for the result, hoping that the result will come out well.


 Then came the patient who reported that he was cured the next day.


 The compounding method was done by making a uniform formulation.


 Others have reported being completely cured after 2 and 3 days.


 I did a guts pose in the clinic and felt really happy.



“I did it! I’m one step closer to him! Look, Kaoru! I’m going to catch up with you more and more.” (Reese)



 Saying that Reese raised her fist to heaven.


 Dahlia looks at Reese with warm eyes.


 And when the report is sent to Orvis Trading Company, Cain is pleased and surprised.


 Compliments flood Reese, who has done an improved version of the Labyrinth Fever silver bullet in just over a month.



 This information quickly spread to various parts of the continent, and the legend of the Goddess Reese spread throughout the continent.

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