Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 119: The Safety Zone

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 The three of them were talking about how rich my parents must have been and how I was lucky to be allowed to carry the magic bag.



“Um, so, can I get some information about the dungeon?” (Louis)


“Oh, I’m sorry. You two collect the drops. What do you want to know, Louis?” (Laura)



 Laura pointed to a water area to me, when I asked if there was a place in the dungeon where we could take a safe break.



“Well, the next floor is the safety zone. It’s a floor where monsters don’t spawn.” (Laura)


“Is that so? I didn’t know there was a safety zone. I was already thinking of camping on this floor.” (Louis)


“If you camp on a level where monsters are present, you will be attacked, you know?” (Laura)



 I was convinced that was the case, and when I looked at Laura’s face, she had a worried expression on her face.


 No, Huey is there, and if we stay in the earthen house, I will be safe even if I was attacked.



“We’re done collecting the drops. Are you sure you want us to take it?” (Amy)



 Amy informed us.



“Yes, go ahead. If you want, why don’t you join me on the next floor.” (Louis)



 Since they survived the previous battle unscathed, they’re probably planning to move on to the next floor, but I’d like to hear about their sword as well.



“It’s okay, we can reach the next level in half an hour’s walk.” (Laura)



 Laura answered cheerfully, so I bowed my head and said thank you.


 The exploration would allow us to move with peace of mind since there were no demons in the surrounding area. As we proceeded, I asked her.



“Isn’t the sword Laura is using the sword made by Hector the blacksmith of Ares?” (Louis)


“How did you know?” (Laura)


“Actually, Mr. Hector showed it to me before he sold it to me. I provided the materials for the sword. It’s a Vampire Sword, right?” (Louis)


“So, you’re the child adventurer that Hector said was a genius?” (Laura)


“Huh? A genius? A child adventurer?” (Louis)



 I didn’t understand what she was saying, so I asked again, but she told me that there was a child adventurer, a genius blacksmith recognized by the blacksmith Hector, who could make something one rank higher, even when using the same materials.


 Laura begged me to show her a product made by a genius blacksmith, so I showed her my Vampire Knife. Or rather, I think the Vampire Knife was the only thing I made in front of Hector, but I’m sorry for the excessive evaluation.



“Is this the knife that amazed the Blacksmith Hector?” (Laura)



 Laura asked with a curious look in her eyes.



“It is one of the two best knives in the world, but I feel that Hector is overestimating it.” (Louis)


“Well, if Blacksmith Hector says that I’m sure you’re a genius at blacksmithing. However, I just don’t understand the value of this knife. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have an eye for a good piece of art.” (Laura)



 I wondered why he wanted me to show it to him, but I told him that it had the effect of “instantaneous blood-sucking”.



“I knew it. I’ve never seen or heard of a weapon with an ‘instantaneous’ effect. And there’s no limit to the number of times it can be used, is there? It’s just that it’s not decorated, but it’s as functional as an artifact. If you can make it, Hector the blacksmith is right.” (Laura)



 I think it’s overrated, but I decided to let her see.


 In the conversation that followed, she said that she wanted to see the item while saying that she had a poor eye. Most of all, she thought it would be a waste to let Blacksmith Hector show her his work, which she admired so much.



 In the meantime, we descended the stairs and arrived at the tenth floor, where the air was clean and there was no sign of any monsters. I checked the size of the safety zone and found it to be about two square-kilometer, and I wondered how the place could change the weather in such a large area.



 I thanked them for accompanying me up to this point and they told me that they would camp a little further away from me.


 I had no reason to refuse, so I agreed and began preparing to camp about five hundred meters away from the entrance. Since we were with strangers, however, I didn’t use an earth house, but a pre-built tent that I popped out of the Infinite Storage and put out a rocket stove, and I was ready to go.



 While the girls were hard at work putting up the tent, I prepared food and when the tent was ready, I asked them to join me for dinner.


 Today’s menu consisted of bread, orc steak with my original seasoning mix, vegetable, and mushroom soup, and fresh vegetable salad. I served five portions, including my own, and when I asked them to eat, all three of them looked surprised when I looked at their faces, apparently surprised that I was using portable meal sets.



“Please enjoy.” (Louis)



 I started to eat since it was too much trouble to explain. Yes, it tastes good as usual.


 Huey also gave me a loose telepathic message that “Louis’s cooking is delicious”.


 The Yuzuriha ladies came back to themselves and started eating and were surprised again.



“Soft bread, just like the bread we had in Ares!” (Laura)


“The orc meat has a very complex flavor, it’s delicious!” (Amy)


“It’s not the level of food you can eat in a dungeon!” (Mairi)



 I thought it was interesting to hear the three different opinions and asked if they wanted more bread or steak. I asked, and they all said yes, so I had to hurry and grill. After finishing our meal, we drank tea and were chatting when three people noisily walked toward us from the direction of the entrance.



 As they approached, we saw a trio with beast ears, one of whom was seriously injured.


 When they spotted us, they approached and called out to us.



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