Underground Doctor Chapter 26: Pink Rabbi and Alicia part 3

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I ponder deeper, wondering if someone is moving behind the scenes.



“I didn’t know what to do … we finally had a daughter.” (Luna)


“Well… I heard that it’s difficult to do “it” with demi-humans.”


“Hey, Kaoru-sama, you can’t say that! Have some delicacy!” (Alicia)



Alicia arrived and brought us drinks.


Her face is a little red.



“It’s fine. And it’s true.” (Luna)


“But Luna-san is quite young.” (Alicia)


“Ufufu, I’m 21 years old. But I’m still an active adventurer. I won’t lose to both of you.” (Luna)



A small smile appeared on her face.


And Luna looks at Alicia and says something with a teasing tone to it.



“Alicia will be happy every day if she has children. Haven’t you decided to make one yet?” (Luna)


“Ahhh…” (Alicia)


“Alicia-san, how cute, you’re blushing quite fiercely.”



Occasionally, Alicia is teased by Luna.


When she heard that we are also newlywed, she also comes to talk about romance.


Alicia sometimes goes to Luna’s house and plays around.


I had asked Alicia to take care of Luna while Dirk was away since I was worried about her condition.


Many people break down under stress.


Dirk was one of them, and he is already quite exhausted.



“Well, I think it will be solved if I squeeze the ones that harass him this time.”


“The opponent is bad. The ones that caught my eye were Kiddish from [Faguilded] and Voldo from [Farsees]. They are originally the top two of the Wolfmen…” (Luna)


“I heard that many Wolfmen are mild-mannered?”


“Yeah. There are many mild-mannered among them… Those two however are different. Originally, the aristocrats who served the empire are called Campbell Wolfmen. Among them, those two are known to be quite terrible. ” (Luna)


“They are both aristocrats since the beginning… How troublesome. No, wait…”



Kaoru is soon deep in thought.


He lets out a small laugh while wearing a sly expression.


Alicia and Luna are having a bad premonition.


Until now, an “incident” had always occurred after Kaoru makes this kind of face.


Although small, it was a prelude to a change in Vista Island.



“Kaoru-sama you’re up to no good. You shouldn’t stand out!” (Alicia)


“You’ve been laying low for quite some time.” (Luna)


“That’s right…”



I was exterminating the suspicious people who came onto this island.


It stands out whenever a stranger enters whenever they seem to be searching for someone.


I was the first to detect, capture, and lightly torture them.


I bury the unconscious people in the sandy beach, wake them up when the sea is changing tides, and it’s enough of a threat of death if they didn’t speak quickly.


I was doing this without letting them see my face.


Therefore, the information that I was here did not flow outside.


Most of them were irrelevant because they were mostly bandits.



“Alicia it is okay. I won’t move as long as they don’t start something.”


“Well, that’s fine. Kaoru-sama, I’m just worried because you can be quite reckless.” (Alicia)


“You’re really close. I’m jealous of you being able to talk honestly to each other.” (Luna)


“If Luna talks honestly, I think Dirk will understand.”


“Hmm … I’m telling you, I don’t know how to talk to my husband …” (Luna)


“It’s okay. The other day, Dirk-san talks about Luna-san who understands him. Right, Kaoru-sama?” (Alicia)



Alicia tries to encourage Luna.


Looking at Alicia, who was desperately trying, Luna, laughed and said, “Thank you.”


After that, we talked about nothing of importance.



“I’m sorry. I’ve taken quite a lot of your time.” (Luna)


“This is also a part of my job.”



Luna didn’t understand what Kaoru was saying, but she gave a slight bow and went home.


Alicia also sends me a questioning look.


I realize what she wants to hear and said it first.



“Did you not realize it’s part of our work.”


“……Yes.” (Alicia)



Alicia replied apologetically.


I told her I was giving Luna psychiatric treatment.



“It may still be difficult for Alicia…”


“Okay, I see.” (Alicia)



I told her it was our job to listen to Luna.


Right now, it is hard to talk about work, with Luna and Dirk.


Moreover, I can’t talk to the residents about such things and I feel quite stuck.


If they keep these things in their mind all the time, they will break someday.


It can be said that proper destressing is necessary.


Listening and making good conversation is a good treatment.


Excessive stress can lead to depression and irreparable consequences.


I explain these to Alicia while eating.



“Now, there are many things I don’t understand yet. I’ve recorded it with my skills, so I’ll look back later.”



Alicia said with a motivated expression.


I stroked Alicia’s head.


At that time, I notice that the Pink Rabbi isn’t there.



“Where did the Pink Rabbi go?”


“Both are curled up in bed.” (Alicia)



The two of us returned to our living space, and Alicia laughed while looking at Pink Rabbis.



I’m glad she’s happy and above all else.

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