Shadow Court Magician Chapter 48: Prosthetic Hand Cannon

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 Thus, the confrontation with Kerich was nearing the end of the second act.


 The entry of Lieutenant Victor and the maid Chloe gave him some breathing room, but that was all.


 He still can’t see the winning formula.


 Victor asks in a whisper.



“… Your Excellency, this thing is a monster.” (Victor)


“… I agree.”


“… Is there any way to beat it?” (Victor)


“… There is, but you have to create an opening.”


“… What?” (Victor)


“… I’m going to cast a forbidden magic. I think I can somehow defeat it with that.”


“… Then get on with it.” (Victor)


“… It’s not that easy. I don’t have a lot of magic left, and it takes time to chant.”


“… Then we will buy you some time.” (Victor)


“… Please do that.”



 As soon as they started the exchange, I slightly stepped back and started chanting the spell.



 As soon as they started the exchange, I slightly stepped back and started chanting the spell. In the meantime, Victor and Chloe were stalling for time, but from what I could tell, even the most skilled like them would probably be able to give me three minutes.


 I have to finish chanting the spell within three minutes.



“Well, dried noodles are already cooked in 3 minutes.”



 I said something so mundane and soon it calmed me down. However, Kerich was not only a devil in appearance but also in mind.


 Kerich, who realizes that I’m going to cast a forbidden spell, used fiendish means.


 By tearing off a part of his body, he created a small devil.



 A little Kerich



“Kihihi!” (Tiny Kerich)



 That creature raised a creepy laugh. I want to shut it up right now, but I didn’t have time to do that.


 Because the little devil itself was powerful.


 The little devil swept Chloe, threw off Victor, and continued to move backward.



 At that moment, I felt my spine freeze.


 I understood the meaning of his creepy smile.


 The little devil is aiming for our Lord, Princess Sicily.


 Kerich says,



“Fuhaha, if I kill that sh*t sister, you guys will be useless!” (Kerich)



 That said, he is fighting Victor and Chloe. In other words, they couldn’t go to help.


 No one can save the princess.



 —Yes, except me.



 Right now, I was the only one who could save Princess Sicily, and only I, with my forbidden spell magic being completed, could save her.


 I thought so, and without hesitation, I saved her.


 Knowing that this was a trap played by the devil Kerich, I danced on the palm of his hand.


 [Solar Implosion – Flare], The highest level of a non-attribute heat spell.



 I used all the magic power I had left in my body to unleash my last hope to kill the little devil and save the princess.


 As I was aiming for the princess’s ideal world, a world where she could live with a smile on her face, I didn’t have to weigh my life against her life.


 When I finished chanting the forbidden spell, I unleashed it and killed the little demon that was attacking Sicily.



 The little demon was wrapped in a bundle of light and reduced to nothing but mere atoms.


 When Kerich saw this, he smiled smugly and calmly.


“Idiot, to use the last trump card for that kind of trick.” (Kerich)



 Kerich then blows Victor away and tries to kill the princess again.



“This is because you don’t kill me with the forbidden magic.” (Kerich)



 I don’t just stand by after witnessing his words or actions.


 I immediately run to rescue the princess with the last of my strength.



 My magical power was exhausted and it hurt so much that my leg felt like it was about to tear, but I still did not slow down my speed.



 I won the game of who could go to the princess first.


 Kerich had an unpleasant look on his face, but without worrying about it he said,



“Well, good, I kill you first. I’ll eat you.” (Kerich)



 He opens the big mouth on his stomach and tries to eat me.


 I can’t move fast enough to protect the princess, so I’ll let him eat a part of me.


 Kerich taunts my act of devotion.



“I don’t understand how a man could risk his life for a bitch like that.” (Kerich)



 Kerich let out such words as he bit into my left arm, but it turned out to be the cause of his defeat.


 I smile at Kerich, who is chewing on my arm.



“… What’s wrong, you brat.” (Kerich)


“No, it’s a pity that you haven’t noticed my trick yet.”


“What trick? What are you even saying now? Your left arm is already being eaten and I will be devouring your whole body from now on.” (Kerich)


“Well, how about that? My left hand doesn’t hurt or itch in the first place. I don’t feel anything.”



 I challenge him with a cool smile. In fact, he seems to know that I’m not in pain. He is puzzled by the strange texture of what he’s chewing.



“… So, what’s it you’re chewing?”



 Say it to a monster with an astonishing expression.



“Your big brother Maxis and you, his younger brother, are just losers. Maxis is fooled by me and you are to be killed by me.”


“What do you mean?” (Kerich)



 At that moment, Kerich’s complexion changes.



 He seems to have realized “what” it was that he ate with his big mouth. He seems to have noticed the piece of machinery on my shoulder.



“…that’s an iron arm! You have an artificial hand?” (Kerich)


“Yeah, your brother was going to cut it off, so I cut it off myself. I had it made by a Dwarven engineer and it’s first-class.”



 As I said this, I turned my attention lightly backward and thanked Doms the Engineer.


 Doms looked at me from behind with a grin and said.



“Tactician Leon-sama, as you instructed, I have placed a cannon in your prosthetic hand.” (Doms)


“As expected, you are a dwarven engineer with great skill.”



 When I praised him, Kerich turned pale.


 He seemed to understand his fate from now on.



“… No, stop. Why would you use that cannon?” (Kerich)


“Stop? Why?”


“I’m a from the Royal Family!? I’m going to be the next king. And I’m your master’s brother.” (Kerich)


“I see. You only pretend to be her brother when it suits you. If you just cared for your sister, you should have done it a little earlier.”



 I had no intention of forgiving the scum who had sold their souls to the devil, so I said coldly.



“Your big brother will go there soon, and at that time, you two brothers will quarrel and analyze the cause of your loss to me, but you guys will never come to any conclusion.”



 So I’ll tell you.


 I say so and concludes our meeting.



“The only cause of your defeat was insulting the princess.—That’s it.”



 With those words, a roaring sound echoed.


 The cannons in my left hand’s prosthetic hand explode.


 The left hand that was about to be cut off by his eldest brother Maxis killed his younger brother.


 The belly of the demon Kerich, who was hit by the cannon at zero distance, blew up cruelly and scattered.


 The devil’s body was torn apart and his internal organs scattered. His flesh and blood danced with the blast, but ironically, the fireworks from the lump of the villain’s flesh were beautiful in their own way.



“If all the villains in this world were fireworks, it would be quite beautiful…”



 As I mumbled these words, the devil Kerich was finally dead.


 The war between the Libra Division and Kerich was thus brought to an end.






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