Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 36: The Trial

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 “Fa-father…” (Ars)

“Ars, I knew you were hiding something.” (Raven)


 My father walks towards me, looking at my eyes.


“Most of the time, I was wondering if something was going on with Governor Messiaen. I know that if I don’t rest I could die. I would be fine in letting you take control of the territory if it could lead to your growth. But I can’t let you go to the battlefield. It’s even worse if Canale County is about to fall and I’m here still alive.” (Raven)


 Father looks like a soldier ready for battle and filled with unwavering determination. I know that I am not yet ready for the battlefield.

 However, if father goes to battle his illness will surely get worse. He will probably die then.


“Father is still ill. You can’t go into battle.” (Ars)

“I may be sick but I feel much better now. Based on my current state, I can go and lead the army into battle.” (Raven)

“What if you get worse? You might die!” (Ars)

“I’m dying. And even if I die, I’m going to die protecting Canale County and Randolph.” (Raven)


 How can I persuade him? My father is eager to join the battle.

 It seems that his condition has improved, so he may not die even if he goes into this battle.

 However, the possibility of his illness worsening is high, and in the worst case, death. I have to think carefully so he could let someone like me, a healthy person, go. I can’t let my father die.

 I have to convince him somehow.

 My father came to stop me because he thinks my ability to lead is not enough. It is true. But I have to assure him that I can do it.


“Raven-sama, Ars-sama has…” (Ritsu)


 When Ritsu started talking,


“Shut up!” (Raven)


 My father cutoff Ritsu’s words. Ritsu had no choice but to be silent.


“Father, I have been doing multiple simulated battles. I’m still inexperienced and not as capable as you but I will push through it with my courage!” (Ars)

“Did you do well in the simulated battle? You probably did okay. I haven’t seen it, but I know. Ars, you still don’t have a warrior’s face.” (Raven)



 What is a warrior’s face? How can my father an experienced warrior know?


“…Yeah. Let’s test it. I’ve been sick and have forgotten how to be one. Grah, is he still in the prison?” (Raven)


 My father asked an elderly soldier named Grah.


“Oh, yeah, I’m holding him for the time being. It’s bad to execute without Raven-sama’s order.” (Grah)

“Let us do it now. Bring him here.” (Raven)

“Yes! Yes!” (Grah)


 Grah rushed to the prison.

 What is my father trying to do? He said something about a test.

 After a while, Grah brought a beastly looking bearded man in handcuffs.


“What is the problem with that man?” (Ars)

“His name is Barramuda. He’s a villain who killed, raped, stole, and had many sins in the village. I caught him before I got ill. I was not able to execute him. I will do it now. You will be watching it.”

“Is it a test?”

“Ah, you have to witness his execution, you must not become disturbed at all and stay calm. If you avert your eyes, close them, you quiver, start to vomit, you’re disqualified. Yes, the death of another person is commonplace on the battlefield. If you are upset, you are not eligible to go to the battlefield. It is a matter needed before the ability to command the soldiers and the ability to fight. If you are unaffected, I’ll admit you’re a full-fledged warrior, and I’ll let you be in command of this battle and I will rest quietly in the mansion.” (Raven)



 To not be upset by the death of a person.

 Can anyone do it? Can I?

 I’ve grown up without going to the battlefield, and I’ve never seen a person killed.

 I have seen the image of a corpse in the previous life, but it was just an image, but I became nauseous then and decided not to see it again.

 Is it possible for me to keep calm while seeing a person is being executed in front of me?

 Preparations for execution is being done swiftly.

 A wooden stump for decapitation is placed in front of the criminal in which Barramuda’s head is placed. Barramuda struggled and resists like a wild animal, but the soldiers hold him back and fix his body to the stump, a rabid dog to be put down.

 And the executioner stood next to the man readying his iron ax.


“Execution of the sinner Barramuda by the power of Raven Louvent” (Raven)


 As my father said, and the soldier raised his iron ax and swung it straight down on Barramuda’s neck.

 A large amount of blood splashed from Barramuda’s neck, and his head rolled on the ground.

 As I saw the violent sight, I was shaken inside and my heart’s beating became deafening.

 I can’t let my father realize how upset I am.

 I managed to keep my expression stony and nail my eyes at Barramuda’s head.

 As the head stopped rolling, it finally rested staring in front of me. The lifeless expression burned through my soul.

 The moment I saw it, my tension reached its peak, and intense nausea struck.

 I cannot stand it.

 I didn’t vomit, but I got insanely sick inside.


“You’re disqualified.” (Raven)


 My father told me so calmly.


“It’s not an embarrassing thing. Anyone at first could have. That’s what I did. But you can’t command on the actual battle while being upset. I’ll go this time as well.” (Raven)


“You are more mature than any child your age, but you are still a child. The battlefield is still too early for you. Don’t worry. I won’t die on the battlefield.” (Raven)


 No, I am an old man inside, not a child. I wanted to yell at him, but I couldn’t.

 I have no resistance to death, I grew up in a peaceful environment, and before and now.

 I couldn’t say anything anymore and couldn’t stop my father.


After that, my dad left for the oncoming battle and I waited for Ritsu’s report in the mansion.

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