Underground Doctor Chapter 23: Kaoru’s weakness? Part 3

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 Looking at Alicia, I took a deep breath without pausing with the cooking and I addressed Alicia.



“Well… I’d be grateful if you can give me a little more time… and Alicia is very attractive that you don’t have to worry.”


“Fuwee!!!?” (Alicia)



 Alicia looks at me, eyes filled with surprise.


 How many times today has she turned to this lovely crimson?


 When Alicia looked at me, she probably noticed how much I’m blushing.


 Looking at my face, Alicia said with a wide smile, “Yes… I will b waiting.”


 After that, we will cook together in harmony.


 While talking about nothing else, I fired the fish I was preparing in the oil.



“Kaoru-sama also had a weakness.” (Alicia)


“What do you mean?”


“Well, if you get in that kind of mood, you’ll always run away.” (Alicia)


“What is this? Look at you, cheerfully making fun of me.”


“No, you don’t get to act like that. Besides, you always enjoy making fun of me, don’t you, Kaoru-sama?” (Alicia)



 Alicia attacked me at this moment.


 She has a very smug face.


 I feel a little peeved.


 I think she needs to be punished.



“Alicia, I can do it if you want to do it? However, you have to understand that I haven’t dared to do it because I haven’t been able to organize my feelings.”


“How about it? You can verify everything if you try it here now.” (Alicia)



 Alicia is a little more headstrong than usual.


 I think these moments are only a few of those moments.



“Huh … yep, I’m completely defeated”



 I completely surrender to her.


 Alicia then beams at me.



“I would have never thought it would end up like this when we met. If I overcome this, I’ll definitely make you scream.”


“Eh?” (Alicia)


“Well, okay. Time will tell. I’ll figure it out on my own. Oh, and Alicia, no dessert today.”


“What? That’s terrible. Kaoru-sama, you’re too much. You’re making a very mean face. I’ve been looking forward to it since last night.” (Alicia)



 I do not usually do things for free.


 Today’s dessert is milk jelly with plenty of esca pulp.


 A satisfying dish with plenty of creamy milk that with just the sweetness of the ingredients.


 Alicia probably didn’t think I would be teasing her still.


 Now she has begun pleading with her teary eyes.



“Speaking of which… Something happened this morning, it seemed that the jelly for dessert was gone… Did you know anything about that Alicia?”



 I look at Alicia as I said this.


 She looked nervous and began to sweat profusely.


 Alicia averts her eyes and began whistling.


 She is so easy to read.


 It’s just like before, her thoughts kept appearing on her face.


 She just cannot hide it.


 I cannot imagine how she was able to sneak up on my trip.


 With that in mind, I continued talking.



“Well… I am quite sad. To be honest, I thought I’d forgive you if you admitted to the crime. Who would have thought Alicia was a naughty girl?”



 I then glanced at Alicia.


 Alicia lightly grabbed my sleeve, tears streaming down her cheeks.



“I’m sorry. When I checked if it has set this morning, it looked too delicious… so I ate it.” (Alicia)


“Well, I knew about it, and I wanted to have you it tasted and hear what I thought, so we could have eaten it together.”


“Sorry……” (Alicia)


“Well? You could not even stop after eating a bite.”


“Oh, I can’t resist the texture. It starts out plump and then melts in your mouth. And the texture of the pulp is also exquisite. It grabs a woman’s heart and seduces her. I’m surprised at your cooking skills, Miss Kaoru.” (Alicia)



 Kaoru seemed to be very satisfied to hear her quite impassioned speech.


 Hearing this, His expression changed to a smile instead of the sadistic smile from before.


 He smiled and told her to look forward to after dinner.


 The taste made Alicia’s taste buds soar.


 Growing up as an aristocrat, Alicia’s diet has been pretty good.


 Kaoru also ate at that house every day.


 So he can attest to the quality of the food.


 The food has finished cooking and served on the table.


 Then, they sat down on chairs and began to eat.



“The fried fish is crispy and delicious.” (Alicia)


“Yeah. Not bad. This can be used as a substitute for various other dishes.”


“But the most delicious is this sauce.” (Alicia)


“It’s not finished yet. It’s like tartar sauce, but it’s not as tasty as the real thing.”


“Still, it goes great with this fried dish.” (Alicia)



 Alicia cuts it neatly with a knife and fork, dipping it in the sauce, and brings it into her mouth.


 She talked with a very happy face.


 It’s a pleasant expression to this point.


 She is also trying the other dishes.


 Garlic toast and egg soup with edible wild plants.


 I made it using the ingredients we picked today.


 However, since most of the ingredients were from this world, there was a sense of discomfort in the texture and taste.


 I was cooking the dishes with that in mind.


 And Alicia, who helped, was also improving her skills.


 I thought it was a good idea.


 Aft finishing the main meal so I prepared the tea.


 I brought out the new dessert.


 I put the jelly in a bowl and drizzled esca jam sauce on it.


 Finally, add some garnish and it’s done.


 Bringing it to the table, I think it looks good.



“Wow, it’s beautiful.” (Alicia)


“It’s important to look good. It feels a little fancy, right?”


“Well, it seems quite the waste to eat something pretty.” (Alicia)


“It’s worth making if you tell me that much.”



 Alicia’s sparkling eyes are nailed to esca jelly.


 She spooned out some and brought it to her mouth.



“Oh, it’s too tasty. This jam sauce enhances the taste even more.” (Alicia)


“Oh! This is pretty good. I feel like my brain is melting.”


“I can eat this every day.” (Alicia)



 The two of us slowly ate the esca jelly.



“By the way, Kaoru-sama seems to also love sweets.” (Alicia)


“Speaking of love, I don’t dislike it. However, when I work, I use my brain a lot, so I eat sweets to feed my brain.”


“Oh, so it works like that.” (Alicia)


“You are enthusiastic about studying. Do not stress yourself too much.”


“Yes.” (Alicia)



 I then take out some liquor, esca juice, and two glasses from the *refrigerator.


 The liquor is a type of distilled liquor.


 I purchased it from a merchant.


 It is called *Life.


 The alcohol content was 35 percent.


 The ingredients were barley and other things.


 In Japan, it is could be classified as a *spirit.


 It can be drunk as is or mixed like a cocktail.



 I took my place at the table and started to make one.

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