Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 37: Reality

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 Ritsu sent me letters, updating me from time to time. So even while I was staying in the mansion I knew the status of the battle to some extent.

 The enemy army is not large enough to overwhelm them, but it seems to be about 1.5x larger than the Canale Army.

 A difficult battle was expected and in fact, the early skirmishes were difficult.

 However, it seems that the father led the Louvent army to succeed in repelling the enemy forces.

 The fight lasted for about four months, and my father returned to Lamberk on August 12, four days after my 12th birthday.

 Father seemed to be doing well right after returning to the mansion, but suddenly his condition worsened about five days later.

 He is usually asleep, but he couldn’t stop coughing. Little by little his food intake was decreasing.

 Since he didn’t eat, his healthy body couldn’t maintain itself. Gradually he became thinner and thinner over time.

 A month later, the doctor just told me father would never get better, there is no chance for father’s survival. He doesn’t know when it will happen, but he says father will die soon.

 I’m responsible for what happened to my father.

 If I was able to convince father that I could lead the troops on the battlefield at that time, he might be resting in the mansion and his illness would not have worsened. He could have gotten better.

 I managed to find another doctor to see my father. I needed to hear a second opinion.

 However, the answer was the same, no matter which doctor I consulted.

 But I could not give up and searched for a doctor, one after another.

 It may not have been possible for me to see father as my “real father”, since I have the memory of my past life.

 Still, I will never be who I am today without my father. I would have never been born, and thanks to him, I was able to live comfortably.

 I couldn’t have my father die because of my mistakes.


“Is it no good again?” (Ars)


 It is now, November 2, around the beginning of summer.

 The doctor I brought to treat my father said he couldn’t do anything anymore.


“I think it’s better to go to a bigger town. Let’s go to Alcantes, the capital of Messiaen, to find a doctor.” (Doctor)


 The doctor didn’t send his subordinates to find him but went on his own.

 Those who are in the medical profession are usually well-informed, and the risk of getting a terrible doctor is lower if I come with a professional doctor obviously.  


“Ars-sama…” (Ritsu)


 When he heard my suggestion, Ritsu looked like he mumbled something.


“What happened?” (Ars)

“Alcantes is quite far from here. It takes about 20 days to make a trip back and forth. Given that you would be searching for a doctor; it will take more than 20 days to come back.” (Ritsu)

“Ah, but there’s nothing wrong with leaving father for a while even if it’s a little far away. But I’m also anxious about leaving the mansion for a long time, so I will leave you this time. Someone else could be my escort, Russell’s older brothers or Charlotte can accompany me on my travel. It will be fine.” (Ars)

“No, you might not have time to… to… to…” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu cannot finish what he was about to say.


“Is what you’re saying hard? Come on, feel free to say it.” (Ars)

“…If you spend too much time searching, Ars-sama may not be able to see Raven-sama’s end… when the time comes.” (Ritsu)


 When I heard it, my heart nearly stopped.

 I know what he is saying. I just don’t want to think about it.

 Father is so thin you can barely recognize him from before, and the shadow of death is visible on his face. He is rarely conscious and when he is, he can barely talk. I know that it wouldn’t be strange for him to not wake up tomorrow.


“… are you telling me to give up?” (Ars)

“…I’m sure you’ll regret it if you can’t be here at Raven-sama’s last moment. Ars-sama, please think carefully before you search for a new doctor.” (Ritsu)



 I was enraged with Ritsu’s calm and logical words.

 Ritsu is not wrong nor is he evil. He just sees the reality of our situation and he is giving me his honest opinion. I’m the one who is wrong for denying reality.

 I know, but still, my frustration can’t be relieved.

 Right now, I won’t be able to talk to Ritsu without blowing up.

 I need to keep my head cool; I silently walk towards my room.



“Ars-sama!” (Servant)


 Said one of the servants of the mansion. He is a servant who was entrusted with the care of his father.


“What happened” (Ars)

“Raven-sama has just woken up. He is miraculously speaking clearly and that he wants to talk with Ars-sama alone.” (Servant)


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