Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 10.2: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *5

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 After that, I then sent Ms. Croix off to her bedroom while I put away my art supplies, sharpened my pencils for tomorrow, and then decided to go to Laocles’ room.


 …and then.



“Hey, Tougo. You’re pretty fast.” (Fay)



 For some reason, Fay was there.



“…what is going on?” (Tougo)


“We called you because I wanted to talk to you.” (Fay)


“Oh, that’s what it is… Oh, by the way, Ms. Croix thought this was her room, so I had to fix that. I showed her to the opposite room before coming. After that, Laocles followed through the window and now my summoned beasts are playing around in Laocles’ room.” (Tougo)



 …Well, what does this mean?



“The point is, I’m wary of Ms. Croix.” (Fay)


“Eh?” (Tougo)






“I told Laocles how I came to bring Ms. Croix with us. And while you were keeping Ms. Croix busy as a model, Laocles and I had a little chat…” (Fay)


“That woman is suspicious.” (Laocles)


“…well, we came to that conclusion.” (Fay)



 When did these two become such good friends?


 And then, um… I feel like the conversation progressed quite a bit while I’m drawing, but what does that mean?



“First of all, her story is too suspicious.” (Fay)


“Yeah. I think so too.” (Laocles)



 Too suspicious. I think it’s too good to be true that there is such a beautiful woman and that I can rent her for two months. Yeah.



“The only thing I can think of is to get information through you, about me and Red Dragon.” (Fay)


“Oh, I see…” (Tougo)



 Yeah, that makes sense. If I’d been with them for a long time, surely, I would’ve heard about the Red Dragon two. Especially if it’s been a long time, like two months.



“…I’ve never heard of the Scheele family having an adopted daughter. I’m sure such a beautiful woman would be talked about somewhere, but I’ve never heard of her. I mean, I guess they adopted her recently… but I guess she is their mistress. The way she was acting.” (Fay)


“Or maybe he wanted to make us think she was his mistress and didn’t want us to pursue her.” (Laocles)



 Wow… is that what it was? No wonder Fay had a complicated face. I see, a mistress… Hmmm, then I feel like I can understand Ms. Croix’s behavior somehow.



“However, it’s amazing that they went after you instead of me…” (Fay)


“Either he saw that he was easy to take advantage of, or he saw that it was too reckless to go directly for the target.” (Laocles)



 I am certainly easy to take advantage of. Yes, I am aware of that.



“Or maybe it’s Tougo himself. …No, it doesn’t sound like that.” (Laocles)



 I’ve heard that the Dioren family handled this and that very carefully. I mean, they didn’t want my story to get out anywhere else. I don’t think it’s likely that I was targeted because of that… If there is a reason for me to be targeted, it is because I am “Fay’s best friend.”



“Either way, there is no doubt that they are approaching you with a purpose.” (Laocles)


“In truth, she was probably planning to approach me, but Tougo fell in love with her at first sight, so she may have chosen Tougo because of that… I don’t know.” (Fay)



 Really. Hmmm…


 …Ms. Croix is a very beautiful person, but beautiful people are beautiful in their own way and have many things going for them. I’m sure. It is said that beautiful flowers have thorns…



“So, about the conversation with Laocles and I… well, I’m sorry Tougo, but for now, the policy is to be wary of Ms. Croix.” (Fay)


“Yeah. I think that’s fine.” (Tougo)



 As for me, I think that Ms. Croix is very important as a model, but since I don’t really understand Ms. Croix’s purpose, I think it’s necessary to be vigilant. Of course. Painting is one thing, but being vigilant is another.



“…So, Togo. What are you going to do from now on?” (Fay)


“Eh, what I am going to do…” (Tougo)



 Ms. Croix is suspicious. She might be a spy. I know that’s possible. However…



“…I want to draw her.” (Fay)



 I really want to draw Ms. Croix.



“Yes! I knew you’d say that!!” (Fay)



 Fay said while laughing. Laocles chuckled and muttered, “You’re right.”



“It’s just that keeping you in the Redgarde family is a bit, well… it’s the Redgarde family that Ms. Croix wants to investigate, isn’t it?” (Fay)



 Yes. I understand that.



