Please stop copying the chapters

So if you’ve noticed that the texts can’t be selected and you can’t use right-click I disabled it.

I know I’m also profiting from the effort of the authors. But there is such a thing as value addition and translating is considered as value addition. The translations are technically mine. So I implore you to give where credit is due and stop copy-pasting.

I don’t mind aggregator sites since they still send the viewers to the site. I don’t mind having my translations re-translated to your local language. I hope we can all enjoy the works these Japanese web novelists do. But again don’t be a jackass.

If anyone wants to use my translations as a reference you can use the e-books. So sorry if it might be an inconvenience but I have to resort to these methods. Thank you for reading the translations on this website.

PS I’ve decreased the number of popunders and interstitial ads. I hope reading is more enjoyable. Also, you can permanently disable the ads by logging in with your Patreon account. Become a Patron for as low as $1/month. Thank you for reading and supporting.

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