Announcement: Just Some Stuff

Hi everybody. Final month of 2023, I have some announcements.

First of I will take the IELTS at the 15th, so I would not be posting December 11 to 15. Wish me luck.

Also, expect four advanced chapters (instead of two or three) for every series (except 11 to 15). This is until January 31st 2024.

There is also the 20% off discount on the website. So, use LAZY20OFF for 20% discount for membership tiers Named Extra, Supporting Character, Main Character, and T2 and T3 until the apocalypse or end of Lazy-kun. The discount code will be effective until January 31, 2024.
Readers who want to sign up using Ko-fi can sign up to discount/special tiers. This is also until January 31, 2024.
Hopefully, even after I find a job overseas, I can still continue the website with the same pace or better. I will however not stop as long as I am finding series that I can share with all of you. So, I hope we can be together again December of 2024 and further.
Thank you to all the Supporters (website, Ko-fi, and Patreon) and readers. Cheers to the end of 2023 and to a better 2024.
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