“So, here are two ideas.” (Fay)



 Fay said and raised two fingers.



“One, we’ll find a house on the outskirts of Redgarde mansion and turn it into your studio, and you can stay there for two months. And I’ll lock you and Ms. Croix in there for two months.” (Fay)



 …yeah. I see. That way, at least no one but me will know about it. It would be too much to ask for a house, though.



“And the second is… to take Ms. Croix to the forest where you live.” (Fay)



“Umm… Is that okay? There are horses there. If people know there are a lot of horses, won’t poachers come back?” (Tougo)



 When I was told to go to the forest, The biggest worry about going to the forest is the horses.


 The horses have been hurt once, and I don’t want to allow it to happen a second time. I don’t want them to have to go through that again.



“Ah… I don’t think you have to keep it a secret. I mean, if Ms. Croix is really checking up on us, she’d know that there are a lot of Pegasi and Unicorns in that forest.” (Fay)



 …I see. The poachers for horses knew that there were horses in that forest, and probably leaked some information when they sold the horses’ wings and horns.


 I don’t know much about the underworld, but I’m sure that the people who know about the horses know enough about them to know if they look into it… So, it’s a little too late to be concerned about it.



“…Well, it may be a new fact that there are people living in the forest, though, right? So, it may be more of a problem to have the Tougo inhabiting the forest than the Pegasus or the unicorns.” (Fay)


“But I might not need to protect you all by myself. There are unicorns in the forest. They might check on her.” (Laocles)


“I agree. If all those unicorns are showing their love for Togo, they can’t touch him.” (Fay)


“From the forest, it should be difficult to contact someone. We can narrow down the opponent’s actions considerably. It’s easy to suppress the evidence and capture the opponent.” (Laocles)



 …What a great conversation. I wonder how the conversation got this far. And when did Fay and Laocles become such good friends?



“So, what are you going to do, Tougo?” (Fay)


“Yeah. I’m going to stay in the forest.” (Tougo)



 Fay had asked me what I wanted to do, but I had always wanted to go to the forest. In addition to that, even after listening to the opinions of the two, I still think it would be better to take Ms. Croix to the forest.


 …in addition.



“Because her eyes are beautiful green.” (Tougo)


“……oh?” (Fay)


“I think the forest would suit her.” (Tougo)



 The background is very important.



“…If Togo is happy with it, you can bring her to the forest. I’ll be there to check on you as much as I can. Well, I’m curious to see what will happen to Ms. Croix if Tougo stays like this for two months.” (Fay)


“Unexpectedly, if you treat her like that, you might get rid of her venom…” (Laocles)



 …yes. Well, that’s it.


 We decided to go back to the forest.



 Laocles went back to Fay’s room through the window. He said he would sleep in Fay’s room for the rest of the day. He said it was for protection against Ms. Croix.



“Then, Tougo, go to bed early.” (Fay)


“Yeah. I’m looking forward to painting, so I’ll go to bed.” (Tougo)



 I decided to go back to my room. I’m looking forward to painting. So, I’m looking forward to drawing her.


 …I’m so excited that I may not be able to sleep.



“You really like to draw pictures…” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 I love it.


 I said to Fay happily and decided to go back to my room.



 The next morning.


 We left the inn and headed back to the forest.



“Are we going to the Redgarde territory?” (Croix)


“Yes. For the time being, you will be living in Tougo’s studio for a while, is that okay?” (Fay)


“Yes. I don’t mind.” (Croix)



 Croix will be with Fay on the Red Dragon. Laocles and I will fly on the alicorn.


 We flew, flew, flew, took a break, and had a little chat with Ms. Croix, and then flew again until…


 We arrived at the forest.



“Alright! We’re here!” (Fay)



 My house in the forest was the same. Surrounded by horses and, incidentally, bamboo.


 The horses immediately took an interest in Ms. Croix and came up to her. Checking the newcomer, huh?



“…Um, were you surprised?” (Tougo)


“Yeah, very…” (Croix)



 Surrounded by horses, Ms. Croix made a face like… “I didn’t expect this.”



 Yeah, sorry.




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