Underground Doctor Chapter 4 Discussion on Rehabilitation and Reward Part 2

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 I took Alicia back to her room.

 After that, I waited for Cain-san to come back while enjoying the reception room.

 In the reception room, luxurious furnishings were prepared but tasteful enough that it doesn’t look gaudy.

 A cozy space where you can see the colorful flowers planted outside from the large windows.

 I sat on a high-quality, soft sofa and wait for Cain-san’s return. 

 After a while, Karin-san brings a drink and puts it on the table.

 Picking it up and taking a quick sip.

 The taste quickly spreads in my mouth.

 The sweetness is not persistent, with just a hint of grapefruit.

 I have never thought that there was grapefruit juice in this world.

 The door opened while I was relaxing on the sofa and waiting.

 With a blindingly big smile, a couple entered the reception room.

 I think the person with Cain-san is probably his wife.

 I prepare myself and greeted the couple.

 The woman has a dignified look and with an aura of a learned woman.

 Hair is short around shoulder length long.

 The color was the same pale blue as Alicia, and it was very beautiful.

 She was wearing a simple white dress, and she’s probably about 160 cm (5’ 3”) tall.

 The decorations on her dress were simple and fluffy, but on her it was beautiful.


“Greetings and thank you for coming here. I am Sara Orvis.” (Sara)


 Smiling then bowing down.

 I shook her hand, saying “Nice to meet you.”


“Thank you for waiting. Kaoru-sama.” (Cain)


 Cain-san also bows beautifully and bows to me.


“No, I didn’t wait long. I taught Alicia how to rehabilitate herself to prepare for the future and it took a while.” (Kaoru)


 I laughs and said to Cain-san, “I don’t mind.”


“Oh, how was Alicia?” (Cain)


 Cain has heard the results of my visit today.

 Sarah looks interested.

 They were staring at my eyes.

 So I made the status screen visible to the couple.

 Widening it to a 24-inch screen.

 Then, the condition of the heart before and after treatment is displayed on the screen.

 I will explain it to the two of them.


“I’m sorry about this illness. I told Cain-san once, but I’ll explain it again. The disease name is [Dilated cardiomyopathy]. You can tell by looking at this screen. You can see that the muscle wall becomes weak, and this is one is before the treatment. This is the original thickness of the wall. This disease causes the muscle wall of the heart to thin and expand. The amount of dilation reduces the contraction of the heart.” (Kaoru)


 The image of the heart on the screen reflected how the blood was pumping and circulating.

 One is the information I got using [diagnosis] when I first came here.

 The other is the information I got from [2D Echo] today.

 They look like they are looking at something outrageous.


“Does the heart move like this while inside…” (Sara)

“Within my body, something is moving similar to this.” (Cain)


 Both of them have slightly disappointed faces.

 They both try to understand what I had just explained. 

 However, at present, even if I explain things to them as clearly as I can, the lack of knowledge is a problem. With a society with no TV or internet, common knowledge can’t be accessed freely by anyone.

 What magic did I use? Both of them had a lot to ask.

 I explained that it was medical magic, and I think it would be a hassle to explain.

 This time, I told them it was only possible with this new magic.

 I threw the word “new magic” whenever a tedious explanation will come up.

 Therefore, the two of them who didn’t know better were convinced by it.


“And then, Alicia-chan’s heart worn-out and got seriously ill. Typical starting symptoms are palpitation and shortness of breath with some light exercise. And when the illness becomes severe, they couldn’t move and would become bedridden. She would have died sooner or later.” (Kaoru)


 The two are terrified when they hear about death.

 They felt helpless when there was a chance Alicia will leave this world in the near future.


“To cure her illness, I did a heart transplant. To put it simply, I replaced her damaged and worn-out heart, and with a healthier one. So, as to not be any doubt in what I did. The images are from her chest.”


 I also had equipment similar to a camera among the many tools in the dimensional operating room.

 It can be used as a tool for the development of medical technology and for training new doctors.


“No, it’s good” (Cain)

“Yes, I trust you. And Alicia looks better than ever before.” (Sara)


 Both of them had cramped faces.


