Underground Doctor Chapter 22: Relaxing on the Island… Part 4

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 While talking to Dirk, the men watching Kaoru and Alicia in a small bar while drinking alcohol are talking in a soft voice.


“Shit, how can I marry such a tiny, pretty girl?” (Drunk 1)


“I’m too jealous. After all, it’s gold! It is the power of gold!” (Drunk 2)


“It’s the face. Damn, I want to hate my mother for not giving birth to me as a handsome man.” (Drunk 3)


“They are newlyweds, right? I am sure they have a lot of fun at night. It is a… blessing to see such a young girl every night. I envy him. I envy him.” (Drunk 1)


“That? But Kaoru isn’t with the Healers Guild, right?” (Drunk 2)


“There’s a reason, right? It happens all the time, you know, in that guild. But with his skills, he will be the best healer anywhere.” (Drunk 1)


“It might be easier if he dives into the labyrinth together. Especially with free treatment.” (Drunk 2)


“No… If it is him. Even if we are crying, injured or dying he will treat us then make us fight continuously. He will make us zombie fighters. Nooooo.” (Drunk 3)


“Stop it. That’s too scary.” (Drunk 1)


“No, I think he is going to do it … He is really scary. He is a sadist.” (Drunk 2)



 And so on.


 Kaoru and his group cannot hear them, so they can say whatever they want.


 In fact, if Kaoru had heard, they would have been forced to attack the labyrinth with a real zombie attack tactic.


 His MP is bottomless.


 Kaoru would be able to perform a zombie attack tactic even if he uses the highest class of recovery magic on all of them.


 “You’re just pretending, right? You’re just pretending, aren’t you?” one of the Drunks said


 “I’ll leave it to your imagination,” another said, but he did it with a devilish look on his face.



~Kaoru’s Perspective~



 After parting ways with Dirk, Alicia and I went into the forest to explore.


 I cannot tell how many times I have walked this path.


 It had become such a familiar path.



“The sunlight is comfortable. It makes me want to take a nap.” (Alicia)


“Yeah, I guess so. If we do, I might turn into a good-for-nothing slacker.”


“What? Why?” (Alicia)


“Kidding, kidding. Anyway, today we are going to get food, then I’m going to do my evening treatment, and then I’ll be free.”


“Don’t scare me. Oh, can you spend your free time with my practice?” (Alicia)


“Of course.”



 She seemed overjoyed when I agreed.


 As usual, she was easy to understand and is quite helpful.


 We searched the area and picked edible mushrooms and wild vegetables.


 In about 30 minutes, we had harvested enough to eat for the day, and Alicia came skipping back to me.



“This is enough, isn’t it?” (Alicia)


“That’s right. I guess this is enough.”



 Alicia opened her item box and took out a basket.


 Alicia took out a basket filled with wild vegetables and mushrooms.


 I also collected some wild strawberries and grapes and put them in the basket.


 A sweet smell wafted around.




 With a smile on her face, Alicia thought that she was going to have another delicious meal and dessert today.


 However, Kaoru noticed a gaze looking at them.


 Kaoru pretends not to notice the gaze and continued talking with Alicia. Then it appeared from the bushes, the grass rustled and it popped out.



“It is a Pi-Pink Rabbi!” (Alicia)


“Ah, is it the model of the clothing Alicia often wears?”


“That’s right! Oh, it is cute. I want to squeeze it! Kaoru-sama, can I take it home?” (Alicia)



 Alicia burst with enthusiasm, from zero to a hundred.


 Alicia was breathing hard while telling me her request.


 I scratched my head knowing I cannot say no to her.


 Alicia told me before that Pink Rabbi brings happiness to people.


 It looks cute too. It has fluffy fur, and I think its features attack straight to a girl’s heart, it is quite the devil.


 For now, I am observing it closely.


 Certainly, the Pink Rabbi is very cautious.


 I have heard that they do not usually show themselves in public, so I am wondering what’s going on.


 I have never encountered one before since I have been on this island.


 Alicia lowered herself on the ground, and desperately tried to lure the Rabbi in, swinging the fruit she had just picked.


 There was also a cute one here.


 She is saying, “Come here, come here.” With a helpless expression.


 At that time, I noticed the Pink Rabbi was not looking well.



“Is it injured?”


“What? Is that so?” (Alicia)


“Look, you told me before that they are wary creatures.”


“Now that you tell me… it is strange.” (Alicia)


“Would you like to check it out?”


