Underground Doctor Chapter 22: Relaxing on the Island… Part 2

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 On his first day on the island, they had an issue with Kaoru.


 Alicia was angry with them for calling Kaoru useless and defective because he was not a member of the Healers’ Guild.


 Kaoru was fine with it, but Alicia was not.


 For Alicia, those words were unforgivable.


 Kaoru watched Alicia as she tried her best, hoping for an amicable conclusion.


 He was prepared to move quickly if anything happened.


 Then, as expected, things happened.


 Alicia had defeated the three explorers with her words, not giving an inch to argue back.


 When the explorers saw that they could not win with words, they tried to grab on Alicia.


 Then the explorers froze.


 Kaoru unleashed a massive amount of intimidation.


 He was taught properly by Dahlia and has been training every day.


 Thanks to his training, he was able to control most of the power of his magic power manipulating it, making it more accurate, power adjustment, and range of the effect.


 They could not move, and sweat poured from their forehead.


 Kaoru increased the power of his intimidation and knocked out anyone who tried to harm Alicia.


 Alicia was shocked, but the two remaining explorers understood that Kaoru’s magical power was much higher than that of any other healer in the area.


 They are not stupid.


 It seems that he is not just any explorer.


 Since then, there has been an unspoken agreement that no explorers and newcomers to the island must go against Kaoru.



~Toru’s Perspective~



“Well, let’s get it done quickly. Oh! And from today, Alicia will join us, so be good.”


“I hope you will accept me. I can only do a simple treatment for now.” (Alicia)



 The moment Alicia said that the men were extremely delighted.


 The women, however, booed.


 The difference in reaction was so great that I hoped it wouldn’t become a problem again.


 The men wanted to object to the way I had been treating them.


 They wanted to go into the hospital and I find out how they were injured. I asked them what monster injured them, how they were feeling lately, and while we were talking about things, the treatment was finished.


 Sometimes it ended with just some light chitchat.


 My treatment was too fast to tell though.


 When they were done talking, I would say, “Yes, good job, don’t overdo it too much.”


 It was unthinkable for someone who had never received this kind of treatment before.


 Still, in the midst of doing small talk, I used [Diagnosis] to find out if they were currently suffering from a disease.


 However, [Diagnosis] did not tell me the future diseases a patient would incur. Or the progression of their current diseases.


 Therefore, I had been treating them in reference to their current state of health.


 The purpose of this was to avoid overlooking small signs of diseases that might occur depending on the lifestyle of each person.


 There is nothing better than being able to prevent a disease before it develops.


 This was also a response to the belief, “Magic is not a panacea”. [T/N: Panacea can be described as a cure-all for all diseases similar to elixirs in fantasy genres. Google-sensei can explain better.]


 From the point of view of the patients in this world, it seems as if they are being treated haphazardly.


 It was normal for them for healers to concentrate and take their time, so my treatment had gone beyond the norm and had is considered freaky.


 Simply put, it was beyond common sense.


 The explorers had never seen a healer who could do such a thing.



“Isn’t it great to have Alicia treat me?” (Patient 1)


“Seriously, I’m too happy. I’ll get hurt every day!” (Patient 2)


“Nah, I am taking a pass. Kaoru is better.” (Patient 4)


“Well, I do not plan on getting a scar.” (Patient 5)



 The men were pleased, but the women were hostile.


 The women seem to have not yet acknowledged Alicia.


 However, while saying so, I am watching Alicia feeling quite concerned.


 I thought that the women could be troublesome.


 The men walked happily into the hospital.


 However, they collapsed dejectedly when I pointed at them with a devilish smile and said, “I will be the one to take care of you guys.”


 Alicia watched them with laughter in her eyes.


 However, she was a little dejected.


 She was probably worried about what the female explorer had said earlier.


 For now, I kept silent and watched Alicia.


 The two people I had pointed out earlier were just slightly injured.


 The severity of their injuries made it difficult for Alicia to cure, and she turned all of them over to me.


 Recently, I had taught Alicia some recovery magic spells.


 At first, I taught her [Minor Injury Recovery – Cure] and [Minor Stamina Recovery – Heal].


 Reese had told her how to use magic, so she followed her instructions.


 Knowledge, magic power, and chemistry are all involved in learning magic.


 There are some exceptions though.


 I still believed that Alicia could learn basic recovery magic.


 I used [Analysis] on these two spells and wrote down the structure, the magic formula, and how it worked on the body.


 It was a so-called grimoire.


 When Alicia did not understand something, I analyze it and learned it.


 This is probably the only grimoire in the world that is this detailed.


 Most grimoires have a general description of the magic formula.


 In the event that you are not sure what you are looking for, you’ll be able to find out more about it here.


 But above all, if you don’t have the aptitude for it, it won’t even work.


 If you notice it too late, you won’t get back the time you spent studying.



“Then, I will heal you, so please show me the wound.” (Alicia)


“It’s not a big injury, so here it is.” (Patient)



 Next, the patient showed her the wound.


 There was a slightly deep wound that looked like it was done by nails.


 Alicia holds her hand over the wound and casts recovery magic.



“I seek your healing power. Thou shalt take my power and heal his wounds. Recovery Magic [Minor Injury Recovery – Cure]!”



 A tiny pale light leaks from Alicia’s hand.


 The light is sucked into the wound.


 Alicia closed her eyes and concentrates.


 Releasing a constant amount of MP, running it through a magical formula, and letting the magic flow through.


 In about a minute, the explorer’s wound was completely healed.


 However, a few scars remained.


 Alicia looked a little apologetic.



“Oh, wow, that’s great. It’s healed properly. Hey! You guys are good. I’m your first patient, Alicia-chan!” (Patient 1)


“You are full of sh*t!!!” (Patient 2)


“Thank you. Still, be careful when walking at night.” (Alicia)



 Moreover, it kept going.


 Alicia is starting to look confident.


 I cannot help but smile.



“What’s wrong?” (Patient 1)


“Well, that is… There are scars…” (Alicia)


“Scars? It is not natural that this kind of thing happens. Ah, Kaoru is beyond commonsense. Sorry about what I said earlier because I thought you could not treat me properly.” (Patient 1)


“Oh? Are you getting soft? You are very unattractive. Also, do not go with a weirdo like Kaoru. He is an absolute weirdo.” (Patient 2)


“Who is the weirdo?” (Kaoru)


“Nobody. I just said you are beyond the standard. Normally, it is normal for scars to remain. It is a big deal to erase scars without using intermediate magic, especially when it is chant-less. That is why stop with that scary face.” (Patient 2)



 The five patients retreated, sweating profusely.


 They were a little terrified.


 However, although they come here and poke at Kaoru like this, they are good people at their core.


 Most of the people in this village are good.



“Come on. Just do it steadily without worrying about it. Alicia should get used to it little by little.”


“Yes I will try my best.” (Alicia)



 Looking at Alicia’s enthusiasm, I thought about Alicia’s next hurdle.


 For the time being, she learned recovery magic.


 However, her MP capacity is small.


 I think she must level up.


 While I was thinking, Alicia has already finished treating the rest of the patients.


 After receiving the treatment fee for all of them, the clinic will be closed immediately.


 It is a really quick shift.

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