Otherworld Company Chapter 8.3: I Think it Takes at Least a Year to Learn a Job, Don’t You?

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Another Side

~Suela’s Perspective~

I finished my small chat and coffee and everything became a little bit noisier, and it was almost as if nothing happened and I sighed unintentionally.

“Suela~” (Kaley)

“What is it, Kaley?” (Suela)

“Are you falling in love?” (Kaley)

“Goho!?” (Suela)

I thought that she’d throw one or two of the grudge-filled petty acts since she couldn’t eat the cake. I was prepared to parry it lightly, but the words from Kaley, a Dark Elf colleague who went above and beyond my expectations, made me inhale my coffee.

“Well, from what I see, I never would have thought you have a pulse.” (Kaley)

“What did you just say!?” (Suela)

“No, I thought you weren’t interested in men because you dismissed Royce’s advances with a single word, “I’m busy,” but now I see since that guy just came.” (Kaley)

“I don’t care if you have to work overtime.” (Suela)

I managed to let Kaley’s teasing words pass and got on with my work.

“Fortunately, I’m fine because the project is already standing, so I’ll be fine. I guess.” (Kaley)

I let out a sigh at my long-time friend, who laughed and said she wouldn’t let me escape.

“If you don’t want to, I do.” (Suela)

I was going to tell her to get out of my way.

“Hmm, you may not be interested, but I wonder if he is.” (Evia)

“Lady Evia.” (Suela)

In spite of her usual demeanor and appearance, my boss (Lady Evia), who appeared with a cup of coffee in her hand, was devilishly fond of teasing others and had a keen eye for this kind of talk.

And she has a good nose for things.

“As far as I can tell from this report, he’s good at his job. From what I’ve heard from the Machine King, his actions have been quite helpful.” (Evia)

It was definitely not a coincidence that she had his report in one hand.

She must have sensed what was going on over here and prepared it in order to join in the conversation.

“Is that so.” (Suela)

I would have been happy if there was no other intent to the conversation, but there is always a hidden intent to the conversations here.

Demons are that kind of people.

“Don’t be so shy. Lately, I’ve been fed up with the incompetence of humans who say their work is too hard, not worth it, they don’t feel well, and then they run away and don’t clean up after themselves. It’s not a bad idea to take a break and talk to your boss about something cheerful, even if it’s not about work.” (Evia)

I smiled and tried to cut the conversation short, but I didn’t think it would go through.

A cheerful topic, that would be me.

I’m not going to let you get away with it, she said with her smile, and there is absolutely no way I can go against her.

It is said that there is no one better than this person in terms of ability, standing, and particularly when it comes to pushing people around.

The next thing I knew, I could have confessed everything to her, and it would have been better to tell her to some extent and reduce the damage than to resist.

My friend sitting across from me has a big smile on her face as if she has gained a reliable ally.

I had to prepare myself for this challenge.

“I have some business to attend to.” (Suela)

With the utmost resistance, I tried to take the tiny chance.

“Hmm, I can’t force my subordinates to work overtime, as expected…?” (Evia)

I was expecting to be dismissed with a simple “no problem,” but the unexpectedly positive response put my mind at ease.

In addition, he showed signs of thinking for a moment, which might make things easier than expected.

“There’s someone bored here. Let her do half the work she’s doing. That should give you enough time to talk to me.” (Evia)

“Eh.” (Kaley)

But it seemed to be a feeble attempt.

It seems that my friend was sacrificed to make time for me, and there is no way out as I had expected.

As for my friend who said the declaration of the end of the work earlier, half of the documents on my desk were moved to Kaley’s desk by Lady Evia’s magic.

I can see her face, even without looking at her.

I’m sure her smile was now cemented on her face with the inevitable conversation.

“Although I can afford it, it is true that I am busy at the moment. Therefore, there is no need to do things in a roundabout manner.” (Evia)

Well, I guess I’m with you on that one.

The cold sweat that dripped down my face showed me what I was thinking.

