All-rounder Healer Chapter 13: Magic and the Village General Store

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 As the villager told me earlier. The general store was nearby.


 When I opened the old wooden door, the various things lined up in the store, which was about six tatami mats wide, fascinated me. [T/N: Tatami mat 0.9 m by 1.8 m or 3 ft. by 6 ft.]


 There were knives, unfamiliar leaves, bottles, clothes, armor, unfamiliar boards, paper, tubs, and bags, dried food of some kind, and something that looked like a water bottle. In addition, books.


 How could I not be excited by all this?



“Welcome. What do you need?” (Storeowner)



 A voice from the back of the store addressed me.


 Do not; I do not have enough information right now, let alone a way to live. I cannot afford to be daydreaming.


 Looking at the back of the store, a middle-aged man who seems to be the owner was looking back at me.



“Well, I heard that people can buy a grimoire here. What do you have for sale?” (Rook)



 When I said that, the shopkeeper took out about 10 books from the side shelf.


“This is all I have now. Life magic and Ball system of three elemental attributes.” (Storeowner)


 He lined up the books on the desk as he said that.


 The Grimoire is a dark green color overall and is about a size larger than a normal paperback. The spell’s name is written on the cover with characters that are unfamiliar but familiar at the same time. There is almost no significant difference other than that, and it seems unlikely that it can be distinguished from a normal book other than the title.


 Aside from life magic, I was not sure what the Ball system was, but when I found the [Fireball] grimoire, I thought it was an attack spell.


 Somehow, I pick up a grimoire that says [Light Ball].



“Uh!” (Rook)



 At that moment, I felt that something connected between the grimoire and my hand, and for some reason, it felt familiar.


 I could not help but react to the completely new and unknown sensation.


“Oh, that is rare, but you seem to be suitable to light magic? Oh! Just so, you know, but do not use the grimoire. If you use them, you will have to buy them.” (Storeowner)


 I am a little surprised at his words, but even if I am told not to use them, I do not know how to use them in the first place.


 I got scared, so I put the grimoire back on the table.



“How much is this [Light Ball] grimoire?” (Rook)


“Two gold coins. The same is true for other ball magic. And life magic is two silver coins.” (Storeowner)


 Hmm… I have one gold coin, ten silver coins, and ten copper coins. If I have ten silver coins and one gold coin, I can buy the [Light ball] grimoire. However, if I do not buy it, I might look suspicious, not knowing the value of the coins. Before that, it is too much of a problem to have ten copper coins in my possession. I am afraid of using up most of my money when I have not even secured a way to make money yet.


 For the time being, I tried to touch other grimoires, but I could only feel that sensation when I touched the [Light Ball] grimoire.


 Apparently, I am only suitable for light magic, but this is expected. This is because the only attribute-related ability I acquired in that “white space” was [Light Attribute].


 When I was thinking about what I should do, the store owner talked to me.



“You’ve never used magic before, have you? Right?” (Storeowner)


“Umm… Well… That is right.” (Rook)



 His sudden comment was right on point, and I could only mumble a reply.


 And with that situation, I honestly admitted it… This may be a failure at the moment. I just have to be careful not to be taken advantage of.



“You’re the type of person who prioritizes dressing up, right? You should not do that. That kind of attitude can kill you.” (Storeowner)


“Yes. I am sorry. I will be careful.” (Rook)



 After that exchange, I asked him to teach me various things about magic.


 In this world, magic basically refers to the six-attribute magic, each attribute has its own aptitude, and it seems that it is the foundation to remember and use magic that matches your aptitude.


 However, that does not mean you cannot use magic you do not have any aptitude. It seems that if you practice, you will be able to use grimoires that you have no aptitude for. In particular, life magic is the easiest magic to use, and it seems that most people can use it after some training.


 There were a number of things I was curious about, but I did not ask any rude questions.


 I did not want him to notice my ignorance. It would be a problem if people misunderstood me and mistook me for a nobleman or merchant or some rich person. However, at this point, I do not know what the situation would be like if they found out I was a reincarnated person. I do not know how many reincarnated people have come to this world, but this time at least a hundred people must have come all at once. Eventually, there may be some people who would admit to being reincarnated, and I cannot tell how people will act. So, I do not want to leave too much of a connection between me and other reincarnated people.


 After listening to various stories, I thanked the storeowner, bought a [Light Source] grimoire, a knife, and clothing, and left the shop.



“So,” (Rook)



 For the time being, I have almost achieved my initial goal.


 First of all, I wondered if I really understand the local language.


 And I checked the price of grimoires on sale.


 Information about the village.


 I also investigated the value of coins I have on hand, especially the prices.


 The rest is about work, and I asked the owner of the general store earlier about the general area.



 Time to go to the Adventurer’s Guild.



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