All-rounder Healer Chapter 249: Summon Fairy and Liselotte

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 As usual, a three-dimensional magic circle formed in front of me, from which Lizzy appeared.



“Hello!” (Lizzy)


“Hey, hello.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion, who woke up before I knew it, also greeted Lizzy cheerfully.



“I called you in the dungeon this time, is that okay?” (Rook)



 When I asked her that, Lizzy tilted her head and said, “Yes?”


 She seemed to be unsure about it. But perhaps there is no problem in the dungeon. I’m not sure if she even knows what a dungeon is, though.



“…Actually, I’ve got some questions I wanted to ask you today.” (Rook)


“What’s the matter!?” (Lizzy)


“Well, do you know how I can clear this dungeon?” (Rook)



 When I asked her that, she tilted her head again, thought for a moment, and gave me her answer.



“Hmm… I don’t know!” (Lizzy)


“You don’t know…” (Rook)



 I see… No, I… Is it a hard thing to ask? It may be difficult to put the answer into words if you ask about something that seems to involve a variety of factors, such as clearing a dungeon. Maybe I should be more specific and ask about a narrower scope.



“Ah… well then, so, do you know how I can setup a camp in a dungeon?” (Rook)


“…I don’t know.” (Lizzy)



 Is this still too broad a scope? 


 I put my hand on my chin and think about it.


 Then how about asking about something more specific …… yeah, about magical tools?



“Well then—” (Rook)



 I looked at Lizzy’s face to continue asking more questions – and regretted it.


 She looked downcast and sad.


 I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly let it out. Then, I regained my composure.


 Yes, that’s right. Even though I knew that this magic, [Summon Fairy], would show me the way, I had this thought in my head that I didn’t want to use it for “that purpose” as much as possible.


 The Summoned Fairy, Lizzy’s knowledge is probably—not perfect.


 She does not see everything. She sees only what she can see. No matter how I asked her, she couldn’t understand what she couldn’t understand.


 I vaguely felt that it might be so.


 If I relied and relied on her precognition. But what if she fails to answer my question at a critical moment?


 What kind of face would I make then? And what would Lizzy’s face look like when she saw my face?


 She might blame herself for not meeting my expectations. She might be sad because she couldn’t help me.


 Somehow, I have always had a vague fear of such things. …Here is the answer.


 What did I look like just now?



“……sorry.” (Lizzy)



 Lizzy muttered quietly.


 Hearing that vanishing voice, I instinctively cover my face with my left hand. Then Shion slapped my hand.


 To be scolded by Shion… How pathetic.



“No, it’s not Lizzy’s fault. It’s my fault. I’m sorry for asking so much of you. …That’s right! I have some dried fruit from Aluppo! Let’s eat it together!” (Rook)


“……yes!” (Lizzy)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I took the dried fruit out of my backpack and ate it by the lake with Lizzy, who finally smiled at me.


 I knew it was not good to expect something from someone and be disappointed by them. Nobody should do that.


 Even if she doesn’t show me the way, it’s still not right to be disappointed in her. Even if the magic of the [Summon Fairy] is that kind of magic, Lizzy is not magic. Lizzy is Lizzy.


 With this thought in mind, I gazed out at the lake and pop a piece of dried fruit into my mouth.





“Thank you for your hard work. Would you like to have a drink after this?” (Rook)


“It’s unusual for you to ask me out. I’m done for the day.” (Hibos)



 After fishing and parting with Lizzy, I asked Mr. Hibos, who was guarding the gate of the Fifth Floor Village, while showing him a large number of fish, and he gave me his affirmative.



“So, are those lake fish? Can you eat them?” (Hibos)


“You can eat it. I have already eaten it many times.” (Rook)



 In response, Mr. Hibos put his hand on his chin and was thinking for a bit.



