Underground Doctor Chapter 25: Stuck part 5

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 With Alicia in my arms, I suddenly had a bad premonition.



 My brain is ringing telling me I need to leave this place now.


 Alicia’s face is red and she is breathing hard.


 And her eyes are glazed over.


 What is with this sensual atmosphere?


 Are you trying to tease me? Is that what you want?



“Oh, Alicia are you there?”


“Kaowu-shama… luv wuu.” (Alicia)


“Um.. oh.”



 The work mode is blown away by the sudden remark.


 I’m not sure what it is, but my bad premonition is about to come true.


 So, after the time with Diarra before, she said that I shouldn’t do it for strangers.


 I don’t think much about it, but I think this is a side effect of this training.


 I wish she should have told me about this before.


 But thinking about it, it was already too late.


 Even if I try to escape, there’s no chance of escaping.


 I am already firmly held by Alicia with arms.



“Calm down Alicia. Let’s talk. Hey, hey. Are you listening?”


“Munyamunya … Luuuv…” (Alicia)



 While I was in a panic, Alicia was soon breathing softly in her sleep.




“What? Hey, are you asleep?”


“Zzzz…” (Alicia)


“That was quite the scare… Hmm…”



 I sighed while scratching my head.


 That was quite bad for my heart.


 Happening both today and yesterday…


 It might have been dangerous if things continued.


 I thought that the training method also needs some improvement.


 So I landed on the bed and stared at the ceiling.


 I suddenly feel exhausted.


 I had a lot of things to think about, and it is too much for me, so I close my eyes and let go of my consciousness.





 In the middle of the night, the lights are still on in an entertainment district.


 It is filled with explorers and merchants.


 This is a town about 30 kilometers away from Vista Island.


 The name is Faguilded.


 In a private room of a high-class tavern, two middle-aged people wearing glittering robes were talking while drinking high-class wine.



“Hey, are you still working that Dirk hard? When I came last time, he looked like he was going to die.” (Robed Guy 1)


“It’s about another month? It will be easier if he tops soon.” (Robed Guy 2)


“From the start, it’s impossible for an Explorer Sheep demihuman to become a member of the nobility.” (Robed Guy 1)


“Isn’t he about to run out of money? Let’s get him a sweet deal when he hits rock bottom.” (Robed Guy 2)


“You fancy Dirk’s wife, didn’t you……” (Robed Guy 1)


“Yeah, she’s too good for him. I especially love her body. I want to make love to her over and over again, night after night until she passes out. Nyahahahahahaha.” (Robed Guy 2)


“You’re still the same…… Vold. You should do something about your perverted behavior. It’s a lot to process.” (Robed Guy 1)


It’s okay. It’s going to break soon anyway. Oh, I’m looking forward to it. I want to see him break down right in front of my eyes. Don’t you think so, Kiddish-san? ” (Vold)



 Voldo looks at Kiddish with a predatory look.


 He was a completely depraved person.



“Well, you’ll have to agree. It’s really hard to stop, but hahahahaha.” (Kiddish)


“No difference. Ahyahyahya” (Vold)




 A cacophony echoed in the darkness of Faguilded.

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