Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 125: Good News

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T/N: So I thought of changing the way I change perspective. Especially on chapters where Ars is not present. I’m going to use “Italicized texts” for small series of sentences switching to the 3rd person perspective. I will try to apply it retroactively. Once I’ve caught up with the current chapters I will start editing the old chapters to suit the translation changes. So I will be soft retranslating some chapters. Please keep following my translations. If you are reading some of the series I’m translating. I will apply this there too. Thank you!


~Clan’s Perspective~

~3rd Person Perspective~


 At the main camp of Clan’s army.


 Deployed near Starts Castle.


 Sitting on a chair of the main army with a bitter expression on his face, Clan was thinking about what to do with their current situation.



(I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. …… The battle started well, but I didn’t expect this to happen…) (Clan)



 This battle had started quite favorably.


 In the first encounter, we defeated the reinforcements from Beltud Castle, who were stationed along the road, and forced them to retreat.


 From then on, I was able to win and march near Starts Castle.


 However, in doing so, the enemy had successfully obtained information about the Clan’s army while fighting.


 Then, taking advantage of the gap where all the troops were relaxed due to the continuous success in battle, the unit in charge of the ether of the explosion was targeted with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in the loss of a lot of ether.


 There was not much left, and it was impossible for the Clan’s army, which originally had few talented mages, to destroy the city walls and gates with the remaining amount of ether.



 Currently, we are stuck where we have deployed, waiting for the supply of ether, but as the transportation speed would slow down once winter is in full swing, then it would take longer to reach us and we would not be able to fight for quite some time.


 That would give the enemy time.


 This should be avoided at all cost


 There is also the issue of military supplies.



 Originally, we had prepared plenty of rations, but if this goes on for too long, we would have to retreat and prepare once again.


 For various reasons, Clan wanted to conquer Starts Castle down before winter fully sets in.



(However, considering our current situation, it is difficult to…… break through the weak spots with the current ether of explosion. Even if we do breakthrough, we’ll be breaking down defenses in places that are difficult to attack, so unless we can exploit the enemy’s weak points, it will be difficult to attack them…) (Clan)



 Clan was beginning to wonder if he was prepared to make a sacrifice. Since it seems he could only conquer the castle by force and not rely on magic.


 It was a castle worth making a lot of sacrifices to bring down.


 However, if we choose to make a lot of sacrifices on attacking the castle but are unable to take it down, we would have to retreat with quite huge damage.


 If that happened, there is a possibility that the castles we had conquered would be retaken, and our efforts would fizzle out.


 That outcome should be avoided at all costs.



“With Ars and his vassals, it seems likely that he will come up with a plan to overcome this situation…” (Clan)



 I had decided to leave the task of stopping the reinforcements from Rolt Castle to someone I trusted, but I was beginning to think that I e might have made the wrong decision.


“Clan-sama, a letter has arrived!!” (Soldier)



 At that time, a soldier rushed into my quarters.



“From whom is it.” (Clan)


“It seems to be from Lemail-sama” (Soldier)



 Lemail is Ars’s superior.


 Hoping that a plan from Ars might have been written, I hurriedly opened the letter.


 It was written that they wanted to cooperate with the main army because they were planning a surprise attack.



(A surprise attack… I see … This might be a way out of this situation. If I made a show by attacking by force, the enemy army will be forced to watch our movements. But how about the other walls? Will the soldiers entrusted to Lemail be enough? There are many soldiers in the castle, and it will not be easy to reach the area where the mages casting defense magic are stationed in. It would be a good idea to move the 2,000 or so soldiers currently in the rear without the enemy noticing and join up with Lemail’s army.) (Clan)



 With that in mind, Clan hurriedly sent a letter to Rolt Castle.


T/N: So what do you think? This seems easier right? Anyway, enjoy.


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