Underground Doctor Chapter 23: Kaoru’s weakness? Part 5

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 In the darkness, a person was staring at the report in a large room with a small lamp in his hand.


 A large stack of paper is piled up on the desk.



“Is there any trace of it anywhere…” (Unknown)



 Gripping the document tightly.


 A flushed face hidden by strands of hair.


 She was dressed in priest clothes.



“I’m sorry. I don’t even know when he left Grand Palace.” (Subordinate?)


“There should be confirmation regarding people that come in and out, but … the number. It’s no wonder that some people are omitted.” (Unknown => Priest?)



 The Grand Palace is visited by more than 10,000 people a day.


 Checking everything takes tremendous time and human resources.


 At the time of going in and out, I also set up a person like a representative and check them all at once.


 When Kaoru entered the Grand Palace, Irga the representative of the group when he passed.


 And when he went out, Kaoru changed his name, so he would not be traced.



“How was the Therapist Guild?” (Priest?)


“And there was no record of him registering.” (Subordinate?)


“Is that so…” (Priest?)



 Daniela ponders with her hand on her chin.


 She bites her lips in frustration about the intelligence of her target.


 Or maybe someone is working behind the scenes.



“I’m just going to report what I’ve heard from my meeting with Orbis-sama. I’ll just report what I’ve heard from my meeting with Orbis-sama, although I have almost no new information.” (Subordinate)


“Oh, please.” (Priest? => Daniela)



 The subordinates talked about Kaoru’s appearance.


 Most of it is useless information.


 It’s the same information she already knows.



“You don’t think he is hiding it … right?” (Daniela)


“Yes. It seemed like they thought he was really a messenger of Eclix, so I affirmed it.” (Subordinate)


“That’s right …. If we take some proper action, I’ll get a foot in. I have to wait for the right moment.” (Daniela)


“Should I inquire the other guilds?” (Subordinate)


“That’s no good. If it reaches Orvis’s ears, our name would once again be lowered. Oh, those old coots. They are just pushing everything against us and saying that we’re irrelevant.” (Daniela)


“…” (Subordinate)


“You can go now. Keep observing the guild. And I might use my wyvern. I’ll want to be ready to move as soon as I receive information.” (Daniela)


“I understand.” (Subordinate)



 That said, Daniela’s subordinate left the room.


 In front of Daniela, the materials on the desk are scattered on the floor as she slumps on the desk.


 She thought it was troublesome to get up and clean up. So she closed her eyes and remained in the same position.


 “I have to do this kind of work because I am the youngest of the ten sages.” Daniela thought


 This is because it would be a big deal if someone else but her finds Kaoru.


 The other sages are moving around for other things led by their own desires.


 Only to satisfy all their selfish desires, such as money and status.


 She began thinking about various things while she was laying down.


 Kaoru’s ability.


 So far, the other sages were not as interested in Kaoru.


 Daniela thought that if she could find him early and put him under her command, she would have the highest power among the Ten Sages.


 Daniela fell asleep while wondering how to move her best pawn.

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