Mid Boss Chapter 7: Mid-Boss Level 99

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There is a tower called the “Pillar of the World”.



 This is the last dungeon of the world created by our president, Overlord, a higher-ranking being than my current boss, the Demon King.


 Their existence is known only to some high-ranking demons, including the Demon king, and the tower and its inhabitants are cleverly hidden by the mythical class concealment magic cast by the Overlord.


 If the human side finds this dungeon, they will need at least level 90 magic resistance.


 Of course, on the top floor of this 70-story tower, is the Overlords Domain, but by the time you get there, each floor has a guardian. You have to defeat 69 monsters called Keepers.



 Of course, they are not half-baked.


 Even the weakest Keeper on the first level, “The One Who Crawls in the Dark,” is level 92.


 As a side note, he is the boss’s pet, and his nickname is Cookie.


 He happily spits sulfuric acid saliva from his throat, and if by some mistake he escapes from the tower, the world will probably come to an end in less than a week.


 But that never happens.


 In fact, the Keepers of the Tower would never leave the tower.


 This is because the pillars of the world are the last stronghold of the demon race, created by our president in preparation for the coming “Disaster”.



 …… Well, why did I talk about this?


 That’s just expected, since I’m from the Pillar of the world.



 64th level Keeper.


 Thousand Hands Narugoa-Level 99.



 How did I, a man who had experienced the boredom of being an office worker as a guardian of the 64th level? I have just been sitting around waiting for some unknown calamity to strike. Catch the attention of my boss, the Demon king, and be appointed as the Mid-Boss of the Cave of Silence?


 That’s a story for another time


 Now that I have to clean this up as my final job.







“Grants… was killed…?” (Dia)



 The Warrior Dia muttered those words between long pauses of disbelief



“Grants, the Strongest Sage, killed by a single spell… Such a ridiculous thing…” (Dia)


“–Don’t be scared, Dia!” (Bernhard)



 The Hero Bernhard shouted at Dia breaking her out of her thoughts



“But Bernhard!” (Dia)


“I am also shocked… I didn’t think the Mid-Boss here has such a strong trump card! However! [Graviton] is an advance magic that is on par with [Black Flare]!” (Bernhard)


“Oh yeah! Such level of magic can’t be fired in rapid succession!” (Dia)


“This means he just bought time! He might have used such a strong attack; it’s not a mystery how he could kill one of us! It’s commendable! But a magician that squeezed out his all is practically a sitting duck!” (Bernhard)


“… It is our turn.” (Dia)


“Bingo! Be very afraid monster! You dirty demons are going to die! Dia!” (Bernhard)


“Oh… Oh! Okay, Bernhard!” (Dia)



 Dia, who seems to have regained her composure, is now ready for battle.


 Oh, But I’m here you know.


 This cut me deeply.


 But their remarks-no matter how happy they sound, they did not declare surrender.



“I’m going to [Multi Cast]! [Accelerate]! [Accelerate]! [Accelerate]! Maximum [Accelerate]!” (Dia)


 The Warrior Dia applied enhancement magic to herself and disappeared from the “world” instantly.


 The world, not just my view.


 When it comes to enhancement magic over level 70, it is not just a simple body strengthening.


 At the highest level of this branch of magic, it can even interfere with time—a deadly blow running through the stopped time becomes an unavoidable slash.


 Indeed, the moniker “Hero Party”, defeating the Demon Lord is not just for show.





“How slow.”


“What!?” (Dia)



 Dia appears behind me with a move similar to teleportation, but my “hands” far exceed her movement.


 A clenched fist emerged from an empty space between me and Dia, punching her hard.



“Ahhhhh!?” (Dia)



 Dia has taken a defensive stance, but that’s meaningless.


 Her body folds like a partly open clam before flying parallel to the ground and rolling on the ground, and finally smacking against a wall of rock.



 Hmmm, as expected, a warrior over level 70, she’s extremely durable.


 ――I highly doubt she’ll instantly die after being hit by me.



“What …?” (Bernhard)



 In an instant, Bernhard, the leader of the Hero Party lost strength on his lower body and was quite astonished.



“Dia is someone who also fought with the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Lord’s army was easily thrown out…?” (Bernhard)


“The hands have never been dexterous.”



 I was never the prominent or had a strong personality among the guardians. Often times my colleagues would even try to take over my floor.


 Anyway, those attacks would be useless if the enemy is burning or fluid body.



“—This cannot be real!” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard roared like a beast.


 His relaxed expression from before morphed into a vicious scowl.



“We are! We are the Legendary Hero Party that defeated the evil Demon Lord! You are just a Mid-Boss…! This is not real! Something here is wrong!” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard held his sword in front of him.


 The holy sword he held was tinged with a dazzling white light.


 The scared light… I see, is that the Holy Sword?



“… Yeah! I see! That horrifying hand… You are a summoner! Right?” (Bernhard)


“A summoner, hmmm… Why do you think so?”


“Huh! But aren’t you one!?”



 No, I was just impressed by your extremely interesting view.


 These hands have been on my side since me my first memory, and I was able to manipulate them at my will.


 All of it was literally like my limbs.


 That’s why I never thought anything about it.


 The pillar of light from the sword held by Bernhard combines into a thin stream.



“I don’t know how powerful these summons are, but then I just have to aim at the summoner’s body!”



 The more he says it, the more I can’t deny it.


 Maybe I’ve signed a contract with some monster and summoned it…



“Disappear the dingy demons!”



 The Hero Bernhard swings down this “light” towards me.


 An ultra-dense sacred attack that turns monsters into dust just by touching them.


 But I grabbed this—with one hand.


 It’s not my “summoned hand”, but my “real hand”.



“What…!?” (Bernhard)



 The Hero tried to pull the sword in a hurry, but it didn’t move at all.


 The unstable sacred light seemed to reflect his agitation as it was.


 A ball of sweat dripped down his face.


 It seems that he finally realized it.



 -I made a mistake with the person I started a fight with. (Bernhard)



“Why, why!? I’m a Hero chosen by God! I also defeated the Demon Lord and brought peace to the world! The fools back home are waiting for me with their applause and cheers! A triumphant return! A glorious return!” (Bernhard)


“You should have gone straight back to the castle instead of taking a detour, so you could have had a nice drink and told your saga… You let your guard down.”


“I let my guard down!? I became careless!? Is there any carelessness or need to think when crushing a garbage dungeon like this one!?” (Bernhard)



 I lifted my eyebrows.


 …… Oh, I am already at my limit.


 This guy has finally crossed a line that I cannot ignore.



“I am fine to be depreciated, and I’m used to it because I’m a Mid-Boss. But… I can’t overlook the fact that you ridiculed my subordinates and my workplace.”



 I deploy four hands simultaneously.



“Hey!? No, stop! I’m the Hero! A Hero! I’m not a human who can just die in an unknown place!” (Bernhard)


“Thank you for your kindness, so let me introduce myself while I can.”



 I put y strength in the hand holding the holy sword, and—threw Bernhard with all my strength.



“Ah…” (Bernhard)



 Bernhard’s body is high after being launched high into the sky.


 The last thing he saw, with a stupefied expression on his face, was four giant hands, each glowing in a different color.



“–I’m Narugoa, a Mid-Bod, my special skill is performing five parallel actions.”


“You must be kidding…” (Bernhard)



 His deathblow was also bland.


 Completely different attribute magic radiated from four hands landed under him almost at the same time.



 –The next moment, unbelievable fireworks bloomed in the dark sky.






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