“But is it okay? I know you’ve been sneaking around the lake from time to time. You’ve also been keeping it a secret to get information from high-ranking adventurers, haven’t you?” (Hibos)



 …well, that’s right. I was hoping to get information on the seventh and eighth floors from high-rank adventurers in exchange for dungeon trout or something, but I was stuck on the sixth floor and had no choice but to rest my feet. Besides, I think it’s time to start spreading the word about fishhooks and that lake fish can be eaten, and if that happens, it’s not worth the price.


 But the biggest thing is that I can’t find a way to go any further in the dungeon, and my motivation is waning. Right now, I’m all over the dungeon exploration! I’m more in the mood for a drink with someone.



“…Well, I’d rather have a drink than do that right now.” (Rook)


“I see. I’ll ask the old man at the bar to grill some for me. I’ll buy you a drink, let’s drink today.” (Hibos)


“Oh! You’re quite generous!” (Rook)



 I paid the fee, entered the village, and headed for the bar.


 As I was walking into the bar, I glanced to the side and noticed a sign on the wall of the squire’s office that read, “Purchasing dungeon-produced lower-grade magic potions, six gold pieces, Duke of Almeil’s Squires.”


 It seems somehow odd, but I don’t think so.



“…Is it just my imagination?” (Rook)



 With that thought in mind, I headed to the tavern and, through Mr. Hibos’s negotiation, asked the master of the tavern to grill some dungeon trout for me.



“Yes, that’s right, it should feel like you put too much salt on it.” (Rook)


“About this much?” (Old Man)


“Ah! That’s right.” (Rook)


“Is the fire low?” (Old Man)


“Yes.” (Rook)



 As the master teaches him how to grill the fish, the whole bar is filled with the aroma of grilled lake fish, and all eyes are on the dungeon trout.



“…hey old man, give me one of those too.” (Adventurer)


“Old man! Me too!” (Adventurer)


“This is for the customer over there. If you want one, you’ll have to negotiate with them.” (Old Man)



 As the master said this, he squared his chin toward us, and all eyes that had been on the fish were now on us.


 Frogs are usually the lunch, main dish, appetizer, and snack of this village, so the appetite for food other than frogs is quite high.



“Oh, give me one, please!” (Adventurer)


“Give me one too!” (Adventurer)


“I kind of want that fish in my soup.” (Adventurer)



 Many adventurers gather around and demand fish, but there are too many to deal with.


 Well, we’re in trouble…



“Well, well, relax. As all of you know, this guy is a promising young adventurer who has been making a name for himself lately. But he seems to be stuck right now. How about this? He’ll give you fish, and you tell a story. How about that?” (Hibos)



 After Mr. Hibos said that, he asked me, “Is that okay with you?”


 I thought, “This is a post-adventure report!” I thought it was a good idea, but it was a proposal I couldn’t think of. I’d love to hear what the high-ranking adventurers here have to say even without dungeon crawling.


 …But you say that I am a “promising young adventurer who has been making a name for himself lately”? And what’s more, “all of you know,” how much do they know about me? Recently, I’ve been working to hide my abilities by being careful not to sell B-rank magic stones, but…


 Well, I’ll look into that later, but for now, I understand.



“Yes, that’s fine. Thank you very much, everyone!” (Rook)


“Yeah!” (Adventurer)


“That’s what I’m talking about!” (Adventurer)



 And so the banquet was held, and I was able to hear what the senior adventurers had to say.



“The map of the sixth floor in the guild shows this rock in the center, but it is actually further to the east. In fact, the big tree over here is closer to the center, so you can get to the seventh floor faster if we aim for it.” (Adventurer)


“I see!” (Rook)


“It’s just that no one has pointed this out to the guild because it’s too much trouble, but it’s information that all the high-rank adventurers here know. Be careful about this kind of information on the deeper levels of the dungeon, because it can be wrong.” (Adventurer)


“Thank you!” (Rook)



 I wrote down the information with a piece of paper and a pencil taken out of my backpack.


