Underground Doctor Chapter 24: Alicia Awakening part 2

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“Kaoru~. Why don’t you dive with us just this once?” (Elf)


“Yeah, I was just about to ask you about it.”


“Hmm? What do you mean?” (Dogman)


“I wanted to raise Alicia’s level.”


“I see. So you are going to raise it using the party system?” (Dwarf)



 The bearded said while rubbing his chin.


 He immediately understood my intentions.


 As expected of explorers, he was quick on the uptake.



“So far, my party consists of two vanguards and one rearguard. All of us are over level 20 and are explorers with C-rank.” (Dwarf)


“I’m a healer who has a few skills. Don’t expect too much though.”


“What’s “few”? If I use your standards, the healers in the towns around here will amount to nothing but garbage.” (Dogman)


“It’s true, isn’t it? I’m afraid that Kaoru will be able to do it all by himself without any trouble.” (Elf)


“What do you people think of me?”


“”A demonic healer?”” (Explorers)


“Is that so… How about I have you explore the labyrinth-like zombies forever?”


“”We’re sorry, we don’t want the zombie tactic.”” (Explorers)


“You could do it though.”


“Won’t you please don’t?” (Dwarf)



 Kaoru looked at the explorers with a sinister smile.


 They are obviously scared.


 Kaoru can only be described as a devil.


 Shivering, the three explorers apologized.


 Alicia laughed at their exchange.


 Though she is a little jealous.



“Well then, I’m going to organize the party, so please authenticate me.” (Dwarf)


“All right.”


“Okay.” (Dwarf)



 There was a pitter-patter echoing in their heads…


 Both of us thought of “status” in our minds and began to approve of each other after seeing each other’s status.



“I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Bud. I’m a Dwarf, and I’m the leader and vanguard. I’m a paladin.” (Dwarf => Bud)


“I’m Carl. As you can see, I’m a demihuman of the Wolf tribe. I’m also a vanguard and a warrior.” (Dogman => Carl)


I’m Tryst. I’m Tryst, a Dark Elf from the rearguard. As you can see, I’m a mage. But I can only use wind magic.” (Elf => Tryst)



 In the party organization item, the names of five people including myself were listed.


 The three told us about their race and jobs.


 Both Alicia and I are almost ignorant about their jobs.


 I was a bit disappointed that Alicia, needless to say, only learns what she likes.


 I thought that Irga has the same job as Bud, but now I just accept it as it is.


 There may be various other jobs.


 There may be magicians like Tryst, who can only use the wind attribute.


 I don’t know much because I’ve never seen Lyrica use magic.


 I didn’t ask any questions, as it would be a hassle to ask.



“Seriously, I have never had a healer in any party.” (Tryst)


“They are expensive and it’s impossible without connections.” (Carl)


“That’s right. If you’re a normal Healer Guild member, we won’t be able to pay.” (Bud)


“I hate guilds. I can’t do whatever I want.”


“Isn’t that okay Kaoru? Others might find it difficult, though.” (Tryst)


“You’re special. Normally, the party members have to pay to avoid being recruited.” (Bud)


“Even if you pay them a shitload of money, they could betray you. We can’t just let them join.” (Carl)


“Kaoru has nothing to do with them, so it’s better for us.” (Tryst)



 The three of them laughed and ranted.


 Alicia and I looked at each other puzzled.


 I’m starting to understand the position of a healer, and I think I’ve entered something troublesome.



“So? When are you going?”


“We can do it anytime! Rather, we have to pay for medical treatment every day.” (Bud)


“For now, we’ll just have to wait and see, maybe dive on the next half of the day.”


“Okay, got it. Okay, we’ll get ready and meet you at the village exit, okay?” (Bud)


“That’s right.”


“Then, we’ll see you at the village gates as soon as we’re ready.” (Bud)



 With that said, Bud and his party left the clinic.


 I went straight to the general store with Alicia.


 This is to purchase items I would need to bring to the labyrinth.


 I took a few recovery items.


 Since it could be quite the walk.


 There are few monsters on the main road too.


 Occasionally, a monster will get out of the labyrinth and if someone failed to defeat it, soon it would just be wandering everywhere.


 In this case, explorers must eliminate these monsters.


 Monsters from the labyrinth can destroy the local ecosystem.



“Alicia, what kind of items do you think I would need?”


“Well… I’m sorry. I’ve never been in one, so I don’t know what you might need, but wouldn’t it be nice to have recovery items or food?” (Alicia)


“Recovery items…?”


“I don’t think Kaoru-sama would need them. …… In fact, I have a feeling you could survive with just some food.” (Alicia)



 With a little laugh, Alicia glances at me and says this.


 I sigh, wondering how Alicia sees me.


 Certainly, I know that I am a bit out of the standard, but at the core, I am still human.


 There are times when I can be hurt by ambush attacks… I have almost been.


 However, I know I can quickly recover from the damage…



“Shouldn’t I buy some basic necessities for the time being?”


“Oh, money is important, but I know you won’t waste it.” (Alicia)


“Alicia’s words are convincing.”


“Ugh, please stop saying that. Oh, I had no choice at that time.” (Alicia)


“As expected, of the young lady of Orbis. You know how to spend money. I was shocked to see you buy a big pink stuffed rabbi without looking at the price.”


“Well, I didn’t think it was that expensive. Since then, I’ve been looking at the price before buying.” (Alicia)


“That’s right. I didn’t want to become broke either.”



 Alicia walks happily to the general store while humming to herself.


 It must have been hard for her.


 I also spend a lot of money, but not to the point where it interferes with my life.


 Alicia, however, did not know the market price of most things. And in the beginning, she bought a lot of things.


 But, I did not stop her.


 She would know the importance of money only when she experienced it for herself.


 Finally, the time had come.


 When we arrived in another town and I told Alicia that she had no money for accommodation, she turned pale.


 I then properly told Alicia the cause of why this had happened and how to avoid it.


 With tears streaming down her cheeks, she said she was sorry and apologized.


 Seeing Alicia like that made me feel horrible.


 To tell the truth, she had just run out of money to spend and had not been spending the necessary expenses for the trip.


 Hiding it well, I gave her a good explanation and paid for that day’s accommodation from my item box.


 After this event, Alicia became more careful about spending her money.


 And now that we are running a clinic on Vista Island, she realized how hard it was to make money.



“Kaoru-sama, hurry up or you’ll keep everyone waiting.” (Alicia)



“Yes, yes.”

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