Underground Doctor Chapter 23: Kaoru’s weakness? Part 4

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I took my place at the table and started to make one.


“Kaoru-sama, I will join you for a drink.” (Alicia)


“Alicia wants to enjoy some liquor too? I’ll cut it with Esca.”


“Ehehe. I was looking forward to seeing what it tastes like.” (Alicia)



 I make a mix of Life to Esca by 2:1.


 This is the ratio that I usually drink.


 I mixed mine and hope it tasted right.


 Alicia’s share, on the contrary, is on a ratio of Life to Esca by 1: 2.


 She might not want it tasting way too strong.


 I stirred both and give a small glass to Alicia.


 Holding one each and we clinked the glasses saying “Cheers”.


 It is a smooth drink.



“That is right. I might like this one better than when it is juice.”


“It is sweet and easy to drink. It makes you feel a little warm.” (Alicia)


“Well, the alcohol content is unexpectedly high.”



 I replied with a laugh.


 Alicia took a long sip.


 Her white skin flushed and she looked at me with a smile.


 She has this mysterious atmosphere that can be called bewitching.


 I helplessly return a smile, wondering if she is aware of it.



“What are your plans for tomorrow?” (Alicia)


“I think I’ll dive into the labyrinth to raise Alicia’s level.”


“Oh, I’ll do my best.” (Alicia)


“No, if you dive as it is, Alicia is likely to die, so we have to use the party system.”


“I understand. I will try not to slow you down.” (Alicia)



 I ruffled Alicia’s hair since she looks a bit dejected.


 The party system happens during a party registration, experience points will be shred even to members who did not dive into the labyrinth.


 There are advantages, but there are also disadvantages.


 An advantage is that you can get experience points without diving into the labyrinth.


 The distribution of experience points are evenly shared.


 This is a technique often used by people who cannot enter the labyrinth.


 Most of the levels are directly linked to new skills and magic.


 Most are skills and magic can be strengthened with this, with some exceptions.


 The disadvantage is the lack of practical experience.


 The level of a person can be high even if they have never entered a labyrinth, without any smidgen of combat experience.


 In such a state, if those high-level people go to the lower part of the labyrinth, they will almost always die.


 If they dive into the labyrinth alone, they don’t understand or have knowledge of the characteristics and behavior patterns of the monsters, so they just die.


 This shows that labyrinths cannot be captured by rushing head-on.


 Therefore, training in actual combat and proceeding properly with their own feet is required.



“You can go with me when you level up, right? It would be nice if you could hold out until we reach the lowest level of the labyrinth.”


“Yes, I understand.” (Alicia)



 She was a little dissatisfied, but what I was saying was reasonable, so she agreed.


 I think that Alicia will be able to raise her level soon.


 Alicia’s level is 5 already.


 It won’t be long until she levels up again.


 According to the explorers here, she should be at least level 10.


 The enemies on the first level are surprisingly strong.


 Sahuagin and Brown Wolf are the monsters that appear.


 Sahuagins have hard scales and high defense.


 Brown Wolves have sharp fangs and strong legs.


 It has high attack power and speed.


 If they come out at the same time, it is tough for beginners.


 Therefore, it is said that the level at which it is safe to dive is 10.


 I did not have that problem because m original status is high, but Alicia is different.


 In the past, Cain-san raised Alicia’s level for a bit, but he didn’t raise her level any further because it cannot help her illness.



“Then what should I do…” (Alicia)


“How about securing ingredients, and reading these, and studying?”



I handed over reading materials of the past illness that Reese gave me.


I look at you with a sly face.



“Kaoru-sama, I’ve read this before.” (Alicia)


“Well, take a look inside.”



 Alicia flipped through the pages with a curious expression on her face.


 There, as far as she could tell, Kaoru had written down the names of the diseases, their symptoms, and how to treat them.


 The list of incurable diseases was about forty percent full.


 Kaoru didn’t write down any disease that was too roughly described because he couldn’t narrow it down to a specific one.



“Kaoru-sama this—” (Alicia)


“I’ll write as much as I can. Well, I’ll be back in the daytime, so I think it’s a good idea to study until then.”


“Yes, I’ll do my best to remember.” (Alicia)



 Alicia was soon happily holding the book.


 After talking, I checked on Alicia’s physical condition.


 She was almost as healthy as a normal person, but a regular weekly checkup is still needed.


 Alicia laid down on the bed and waited.


 I held out my hand to Alicia’s chest and cast [Diagnosis].


 Her heart was fully established and beating properly.



“There is nothing to worry about.”


“This is also thanks to Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)



 Alicia this while smiling.


 She is quite cute.



“I wonder, should we go to bed early for tomorrow?” (Alicia)


“That’s right. Let’s go to bed.”



 After the exchange, we change into their pajamas.


 Alicia is still in pink rabbi pajamas.


 How much does she like them?


 The two of us went to bed.


 Alicia was asleep after a while.


 I think she got tired from walking around.


 I confirmed that Alicia has fallen asleep before I got out of bed.


 I headed straight to the desk and turn on a small light on the lamp.


 I made a list of what she was interested in today then promptly looked it up.


 Next, I create a recovery magic grimoire.


 It doesn’t take much time to make it, but it takes one or two steps to make it understandable.


 I went to bed after about an hour of working on it.


 I was looking forward to Alicia’s growth.


 The more I teach her, the more she absorbs knowledge like a sponge.


 I’m looking forward to seeing how far she will grow.



 I fell asleep while thinking about such things.

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