Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 126: Starts Castle

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~3rd Person Perspective~


 Starts Castle, office.


 Inside the office of Starts Castle, Beltud County Mayor Kanses, Thomas Grangeon, and Starts Castle Lord Stephan Druca are discussing the battle.



“The battle situation is not bad.” (Kanses)



 Kanses said, considering the present situation.



“I must say that we are at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but thanks to Thomas-dono’s strategy, we have succeeded in destroying the enemy’s ether supply. They may try to force their way, but this castle is strong enough to withstand such attacks.” (Stephan)



 Stephan said confidently.


 He was a large man with a strong face.


 He had several scars on his face, proof that he had fought many battles on the frontline.



“I am sure the enemy will not attack for a while, but … I do not think it is good to underestimate that man, Clan. I do not think it is going to end like this. Maybe he has some trump card.” (Thomas)


“What trump card?” (Kanses)


“This is not confirmed information, but there have been several reports of people seeing someone who looks like my sister within the enemy’s army.” (Thomas)


“Your sister Mireille?” (Kanses)


“That is right. I am not sure what to do with her, but I am sure we will be fine. If she does not have their trust, they will not be able to make use of her abilities.” (Thomas)


“In the past, Mireille was touted as a woman with tremendous talent, but… she will not be her brother’s enemy, will she?” (Stephan)


“Even if that Mireille is not the trump card, we cannot let our guard down, so here we will hit the enemy’s weaknesses and capture our victory.” (Thomas)



 Kanses looked at Thomas with a surprised expression as he said this.



“Is there a weakness in the enemy that will gain us victory immediately?” (Kanses)


“Yes, Clan himself.” (Thomas)



 Upon hearing Thomas’ reply, Kanses looked at him suspiciously.



“Clan himself? I do not like to praise my enemies as much as possible, but I am sure he is an excellent man. I have fought with him a few times myself.” (Stephan)


“Because he is that good, he is a weakness. In this battle, Clan should be in Sempler, and the invasion should be left to the vassals. However, If Clan dies; it is pretty much a loss. If he dies, almost all the nobles will side with Basamark-sama. Clan has a legitimate son, but there are only a few nobles who will stick to an immature heir. They would be at a big disadvantage, but Clan is too excellent to leave the invasion to others, so he is leading it himself.” (Thomas)


“You want to take out Clan while on the battlefield? It would certainly be best if we could, but… is it possible?” (Stephan)


“You know it is the worst thing that could happen to you, so of course you will have full security around you. However, you see, I can take care of that. There are many ways to kill a person, and I will try the one with the highest chance of succeeding.” (Thomas)



 Thomas spoke confidently.



“What a reliable guy.” (Stephan)


“Yeah, I am working on the plan to take out Clan, so you two need to fortify the castle. I do not know if I will succeed. If we fail, we will have to fight within the castle.” (Tomas)


“Understood” (Kanses & Stephan)



 Thomas began to make plans to kill Clan.


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