Underground Doctor Chapter 3 I came to answer a house call Part 2

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At around 9 am, I left Reese Clinic and headed to Alicia for a medical examination.


“Simply, let’s finish her case. I want to have a strong and relaxing drink.” (Kaoru)


 While saying so, I walk while thinking about how much the reward will be.

 Then I light the cigarette.

 Tasting it slowly.

 I smoked while worrying about the remaining cigarettes I have.

 I start walking briskly.

 The aristocratic area is far from the medical area.

 I managed to find myself at the Orvis house, even as I wonder, “Why don’t I have good stamina?”


“Hello. I came to see the patient.” (Kaoru)


 A voice just said, “It is open!”

 Then a maid comes out from the entrance.

 Her hair is glossy, black, and straight falling to her shoulders.

 A headdress is attached to her head.

 The maid clothes are not flashy, but they are simple and elegant.

 She welcomed me with a big smile.

 She was the cute type of girl.


“Kaoru-sama were you waiting long. Please come in. I’m sorry I couldn’t introduce myself yesterday. I’m Karin Elgard. Master and Mistress are both out working. You can come back in the evening.” (Karin)


 Her cold demeanor from yesterday is like a lie when compared to today.

 I spoke to her while smiling, “It is fine, I understand.”

 Then I headed towards Alicia’s room.

 As I enter Alicia’s room.

 There was Alicia smiling and having breakfast.

 Alicia noticed me and her cheeks blushed for a bit.

 I approached Alicia.

 Rabbit-shaped apples were on the plate in Alicia’s hand. I picked and ate up one.

 You could hear the crisp peel and crunch, and the rich sweetness of the apple spreads throughout my mouth.


“Yeah, it’s delicious. I had to go eat dinner from hell yesterday. Now I am a little bit more alive.” (Kaoru)


 Alicia looks at Kaoru as if she were wondering what he was saying.

 She looked astonished.

 I did say that I ate a meal yesterday that could send your taste buds to hell.

 It was funny so I told her about my dinner experience yesterday.

 Alicia was laughing while listening to the story.


“Well, it is good to see you eating well. But eat slowly. It’s bad for digestion if you don’t chew properly.” (Kaoru)


 Point to the rabbit-shaped apple.


“understood” (Alicia)


 She smiled before replying.

 I see Alicia is eating with small bites like a little creature, and whispered, “white rabbit.”

 Alicia’s breakfast is over.

 On the bed, Alicia bows down asking me.

 Even though she was young, I began to prepare for the medical examination, thinking that I should be ethical.


“Well then, can you take your coat off? This time, I’m afraid I can’t confirm the status of your transplanted heart. I’m sorry, I’d like to apply a ‘gel’ when I check it with [2D echo]?” (Kaoru)

“Gel??” (Alicia)


 I was just talking about the substances I used in Japan.

 I realized that there is no such thing in this different world, so I think it is necessary to explain it.


“It is hard to explain. To put it simply. When I look at the state of your heart, I need to touch the upper part of Alicia’s chest with my hands. At that time, the air gets trapped between your skin and my hands. I can’t see your heart moving correctly. I use ‘gel’ to make a seal the point of contact. It won’t affect your skin so don’t worry.” (Kaoru)


 Alicia replies, “It’s okay,” she takes off her jacket and removes her underwear while her cheeks are dyed crimson.

 It reveals snow-white skin.

 I had her lie down on the bed.

 Pillows are placed on her back and positioned on an incline of 45°.


“Now please be patient. Drug Synthesis [Echo Gel vector 1].”


 A gel appears in the center of my palm.

 Gently spreading it onto Alicia’s chest.


“Hmm…” (Alicia)


 When the cool jelly touches her skin, her body tenses, and a small moan escaped from her lips.


“Please be a little bit patient.” (Kaoru)


 I spread the gel from the center of Alicia’s chest towards the upper-left side of her chest.

 Slightly going over the swell of her bosom.

 While applying the gel, Alicia had her face turn bright red and her eyes firmly closed.

 Occasionally, moans and gasps escape from her lips turning the clinical atmosphere to a sensual one.


(It’s awful… This kind of strange vibe it’s messing with my head) (Kaoru)


 I have to continue doing what I’m doing and ignore everything else. This is a proper medical procedure. There is no other way.

 After applying it evenly to Alicia’s chest. I gently press my palm at the center of Alicia’s valley.


“Medical Magic [2D Echo Vector 1]”


 My right hand glows pale.

 Slowly I examine Alicia’s heart.


(Ah, her heart rate is fast. This is probably my fault.) (Kaoru)


 While thinking so, the display for the 2D echo image appeared on the status screen.

 Pulse is regular and blood is flowing normally.

 Occasionally my palm touches the mound, but I continue without worrying about it.

 Moving my hand over the smooth skin and watching the heart move from various angles.

 Alicia’s shoulders are shaking and quivering like she’s barely holding something in.


(It would be easier if a woman did this kind of thing) (Kaoru)


 I thought so in my heart.

 After checking, I wiped off the gel from my hand.

 Then I quickly wiped Alicia’s chest jelly and said, “Please, you can cover yourself now.”


“Thank you. How was my heart?” (Alicia)

“Hmm, I didn’t notice any problem. It seems to work properly. From now on, You’ll have a happy life. I’m looking forward to Alicia-chan’s future.”


 I stroked her head and Alicia blushed beet red again, and answered, “Yes.”

 I was tired of various things, so I left Alicia’s room while saying that she should take a nap.

 I meet Karin while walking along the corridor.

 Karin says while looking at my expression.


“It looks like you’re tired. If you don’t mind, we have rooms available, so please use it.” (Karin)


 I was told that, and I accepted the offer.

 Entering the room, I take off my white coat.

 Opened the window, pull out a cigarette from my shirt’s chest pocket, and lit it.

 I switched off from worked mode the same way I do.


“Ah, I’m so tired. I’m going to teach them rehabilitation after this. It’s a pain. But there is a reward. It’s said that Cain-san will come back in the evening. Until then, what do I do to kill time?”


 Inhaling deeply.

 Dropping the ash on my pocket ashtray and watching the scenery of the city.

 The view of the aristocratic area is overwhelming and the size of each house is grand.

 Brick and stone houses are lined up.

 The houses had a large garden, and the flowers that were landscaped and maintained were colorful and vivid.


“Oh, this is really beautiful. It doesn’t exist in modern Japan. There are skyscrapers and continuous exhaust from vehicles. I have never seen such a sky so blue… I am in a different world. It’s not a polluted world. No one even knows me. I can do what I want as long as I avoid trouble. But before that… time to nap, yesterday I did the work of multiple people during the operation. Well, I should wake up later.” (Kaoru


 Saying that I lay down on the bed, letting my consciousness go while the scent of greenery lulls me to deep sleep.


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