 There are few landmarks on the 6th floor, so I think it’s difficult to draw a perfect map, but let’s keep in mind that there is a possibility that the guild information may be wrong about the deeper floors where there are few people coming and going.



“The Duke has been strangely active lately.” (Adventurer)


“Oh, yes……” (Rook)


“The number of Holy Knights is increasing in the church as well. I don’t know what’s going on…” (Adventurer)


“Really…” (Rook)



 At any rate, I’m going to make a note of it. But I don’t know how useful it is.



“It is said that the eighth floor was hidden, but how can that be when the eighth floor was entered?” (Adventurer)


“Well, okay… That’s—” (Rook)



 Et cetera… Stories about the dungeon. Stories other than dungeon stories. I enjoyed listening to various stories.


 It has definitely fed me. However, I still feel a little empty.


 Some parties lightly invited me to join, but I had no choice but to decline. But now I don’t think I can go any deeper into the dungeon solo.


 But I could ask for information about the dungeon, which I had originally wanted to get.


 It was that kind of emptiness.


 In the meantime, the party was coming to an end. Some of the party went upstairs, and the rest of the party was drinking at the table, Mr. Hibos and I were at the counter emptying our mugs.



“Thank you very much for today. Thanks to you, I was able to get a lot of information.” (Rook)


“Okay. That’s fine. …but from the looks of it, it looks like you haven’t solved your problem yet.” (Hibos)


“…do I really look like that?” (Rook)


“Well, it’s written on your face. If you can talk about it, I can listen.” (Hibos)



 I heard Mr. Hibos’ words with a head drunker than usual and plopped down on the counter.


 I talked to him, “I came to the town of Aluppo, entered the dungeon, came to this village, and I did my fair share of work. What am I going to do now?” …and so on. Various words came and went out of my head.


 And then, a true thought leaked out.



“I was seriously thinking that if I kept working hard, I might be able to clear this dungeon someday.” (Rook)



 Hearing my words, Mr. Hibos gulped down his wine.



“Old Man, another drink.” (Hibos)


“Okay.” (Old Man)



 After receiving the wine from the master, Mr. Hibos swirled it around with one hand, making a vortex in his cup, he continued speaking.



“Well, at your age, and a guy who can get into the sixth-floor solo, you really could have cleared this dungeon someday.” (Hibos)


“Is that so… the sixth floor… no, why is that!?” (Rook)



 I didn’t tell anyone I was hunting on the sixth floor!



“Hey, hey, hey, who do you think I am? I’ve been guarding the gates of this village for years. The guys who hunt on the fifth floor and the guys who hunt on the fourth floor leave the village and head west. Those who head east generally tend to head to the sixth floor. And you’ve been heading east most of the time lately. It’s that simple, isn’t it?” (Hibos)



 I see! No, wait, wait, this is not the time to be impressed.



“…Wait a minute. When you say that those who head east ‘generally tend to head to the sixth floor,’ you don’t mean that they all head to the sixth floor, do you?” (Rook)


“Yes. I wasn’t sure either until I saw your reaction earlier.” (Hibos)


“…” (Rook)



 Haa… Did I make a mistake?


 I knew I shouldn’t talk about such a smart and careful thing at a party where alcohol is involved. If I was sober, I wouldn’t have fallen for such a thing… Well, the fact that I’m going to the sixth floor was information that I wanted to hide if possible, at the moment, but it’s information that wouldn’t be a big problem even if it came out. The information I really want to hide isn’t this, so as long as it’s not exposed, there’s no problem, it’s fine.



“Well, don’t get so angry. I’m the gatekeeper, so I know what’s going on, but no one else is going to notice.” (Hibos)


“…that’s fine.” (Rook)



 After a few moments of silence, Mr. Hibos opens his mouth.



“But even if you can clear this dungeon–don’t do it.” (Hibos)



 After a few moments of silence, Mr. Hibos downs his cup of wine.



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