Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 59: Problematic Personality

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Several days have passed since Mireille has been a vassal.

 No news about a war council has been heard yet.


“Ars-sama, may I come in?” (Ritsu)


 I heard Ritsu’s voice from outside the room.


“Come in”

“Excuse me” (Ritsu)


 The door opens and Ritsu comes in.

 He looked quite upset for some reason.


“It’s about Mireille…” (Ritsu)

“What happened to her?”

“Um…I think it’s very rude of me to say something like this, but I think Mireille is unfit of being your vassal.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu hesitated a little but continued his report nonetheless.

 Mireille, who has become a new vassal, has recently been a source of trouble.

 The vassals have already been complaining about Mireille for several days just after she has been hired.

 Since the battle has not yet begun, Mireille had been entrusted with the guidance of the soldiers and the role of Russell’s teacher.

 Since she has a high level of courage and is highly suitable for leading infantry, she has the ability to win against soldiers on one-on-one mock battles. On top of that, she can also teach magic because she has the ability.

 However, it seems that she does not feel motivated and often skips her duties, and is often distracts other vassals.


“I admit that Mireille has some abilities, but I wonder how her personality really is. I used to skip work and slept in my room today, as well. Many people have pointed out that I am quite indolent.” (Ritsu)


 Whatever Ritsu is thinking it is gradually making his face turn red as he’s talking.


“When I point out that she has to change her attitude, She doesn’t show any remorse, saying that it will stop her from feeling like a human being, or something. She has a certain level of ability, but she is a vassal of the Louvent Family. It will definitely paint a negative image on the house.”


 The more he speaks, the more Ritsu’s face flushes. Anyway, I was told everything that came from his mind.

 Well, even though she poses some drawbacks. Her ability makes it hard for me to just let her go.


“Ars-sama, I’m coming in!”


 The voice of Russell came from the other side of the door. He entered the room without even asking for permission. Russell’s expression is also quite anĝy just like Ritsu.


“Mireille-san, what was it, Ars-sama already told me about her, but I’m already at my limit!” (Russell)


 Russell is not the type to show his feelings towards others. However, this time it seems that he is angry enough to voice it out.


“What happened?”

“Mireille isn’t really motivated to do anything but sleep, but that’s still all right. When I get up, she says reading is useless and I’m taken outside and made to run or something. After that, When I asked if this had any meaning, She said that I had to find it by myself, and I didn’t understand it, it was just fun! Sleep is good, but I can’t allow you to disturb me!” ( Russell)



 It seems like there is a lot of anger.

 Well, maybe it was because of Mireille’s idea.

 I haven’t grasped her personality yet, so I can’t tell what’s going on.

 Since then, some of the vassals have complained to Mireille.

 Generally, the content was about her not being motivated or was she was acting up too much or something similar.

 Her reputation among the vassals is quite low.

 She can’t be properly evaluated outside of battle. But if things continue this way, I might have to think of a way to change the status quo. It may be better for me to pay attention now.

 As I was pondering on what to do. A loud explosion and rumbling came from outside.


“What is that?” (Ritsu)

“That was quite shocking!” (Russell)


 Ritsu and Russell were quite tense because of the sound.

 We hurry outside to go and check the source of the sound.

 The vassals were armed as they went out, considering the possibility of an attack from hostile forces. Soldiers also rush from the training grounds.

 There is a forest outside the mansion, but now a large crater can be seen.

 It was a long time ago when we saw Charlotte’s magic for the first time.

 Mireille and Charlotte were looking at the crater side by side.


“It’s amazing. I was surprised to find a mage with this much talent.” (Mireille)

“If I was serious, it’s not just look like this.” (Charlotte)

“Seriously, then I want to see another shot.”(Mireille)

“OK” (Charlotte)

“Okay, no! Stop it!” (Ars)


 I stopped Charlotte trying to shoot more magic.

 The loud sound came from Charlotte’s magic.


“Oh, Ars-sama.” (Charlotte)

“Why did you do this?” (Ars)

“I used it because Mireille-nee asked to see my magic.”(Charlotte)


 Charlotte was an exception who seemed to get along with Mireille.


“If I shoot such high power magic, it will be dangerous and people will make a fuss. I should have used a less powerful one.” (Charlotte)

“Then it’s boring. I wanted to see everything you can do because I heard Charlotte was amazing. It was already more than I expected.” (Mireille)

“Well… Shouldn’t you let other people know before using it?” (Ars)

“Oh, that was quite powerful. I didn’t think it would reach that far.” (Mireille)


 Mireille doesn’t seem to be trying to offend.

 Well, Charlotte’s magic is far beyond anyone’s imagination, so I’m not sure.

 However, the vassals other than her seemed to have reached their boiling point, probably because they were deeply upset and did not feel she is serious about their apology.


“Don’t mess with me!” “You’re so careless!”


 People started to complain.

 I think that Charlotte, who used magic, should be the one with the bigger responsibility, but the anger of the vassals seems to be directed towards Mireille.


“What the hell do you want me to do?” (Mireille)


 Mireille was so unaffected that she doesn’t act any differently after being cussed by the other vassals.


“What do you think about this little boy? Do you want me to quit?” (Mireille)

“That’s… I don’t mean to quit, but if this occurrence continues…” (Ars)

“Hmm, that’s a bit of a problem. I’m naturally like this. It’s difficult to change myself at my age. In the first place, I’m the type of person who plays an active part in battles.”


 She seems to be quite unwilling to change her attitude. Mireille was said to have been exiled due to her difficult habits, but this attitude is probably the cause.


“I also don’t want to quit… you know. You said there was a mock battle soon right?” (Mireille)

“Oh yes” (Ars


 A mock battle is regularly held by the Louvent family vassals and soldiers.

 The next mock battle will be held in two days. Mireille will be participating for the first time.


“If I work well there, why don’t you let me stay?”(Mireille)


 When Mireille said so, the vassals replied before I could answer.

 However, I thought it was a good idea. Originally, she was hired to increase the success in battle. With that, people will turn a blind eye on her attitude. At least if she grasps success at the end of the battle.


“Everyone heard her. I have taken Mireille who has a great talent for battle. There may be other drawbacks, but once she gives a satisfactory result in the mock game I want others to acknowledge her.” (Ars)


 The vassals reluctantly stopped their hostile words towards her.



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