Underground Doctor Chapter 22: Relaxing on the Island… Part 1

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 The sky is clear.


 The ocean as far as the eye can see.


 The water is crystal clear, reflecting the sun’s rays.


 The sound of the waves echoes comfortably.


 Time passes leisurely in this environment.


 Kaoru was fishing.


 He put a cigarette in her mouth and waited leisurely for a bite.



“Today, I hope to catch more fish today.”



 When I said that, I heard a voice calling me came from the forest.



“Kaoru-sama. Here is a lunch box~” (Alicia)



 She was wearing a lovely young grass-colored dress and came toward me with a small basket.


 The reason she still adds “sama” in my name is that Alicia is still getting used to calling my name.


 I put out my cigarette in a portable ashtray and greeted Alicia.


 She sat down next to me. Before offering me the basket.



“I got fresh eggs from the village mayor today, so I tried making sandwiches with scrambled eggs and ham.” (Alicia)


“Sorry, you have to do this every time.”


“What are you talking about? Kaoru-sama. Kaoru-sama is always the one making food!” (Alicia)


“I am just teasing.”


“You are te-terrible!” (Alicia)



 The two of us laughed and talked.


 As we did this, Alicia talked more.


 I took a loaf of bread out of the basket and nibbled on it.



“The village mayor asked me to ask you to open the clinic in the afternoon.” (Alicia)


“Okay. Until then, I can relax and lounge.”


“Yes, so let us both relax for a while.” (Alicia)



 The sunshine felt good.


 Making me feel sleepy.


 A little while later, Alicia was leaning on my shoulder, breathing in her sleep.


 I wondered if she was tired, or if the sunny weather had taken its toll on her, as I stared blankly at the end of the rod.






 I left the Grand Palace and went south continuously for about two weeks.


 Then the road widened and I soon saw the sea.


 The two of us responded with a big “Oh!”


 180 degrees of the sea as far as the eye can see.


 A magnificent panorama spreads out.


 I have seen the sea, but it was the first time to see such a clear and clean seaside.


 The sandy beach was white and reflected the sunlight.


 This place, where there is no one present, is like a private beach.


 The two of us drove the carriage while enjoying the magnificent scenery.


 Then, when I ran the carriage for about an hour, a man with horns on his head was holding his head while under the tree in front of me.


 I got worried, so I talked to him.



“What’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?”


“I’m sorry for this. Do not worry. It is okay. I’m just at a loss.” (Horned Man)


“He is very pale. Is he sick…?” (Alicia)



 Alicia says worriedly.



“Thank you, young lady. Nevertheless, it is okay. I am okay… Ah.” (Horned Man)



 He replied with a pale face, and so I gave him a chop to the top of his head.


 People like him often get troublesome illnesses later on and cause trouble for those around them.



“I’m telling you this because you do not seem to be all right. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have approached you.”


“……” (Horned Man)



 A man with horns was silenced by my words.


 I sighed and used my unique skill [Diagnosis].


 The result was overwork.


 I am not going to let him die of exhaustion when I leave him, so I used my recovery magic, [Medium Stamina Recovery – Air Heal], to recover from his fatigue.




“Oh, are you a healer? You cured my exhaustion instantly!” (Horned Man)


“Hmm? Is it unusual for a healer?”


“I’m sorry to interrupt, but are you not currently employed by anyone… Anywhere…” (Horned Man)


“For the time being, I am an adventurer and I am not employed.”


“Still, you have that kind of power… you are not employed!? Oh, can you please listen to me?” (Horned Man)



 The man said that he was the chief of a village in a place called Vista Island.


 His name is Dirk Leydet.


 He is a demihuman known as a Seeker Sheep.


 He is in his late thirties and has a broad back.


 He is also a nobleman.


 He has short hair with sheep-like horns on his head.


 He was dressed in a very simple shirt and suit pants, probably because he wanted to look comfortable.


 His overall impression was that of a salesman.


 He also looked tired, as if he was working for a very black company. [T/N: Black Companies are companies with a culture of overworking their employees. Usually to the point that they are isekai’ed too often. Google-sensei knows a lot of manga, WN, and LN with such protagonists.]


 According to him, a labyrinth had appeared on Vista Island, and Dirk had been dispatched as the chief of the village.


 In order to gather merchants, explorers, and healers, he went to the neighboring town of Feld to hand out requests.


 However, although he managed to secure an explorer and a merchant, he was unable to gather a healer.


 He submitted an application to the healers’ guild, but they said they did not know when they would be ready.


 If there is no healer’s guild in the place where a labyrinth is, the explorers cannot dive into the labyrinth without worry.


 It is the job of the village chief to ensure that these facilities are in place to run the town, so Dirk was at a loss.


 At the very least, the village must have an inn, armor and weapon store, and a clinic.


 The other facilities can be added later.


 If the operation failed, he would be labeled as a failure of the nobility.


 If he succeeds, he will get wealth and fame.


 In addition, his generation will be secure.


 With a huge family, failure is not an option.


 However, Dirk rose from an adventurer to a nobleman.


 This was due to his achievements in exploring an unknown continent.


 This time, to put it simply, he was harassed by the surrounding nobles and was forced to be the chief of a village on Vista Island.


 He is failing, and he was to be ousted by the other nobles.


 When I heard about the situation, I felt troubled, but when I saw Alicia, she looked at him with excitement in her eyes.


 Letting out a sigh, I told him that I was not registered with the Healers’ Guild.


 Not being in the guild is considered to be the same as not being trustworthy.


 But Dirk insists that we come.


 Alicia and I decided to go to Vista Island because we did not care where we go as long as we could hide.


 Vista Island is an island, but it is a special kind of island where a road connecting the mainland and the island appears during the change of tides.


 Alicia and I were very impressed and excited about it.


 Three weeks have passed since we came to the island, and here we are.








 I enjoyed fishing leisurely until the time when I was asked to come by Dirk.


 The result is three fish like stone bream.


 It was larger and thicker than the palm of my hand.


 I help Alicia up and returned to the Vista village.


 When I came back, about five people were lined up in front of the small clinic.



“Hey. Kaoru!” (Patient 1)


“You are flirting with your wife … I am so jealous.” (Patient 2)


“I think I have to tighten it all at once.” (Patient 3)


“Play with me instead of that child, Kaoru~. I’ll teach you the world of adults.” (Patient 4)


“Ka~o~ru~, I can be your mistress. (Patient 5)



 Such voices were heard.


 The explorers, who had become familiar with us, were making a lot of noise.



 Since this was a regular occurrence, I just let it go.

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