Underground Doctor Chapter 22: Relaxing on the Island… Part 3

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 For now, the number of explorers is small.


 This is because the number of explorers who come to receive requests are restricted to about ten.


 This is because the village is still in a low maintenance state.


 Even if a lot of people suddenly come, the treatment and tools would not be made in time and they will lose time and motivation. Besides, if there is no guide, there is nobody to transport them to the middle levels.



“Now that we have finished the midday shift, what are we going to do until the evening shift?”


“I want to study more about healing.” (Alicia)


“Before that, we need to secure ingredients.”


“That’s right.” (Alicia)






 The village chief, Dirk, is very fond of the island’s scenery and prohibits logging and hunting of the native animals.


 The buildings were made of stone and brick, and the village was made to blend with the natural scenery.


 Kaoru likes Dirk’s way of thinking, so he follows through.



“Kaoru-sama, what are you going to eat today?” (Alicia)


“Yeah … I want to eat Japanese food too. The taste and appearance of the ingredients don’t match.”


“Is that so?” (Alicia)



 It’s normal for people who live in this world, but for someone like me who came from another world, most things are strange.


 The same goes for fish like the stone bream we caught this time.


 Snappers have white flesh, but the flesh of the snappers in this world is black.


 The appearance of the fish made me dulled my appetite.


 The texture is dry, and it is not something I can eat as sashimi.


 However, it could be made decent by hydrating it, such as by pickling it.


 I thought that she should know more about the food in this world.


 As for Alicia, judging from the fact that she was eating it as if it were normal and tasty, this was probably normal for her.


 Lately, her body is getting better and healthier.


 Her snow-white skin was now slightly tanned.


 Her hair had also grown a little longer, and she had almost lost of the fragile look she had when we first met.


 I don’t know, she’s cute, isn’t she?



“Do you want to go out after I finished preparing?” (Kaoru)


“I’ll help you. I’m looking forward to what kind of food it will be.”


“Yeah… I wonder… It would be helpful if you didn’t expect much from me.” (Kaoru)



 While saying that, I went to the living area in the back of the Clinic.


 Furniture such as a bed is placed in a space of about 7 tatami mats.


 Similar to a typical single-sized room.


 There is also a bath and toilet.


 The two of us stood in the kitchen, I handled the fish we caught, Alicia put flour on the fillet, passed it through the egg that the village mayor gave us today, roughly cut the bread and put it in bread crumbs, and finished.


 Today’s dinner is fried fish.


 Working in tandem improves work efficiency. There were only three pieces, but they were so thick that I thought I was going to be full immediately.


 Washing our hands, Alicia and I go to pick up other ingredients.


 If not, the merchant will buy the ingredients that the explorers have obtained in the labyrinth and distribute them to the village.


 Well, most of them are offered at a bargain price because they are harvested in large quantities.


 I also throw in the ingredients to the merchants, but basically, the rest is just baked or fried.


 It is surprisingly popular.


 Dungeon drops do not drop very good ingredients in the upper layers.


 The lower you go, the more rare ingredients and ingredients you will find.


 However, I do not expect much because it is rare.


 If you put a drop item in the item box, it will not deteriorate.


 Thanks to this, everyone can dive with peace of mind.



“Are you ready?”


“It’s perfect.” (Alicia)




 Alicia stands in front of me with a light grass-colored dress, a straw hat, and a small pouch hanging from her shoulders.


 I was in the mood for a light stroll.


 Even without a weapon, there are no ferocious animals on this island.


 There are only a few monsters that go out of the labyrinth, and they do not appear while the explorers are dungeon diving.


 Besides, only the weakest monsters can spawn in a newly created labyrinth.


 That is why we can move without wearing armor.



“Then, are you ready to go?”


“Yes.” (Alicia)



 After saying that, we head to the forest after locking up the clinic.


 On the way, Dirk has slumped again in the village square.



“Oh, Kaoru-san, thank you.” (Dirk)


“What’s wrong with…? You’re looking even more exhausted.”


“It is at a level that concerns Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)


“No, it’s really okay. I just had very little time with my wife.” (Dirk)


“I was told you were a good understanding person, but …”


“You are a good friend. I was told to take the day off. However, I don’t have time for that.” (Dirk)


“Dirk-san, I’ll tell you. If you do anything more than that, I’ll force you to take a rest.”


“Well, eh? Does it look so bad? I can still go on.” (Dirk)



 Somehow, he makes a strange pose and tries to beg, but it just makes me uneasy.



“Your brain is exhausted, you know? We indeed have to do something about this village. Nevertheless, if you fall, who is going to oversee this village? I suggest you relax for a bit and make flexible decisions.”


“Ahaha. When Kaoru-san scolds me, I cannot say anything about it. I feel like I am a teenager getting scolded.” (Dirk)


“Well, maybe there’s more to life than meets the eye. All joking aside, this is my last piece of advice to you. Next time you see me, don’t do it.”


“I-I’ll keep it in mind.” (Dirk)



 Dirk scratches his head feeling quite embarrassed.


 He had collapsed once before because he worked hard without heeding my advice.


 At that time, I treated him with recovery magic, but the advice was taken for granted.



“Just out of curiosity… what were you going to do today?”


“If the Healer’s Guild in the next town doesn’t work, I thought I’d go to the next town and ask them.” (Dirk)


“Oh, yeah. No wonder your wife is upset with you. In fact, I think she’s going to tell me to just tie you up, throw you under the covers and leave you there.”



 Dirk’s face tightened at those words.


 Alicia thought that it would be better for her to be able to do the same work.


 Kaoru is sure he will be able to find someone who will work for him.



“You have a child, take your time. I said I will be your substitute healer until you find a permanent healer.”


“But the… rewards are so low that I’m not sure if I will be able to…!” (Dirk)



 My eyes noticed that Dirk was not laughing and sighed.


 Dirk has already searched far and wide.


 The scenery here is something breathtaking.


 Moreover, the air here is the freshest compared to all the places I have been to.



“When did I complain about that? When did I ever tell you to hurry up?”


“……” (Dirk)



 He could not even speak and his face tightened.


 Therefore, I clapped my hands lightly.



“Okay, so that’s it. Let us do some family time today.





 Dirk incoherently replied.


 However, Kaoru was just the same.



“Well, I’m doing some gathering before dinner with Alicia.”


“I’ll find something that looks good!” (Alicia)


“Yes, that sounds good. I think I will stay home and relax today. I have to apologize to my wife…” (Dirk)


“That might be wise.”


“Yes…” (Dirk)



 Dirk is a little sad there too.


 The two of us just laughed at Dirk.




 While talking to Dirk, the men watching Kaoru and Alicia in a small bar while drinking alcohol are talking in a soft voice.

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