“Yes, I understand. If you want to see it, just say so.” (Kaoru)


 I save the video data while replying.

 It can be used as evidence if a problem occurs.


“And, what’s going to happen in the future? Because Alicia-chan has been bedridden and hasn’t been moving so far, she loses muscle strength. From now on, we have to improve it. Alicia-chan, who has become so energetic and rejuvenated can be taken out by some pathogen. So we have to prepare a ‘sterile room’ for her in the meantime.” (T/N – Sterile rooms in a hospital set up are rooms where people with weak immune response are placed until their body can cope with the natural environment. You can google a clearer definition if you like.)


 The two were so surprised that they asked if their house can accommodate for one.


“Well… The long explanation was over at the end. From now on, I have to prepare medicine and give regular checkups for at least three months.” (Kaoru)

“At least three months?! Does it take that much time? Isn’t it too long? If it is a drug that should be made for three months, I think we can manage it here?”


 Cain-san’s thoughts are based on his knowledge of recovery magic.

 So he thinks it’s long.

 And because he thinks it’s just a pill, he thinks he can make it for Alicia.


“Hmm. There seems to be a little misunderstanding, Cain-san. I’m not going to heal her with magic. Her body has been under trauma from the surgery and from battling the disease. Basically, I don’t need to cast recovery magic on her. Plus, the medicine is not just something she takes constantly for three months. I have to monitor her and decide on when and how to adjust her medicine, if an amateur does it, a powerful medicine may turn to a deadly poison. If you can’t accept it I will leave. But remember this is only for three months, after that, she’s free to fulfill her future. So please choose wisely.” (Kaoru)


 I looked at Cain-san and Sarah-san with a look hinting, “When you decide, make sure it is something you won’t regret.”

 Cain-san and Sarah-san discuss and decide.


“OK. I’ll choose for three months of treatment.” (Cain)


 I heard these words and my face looked sly for a moment.


“Okay, the contract has been concluded. Now, from here on, We’ll talk about the payment. So how should we do this? This surgery is definitely pricey due to Alicia’s heart transplant; also how much is a typical Greatest Priest’s highest recovery magic. How much for the medicine and the regular checkups for the next 3 months?” (Kaoru)

“Umu, at the time of the great priest’s highest-level recovery magic, it was at 100 gold coins. So, I think I’ll double that number. Regarding how much should I pay for regular checkups and three months of medicine? I have no idea.”


 Cain has specified the amount of money for heart transplants.

 The world’s currencies are 50,000 lira for every gold coin, 10,000 lira for every mithril coin, 5,000 lira for every silver coin, 1,000 lira for every copper coin, and 100 lira for every zinc coins.

 The price of this heart transplant is 10 million lira, and the average monthly salary here is 100,000 lira, which is a considerable amount.

 Kaoru was listening to the currencies and average monthly income at Reese’s, so he thought it was a lot of money. 

 Even in modern times, the cost of a heart transplant is 50 to 140 million yen including various expenses.

 It is not an amount that can be normally paid out.


“Medicals and regular checkups cost 10,000 lira a day. The highest price in the city here.” (Kaoru)


 Kaoru offers the amount of money lightly.


“Um. If that amount is all right, that’s fine.” (Cain)


 Cain agrees without changing his facial expression.


“Then the reward is decided by this. For the time being, can I get half of it in advance and then afterward? Instead a deposit like when something happens on the way” (Kaoru)


 Kaoru wanted money because there is no sentence at the moment.


“Oh, is it okay if it’s just half of the total price?” (Cain)

“That’s right.” (Kaoru)


 Cain-san pulls out a check and writes the amount.


“If you bring this to a commercial guild, it will be redeemed. Then, I’ll ask for you to take care of Alicia for three months from now.” (Cain)


 He said while giving the check to me.

 When you pick it up and check the amount, there is half the total reward of 10,900,000 lira.

 The amount of 5,450 thousand lira was written.


“By the way, I’m happy to be of service for three months from now. Then I’ll be back soon.” (Kaoru)


 That being said, I left the Orvis family.

 The destination was of course the Reese’s Clinic/inn.



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