All-rounder Healer Chapter 14: Adventurer Registration

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 The Adventurer’s Guild was near the center of the village, marked by a sign with a sword and shield. The area is much larger than the general store, and it seems to be a three-story building.


 In the first place, I was convinced that adventurers existed from the time I was in that “white space”. Because there was an item named [Adventurer Set] in the [Item] section of the [Window]. So, if I was looking for a job, I wondered if I could be an adventurer for the time being.


 Opening the door of the Adventurer’s Guild, I entered.


 The inside’s layout is like a bank’s, with a long counter table in front and three counters side by side. There were a table and chairs in the back on the right side, and it looked similar to a restaurant.


 Looking around the guild, only one staff member is manning the counter and the others were doing chores behind. There are almost no people around. The rest are some people dressed like adventurers who are eating.


 Looking at the position of the sun, I think it is around noon. The adventurers may be working.


 I called out to the young woman at the reception on the left side.



“Excuse me. I’d like to register.” (Rook)


“Yes. Are you new at registering? Then, please fill up this form. If you cannot write letters, you can ask for assistance.” (Receptionist)



 A whitish board of wood was handed over.


 Paper may still be valuable in this world.


 After thinking for a moment in my head, I refused the assistance. I answered, “I can write, so I will be fine.” I immersed the quill pen prepared on the table in the inkwell until the pen stopped filling up.


 There are four items: name, age, attribute specialization, and special skills.


 There is no particular problem with age, aptitude attributes, and special skills, but… what should I do with my name? I do not want to write my real name since other reincarnated people might recognize me. Now that I think about it, I was reborn when I was reincarnated. So, I wonder if a new name would be good.


 Hmm… Is it okay to use the same name Bishop in ListAge…? No, it is no good. The members of the Nine of Dawn may mention my name. Hmm… Then I should use Rook, so it can be related due to the chess connection. Yes, I will do that.


 My name will be Rook, age 15, my attribute is light, and my special skill is Spear Arts. Write it and submit it.



“Well, your name is Rook. The attribute is light. It is rare… Yes, we are done. Now I will tell you about the guild and the guild rules.” (Receptionist)



 The guild rules explained by the receptionist were clear and concise.


 First of all, the guild rank starts from F up to SSS. F-rank cards are only valid in the registered town. E-rankers get a copper guild card, and it is now a formal card that can be used in other towns.


 Unless something goes extremely wrong. I am sure I will stay in this village for the time being. Well, I will figure things out later.


 The guild rules are to follow the local rules. Refrain from fighting between guild members as much as possible. Do not harm civilians. Complete requests properly whenever possible. In short, do not become a bother, and I think I should just follow common sense.


 Well, even if they decide to make it more specific, it would be difficult to make people follow it. It cannot be helped. They have to think about making rules easier to follow for people who enter a dangerous profession that earns with just their own body and skill. I guess that is reasonable.



“We are done. Then this is your guild card. Do not lose it.” (Receptionist)


 The receptionist gave me a brown piece of wood with the name of this village, my name, and the letter F on it. I checked it for a moment and then asked a few things.



“Well, are there any requests I can receive? Something right for beginners?” (Rook)



 When I ask, the receptionist ponders a little and then answers.



“That’s right. There are monster subjugation requests, and this village has a beginner dungeon.” (Reception)


“A beginner dungeon?” (Rook)


“Yes, that’s right. It is quite shallow with a total of just five levels. The monsters are weak and there are no traps. If you clear it, you will get a good item only once. Every adventurer here dives into the dungeon at least once.” (Receptionist)



 I see. A dungeon? Suddenly something very fantasy-like came out.


 I am a little excited. Should I try it?


 I gather information about the dungeon from the receptionist. Then, I ask about the location of the inn and then leave the guild.


 I thought I should go to the dungeon, but it is no longer the best time because it is just a few hours until sunset based on the angle of the sun.


 I will do my best tomorrow. I decided to go to the inn with the typical NEET excuse for not working. [T/N: NEET is short for Not in Employment, Education, and Training.]


 It is next to the guild, too.



 The receptionist at the guild introduced me to an inn called “Forest of Tranquility”, which is popular among low rankers.


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