“Come on, join (entertain) me.” (Evia)

From that point on, I told her everything that had happened in the month and a bit since we had met.

From the superficial memories of the interview. And when he was exposed to his somewhat twisted but serious personality. Then I saw his dedication to his training, I saw his bravery in taking on the Ogre King and the Undying King. I saw him fawn over me many times. I saw the warmth in his eyes when he thanked me with a smile after every treatment. I told her everything.

“He~he~he~, truly, There’s nothing better with coffee than a Dark Elf’s love story.” (Evia)

Thanks to this, I was able to entertain Lady Evia as she wished, but my heart felt so hot that I wanted to hide in a hole.

Then there’s another devil, Kaley, who was listening while working at the opposite desk, she was repeating what I just said.

They laughed at my feeble attempts at resisting, calling it child’s play, telling me it was all in vain. Then they asked me questions about my feelings.

“You’re still not in love, but you’re curious. I enjoyed the conversations, quite a lot. Suela, for a dark elf, you seem to have a good eye for men.” (Evia)

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Lady Evia in a good mood, but if possible, I wanted to be in a position to look at it. Hopefully, because of someone else and not because of me.

A Dark Elves’ view on love is as pale as their hair, but they are also single-minded and passionate.

They are always curt with those they are not interested in, and will never extend their feelings beyond friendship.

On the other hand, when a person of the opposite sex within a narrow range of interest appears, they can’t help but shift their focus and cross unceasingly the bottomless murky swamp.

So there is no shortage of stories about dark elves who have fallen for the wrong guy and ended up in dire straits.

That’s what Lady Evia said to have great eyes for people.

“It was a good break. I thank you.” (Evia)

“Yes.” (Suela)

I calmly replied to her as she walked away, but despite this, my hands were placed on both cheeks as if to release the heat, and my palms were firmly keeping the heat in.

My face is flushed, probably more than even my brown skin can hide.

In addition, this is an office, and my seat is positioned closer to the center, probably because it’s closer to Lady Evia.

As a result, there is no shortage of coworkers passing by, glancing at me.

Of course, this meant that there was no shortage of colleagues who would listen in on what I was saying earlier.

Some of them were kind enough to quietly walk away, but the entertainment-hungry, late-blooming Dark Elves would never turn a deaf ear.

It was a public humiliation.

My thoughts kept spinning in circles, and eventually, I realized that my face was too hot to be in this place.

There was no way I could get any work done.

For a moment, as if realizing something, the heat receded and I was able to calm down.

Taking advantage of this moment, I quickly gathered up the work on my desk and got up.

“Su-Suela?” (Kaley)

“Please?” (Suela)

“Eh, but, this.” (Kaley)

“Pleaaasee?” (Suela)

I probably have a murderous smile on my face right now.

But I don’t care.

No, I can’t care.

“Yes, I will do it.” (Kaley)

I shoved the stack of papers at Kaley and calmly left the office.

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Suela)

“Hey, Sue-bwah!?” (Royce)

I’m sure that my calmness earlier was just the calm before the storm.

As if to relieve the shame that I had endured until now, I started running with my magical power fully raised while raising an unvoiced scream.

“Royce was run over!” (Demon)

“Hey! Somebody get me a stretcher, a stretcher! He’s stuck in the wall! Hey! I don’t care but call a giant! Help me pull him out!” (Demon)

“Hey! He’s having some strange twitching!” (Demon)

I feel like I bumped into someone on the way, but I can’t afford to worry about that.

If possible, I wanted to stay in my room until the day the rumors disappeared.

Another Side END

Suela Handelberg: 210 years old – Single – no boyfriend – Occupation: MAO Corporation Chief, Tester Division, Human Resources Department

Magical Aptitude: Six (Lieutenant Class)

Job Title: Spirit Magician

Note for the Day

After two hundred and ten years, I have learned about love.

But if possible, I didn’t want to realize it in this way.

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