“Can Kaoru-sama also treat animals?” (Alicia)


“No, I can’t do that. However, if it is something that cannot infect people, it is no good. I can heal broken bones and scratches though.”



 With that said, I approached Pink Rabbi.


 Feeling a little scared, it staggered to move away.


 It was so weak that it could not escape.


 I picked it up by the scruff and placed it in my hand.


 A hand-held rabbit? I thought to myself as I used [Diagnosis] and [Analysis].


 The results came out, and they were not good.



  Name: Pink Rabbi

  Race: Rabbi

  Condition: Pine Syndrome (Pine Bacteria)

  Skill: [Super Luck Increase – Happy Strike], [Super Luck Attraction – Happy Burst]

  Extra Notes: Taking care of one will bring you great luck. On the contrary, it is said that if you do something wrong with the Rabbi, it will bring great misfortune.


  Disease Name: Pine Syndrome (Pine Bacterium)

  Incubation period: 1 to 4 days

  Transmission route: oral infection

  Symptoms: Dehydration and fatigue in animals.


 So far, it is known to not be infectious to humans, but it can infect demihuman species.

 Mainly the similar symptoms as in animals occur are diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

 Progress is very fast.

 Other complications may occur.

 The main symptoms are dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, mild to acute renal failure, shock, and severe arrhythmia. [T/N: Renal failure is means the kidneys have reduced or become non-functional. Shock is the state when the body’s blood circulation is weak or halted can be due to severe bleeding, allergy, stroke, etc. Arrhythmia just means irregular heartbeat, can be life-threatening if left alone. Google-sensei has more and better definitions.]



“This is totally a kind of infectious gastroenteritis. …… I’ve never heard of this disease.”


“Is it sick!?” (Alicia)


“Hmm, yes. Well, yeah, it’s nothing to do with this Pink Rabbi.”


“Yeah, so it is good.” (Alicia)


“I do not think so.”


“What do you mean?” (Alicia)


“This Pink Rabbi does not look like it is going to die. Well, if we apply stamina recovery magic, it will easily get cured…”



 Yes, it is not that threatening to animals.


 The most common types of infectious gastroenteritis bacterium causes are Salmonella and Vibrio parahaemolyticus.


 These are classified as infectious. In addition, both are toxic.


 The disease enters by oral infection of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoans, etc.).


 The group of diseases that cause symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting are called infectious gastroenteritis.


 They can become a fatal illness, so best be careful.


 Even mild symptoms can cause complications.


 Bacteria are often the cause.


 The troublesome point found in this diagnosis is that it infects demihumans.


 Half of the inhabitants of this island of Vista are demihumans.


 Even the most important innkeepers and merchants are demihumans.


 If these people were to fall ill, it would affect the operation of the village.



“Does it infect people?” (Alicia)


“No, not at this time. It’s only the demihumans that get infected.”


“……” (Alicia)


“I’ve got to do something about this. If we don’t, we won’t be able to relax and hide on this island.”


“Well, Kaoru-sama, you can deal with this illness too!?” (Alicia)


“If we can find a solution, we can cure it if we work hard. Well, there’s a lot of research to be done, though.”


“That’s expected of Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)



 She looked at me with sparkling eyes.


 Alicia replied with a smile, “Help her too,” she said.


 I healed Pink Rabbi on the palm of my hand using [Intermediate Stamina Recovery – Air Heal].


 It was staring at me with innocent eyes.


 Soon, I lowered it gently to the ground.


 Glancing back and forth, the Pink Tabbi disappeared into the bushes.


 Alicia was staring at the bushes a little mournfully.


 I think she wanted to touch it.





“Well, Kaoru-sama … How was it touching that Pink Rabbi?” (Alicia)


“Hmm, it is alright.”


“Is it fluffy?” (Alicia)


“It was really comfortable to touch. I want to make it a pillow.”


“Oh it was that good!” (Alicia)



 I just put it on my palm and it was so fluffy and light.


 Feather Down quilts and the like are also pretty good, but that touch was far superior to that.


 I thought I could get a good night’s sleep if I used it as bedding



“Next time… Next time, I’ll definitely make it mofufu mofu.” (Alicia)


“Ah, yes. Well, good luck”



 Alicia’s fighting spirit is burning in a different direction.


 I took Alicia’s hand and we returned to the village.



 Alicia lightly touched her cheeks dyed red.

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