Underground Doctor Chapter 24: Alicia Awakening part 1

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 I raised my body while rubbing my heavy eyelids. Then I hear the sound of strong rain from the outside.


 The area is still dark.


 Occasionally squalls occur in this area.


 They end quickly, but it rains heavily for about 15 to 30 minutes.


 I scratch my head while feeling a little melancholy from the rain.


 When I wake up, Alicia, who is entwined in my arms, also wakes up.


 She’s quite the hugger.


 This is not a bad way to wake up.


 She sighs in her sleep and holds on to me tightly.


 I try to slowly release her, but she won’t let go.


 I wondered where her tiny hand gets such power.


 I managed to get her to let go and I went about the breakfast and preparations for entering the labyrinth.


 Meanwhile, the small animal curled up on the futon was grasping searching for me, her hands grasping at nothing.


 Just watching her is interesting.



“It’s about time to get up so we can open the clinic on time.”


“Munya…” (Alicia)



 She won’t wake up.


 Well, if she woke up with just this, I wouldn’t have any trouble.


 Even if I shake her seriously, she has never been able to wake up with that before.


 According to her, she is very weak in the morning.


 It takes her a long time to wake up.



“Is that so?”



 I lightly pinched Alicia’s nose and mouth.


 Her face turned from a happy face then frown considerably.


 Her hands flutter around.


 This is a method of waking her up that she has asked me to carry out as a last resort when Alicia just can’t wake up.


 I gave up early and uses the last resort.



“Ngu … Ngu …” (Alicia)


“Good morning Alicia.”



 Her eyes open slightly.


 She still isn’t fully awakened yet.


 However, Alicia managed to wake up after pinching her mouth and nose.



“Gyu~d Myo~rning. I’m awake nyow~” (Alicia)



 Her speech is slurred and she is still sleepy.


 I think it’s great if she’s trying to fix this.


 So, I hugged her tightly.


 Then, I carefully lifted Alicia and sat her on a chair.


 Even while she was close to dozing off, Alicia managed to stay awake.


 On the table, there was toast, a fried egg, a salad, and Eska’s juice.


 Alicia took a bite of the toast even while her head swayed.


 She must have been attracted by the delicious smell.


 She takes a bite.


 And she rarely loses a crumb of bread.


 I wondered how she gets around like this while I was at the Orbis residence.


 I also took a bite of the toast.


 The soft-boiled egg yolk soaks the bread.


 Rich and creamy.


 This is really delicious.


 Compared to the eggs in my original world, they are different in size and shape, but the nutritional value here seems to be higher.


 Alicia and I spend a leisurely time enjoying breakfast.


 Over time Alicia turns to her normal self.


 Embarrassedly, she ducks her head and averts her eyes.



“I’m sorry. Please wake me up every time…” (Alicia)


“It’s fine. I’m used to it.”


“Uh…” (Alicia)


“And I can see interesting scenes when I wake up.”


“…” (Alicia)



 I happily watch Alicia try to make herself smaller as I kept teasing her.



“And there’s no problem because I have enough time to wake Alicia up.”


“Well, is that so?” (Alicia)


“Well, for the time being. If I am in a hurry, I think it’s okay to wake you up using tickle hell.”


“Tickle hell?” (Alicia)



 Alicia insists on finding out what I mean.


 Why is she so adorable?


 Alicia’s weakness is aside.


 By the time we came to this island, we had gone through many towns.


 In that one town, Alicia found a lovely stuffed pink rabbi.


 She sat down touching and hugging the stuffed animal. She looked absolutely cute and adorable.


 I saw that Alicia was stepping on the hem of her dress, so I put my hand under her arms and lifted her up to help her stand up.


 That’s when I discovered her weakness.


 She couldn’t muster up her strength, so she sat down on the floor.


 She let out a squeal.


 Her shoulders were hunched and stiff, and she was confused.


 Alicia now knew what I meant from before.




“Kaoru-sama …… Please make that wake-up call the final resort. And only in emergencies.” (Alicia)


“Only in an emergency huh. So I will always do it in the morning because every morning I have an emergency”


“Muu~” (Alicia)



 She puffed up her cheeks and glared at me, but she wasn’t even the least bit intimidating.


 It was rather cute.


 I lightly patted her head to appease Alicia.



“Come on, let’s get ready for work.”


“Yes.” (Alicia)



 When I said that, Alicia prepared herself.


 She is trying her best to get used to the routine.


 Alicia soon got dressed and ready.


 While I went out into the clinic area and unlocked the door.



“Just in time. Take care of me again today.” (Patient 1)


“I’m not really injured, but I’m afraid if I don’t get treated properly, I’ll get hurt later.” (Patient’s Companion 1)


“Aren’t you okay? You’re not even a vanguard. How can you get injured with us acting as your shieldbearers?” (Patient’s Companion 2)


“Because you didn’t protect me properly! Oh, how I wish I had a healer for party.” (Patient’s Companion 1)


“Are you being sarcastic? What?!” (Patient’s Companion 2)



 The explorers started to bicker shortly after opening the clinic. One of them is short with brown hair.


 He also has a really thick beard.


 I greeted him, wondering if he was a dwarf.


 Behind him were two people arguing, one is a male demihuman with gray hair and dog ears and the other is a woman with brown skin and pointy ears.


 I asked and was amazed about who wanted to be treated by Alicia.


 This time, there are two in front of Alicia and one with me.


 Alicia treats her patients without much difficulty.


 The accuracy was higher than yesterday.


 Maybe it was because she was nervous before.


 She doesn’t seem to be so nervous today.



 I am relieved, so I continue the treatment while observing Alicia.

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